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Chapter 26 ( Not Goodbye)

Bella's Point Of View

I didn't know what surprised me more. The fact that my family was more confused or the this Angel and the others were bowing down to me. As if I was what. Almost as if I was there new. I couldn't finish that thought. I looked down at the warrior. He rose as all the others did.

"Isabella, my name is Lumiere, I was your father's right hand. For your father was the king. I am by Royal law to assist the new heir. Since your father never produced any more heirs it is rightfully for me to say that you Princess Isabella the last of Siren-nix Royal Line are hereby Queen."

All of them looked at me awaiting for my answer. I looked back down at my family. All of them were shocked just as much as I was. I knew my answer I raised my head with a brand new confidence that was pouring out of me.

"Lumiere, I see that you are a loyal right hand, and that Lucian was a great king, who always well what I could see cared about you and your kin. But I can't accept the title my whole existence belongs here. Here where my family is. I cant just turn my back on the people that I care about in my whole being. I am grateful for the offer and I'm even more grateful that you would accept me into one of you so easily. But my place is here, and what ever you do my answer would stay the same."

As I turned my figure back I was flying down towards the vampire area of the arena.

"Isabella, Know that I was honored to serve your father, and I would've been honored to serve you. But in our Kind we are only given a chance. You denied coming with us once , you aren't going to be given another chance."

Lumiere said. As he looked at me for one final time. I looked back in reply.

"Lumiere, Thanks for giving me a chance, but know that I can't. I belong here. But I have one question for you before you all leave."

I took a step forward towards all of them.

"What." With a hint of surprise showing upon his face.

" Who if I was the next to rule, who is going to."

I stopped and he showed some understanding of my question.

"Well, since you the only surviving of your Line. Your father did mention another that we could turn to just in case that you decided not to. Who you ask, the only one capable of ruling would be one angel in particular." he stated as he was getting closer to me.


I said more in curiosity. He was pondering around if he should tell me or not. He had that look that said if he told me the truth, that I would exaggerate or something.

"The Queen, she will not be happy in the slightest, she was really willing to meet you. To see the great Princess the last of the Siren-nix Royal Line. She will probably take this as a sign of war or something of the sort. "

the color drained from my face well if there was color. For some strange reason I felt that my whole existence just disappeared. I looked at my family, I didn't want to see anyone else die because of me. I was so lost I didn't hear Caius say something.

" If it is war that you are insinuating, then know that we are prepared for you have to face two vampire kings and a Queen. Not to mention all of the Guard and Our friends."

I looked at him for once I felt like what I was before Aro died. For an instant my life was decided. I could go on living with the kings, and the Guard my family. For what ever happens next in the next day, week, month, year, century, or millennium. We are ready for it.

I looked up back at the array of Angels. I Looked at Lumiere and Alexial for not the last time. But for a confirmation that this wasn't the last time that I would see them. They both and the rest of the angels turned away. Leaving me with sounds of fluttering wings in the distance. As I look at the family that I always had all this time.