Elena stood out on the balcony watching the waves wash over the shore below. She hoped the cool breeze of the early evening would blow her out of control nerves away but it wasn't working. Damon hadn't been able to get a room at the bed and breakfast like he'd wanted so they decided on one of the resorts in Virginia Beach. The friends he'd counted on to watch his girls had fallen through as well so Elena's parents had all four kids but they were glad to do it if it meant Damon and Elena could get away alone for a few heard the shower shut off and knew Damon would be out of the bathroom again soon and her nerves shot into overdrive again. She jumped when she heard the bathroom door open.

"Did you decide what you want to do about dinner?" Damon asked as he toweled his hair dry. When Elena didn't respond he dropped the towel on a chair and went out on the balcony. "Elena?"

"Huh?" Elena jumped again.

Damon wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her and kissed her bare shoulder. She was wearing a short summer dress with thin straps. "I asked you a question." Damon said kissing her neck.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear you." Elena said wrapping her arms around his and leaning in to him suddenly calm.

"I asked if you decided what you wanted to do about dinner?"

"Oh, Yep. I want to go down there." Elena pointed down the beach.

The restaurant was an outdoor grill with a Hawaii theme. The tables were on the beach with palm umbrellas over them. Tiki torches were all around giving the area a romantic atmosphere. There was a dance floor surrounded by torches and hanging lanterns. The band was just beginning to play as Damon and Elena ordered their drinks.

"Do you think we should call and check on the kids?" Elena asked.

"Honey we've been gone exactly eight hours. What can happen in eight hours?"

"Oh I don't know. Death, dismemberment, burning at the stake." Elena said with a smile as she sipped her wine.

"You're ridiculous do you know that?" Damon said after he stopped laughing.

"Yep but you love me." She said with a shrug of her shoulders. She was more relaxed than she'd been in days.

"Yes I do. Very very much." Damon looked at the dance floor. Only a few couples were dancing. When the band started playing a slow ballad Damon got up and took Elena's hand. "Dance with me."

Damon held Elena close but tenderly like she was a delicate china doll. "Remember the first time we danced?"

Elena giggled at the memory, "Yes, in my back yard."

"I wanted to kiss you then." Damon confessed. "But I knew that would have been a disaster."

Elena smiled softly, "You can kiss me now."

And so her did and didn't stop until the song ended unaware that they were the only couple on the dance floor. When the song and the kiss ended they went back to their table. Elena heard people whispering about them. People said they were cute, some said they must be honeymooners and she heard some mention recognizing her from her book cover.

After dinner and more dancing Damon and Elena walked down the boardwalk to the pier. The pier was well lit so they took a walk out to the end.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Elena said looking out over the ocean.

"What is love?"

"The moon, shining on the ocean, making the waves sparkle." Elena said and looked up at Damon.

Damon placed a hand against her cheek caressing her soft skin. "It also makes your eyes sparkle." Damon said looking into her sparkling eyes. "You are so beautiful."

"I love you Damon." Elena said. Her emotions getting the best of her and tears fell from her eyes.

"Hey what's this all about?" Damon said wiping the tears away.

"I really don't know." Elena said and laughed. "I guess I just never expected to be this happy again."

"Aww baby, I'm glad you're happy." Damon said and kissed Elena softly.

As the ocean breeze picked up Elena started to shiver. "It's getting chilly." She said rubbing her arms.

"Here put my coat on. We should get back. It's getting late anyway."

They walked slowly back to their hotel and as they got closer Elena's nerves kicked in again. There was an awkward silence between them as they rode the elevator to the 12th floor of the hotel. Finally Damon spoke. "Elena I owe you an apology."

"What in heavens name for Damon?" Elena was shocked that he would feel that he owed her such a thing.

"I didn't ask you if you wanted your own room or at the very least your own bed." Damon explained.

Elena stepped up to Damon and put her arms over his shoulders, "Damon I'm a big girl. If I wanted that I would have said so."

Damon pulled her in closer to him. For the first time he really noticed how the curves of her body felt against his. They kissed passionately until they elevator stopped on their floor.

"Let's continue this in the room." Elena said though she was having a hard time keeping her lips away from his.

Damon unlocked their door and let Elena into the room ahead of him. She was confused by the light on over the table in the corner of the room. "Damon we didn't leave that on did we?"

"Nope, maybe a burglar. Go check it out." He said smiling.

Elena walked cautiously into the room. Sitting on the table was a large bouquet of red roses and a bucket full of ice chilling a bottle of champagne. Elena looked at Damon in surprise. "Did you do this?"

"Who else?"

"When? How?"

"Is that really important Elena?" Damon said as he slipped his jacket off of her. "I did it that's all that matters." Damon poured them each a glass of champagne and they made a toast to their new together.

After a couple glasses and some conversation Damon took Elena's glass and set it on the table with his. The alcohol hadn't had any effect on him but he wanted to make sure Elena's head was clear. He didn't want her to have any regrets in the morning.

"Have I been cut off?" She asked while Damon kissed down her neck to her shoulder as she unbuttoned his shirt.

"Uh huh," Damon replied between kisses and unzipped Elena's dress.

"Why?" Elena asked breathless with desire.

Damon looked into Elena's eyes, "Because I want my girlfriend to have a clear head when we make love for the first time. I don't want there to be any regrets in the morning."

"I love you Damon." Elena whispered.

"And I love you." Damon said and kissed Elena.

Sitting at his computer the man is watching twitter and making friends with other Erin fans. Then someone started tweeting recent pictures of Erin and her boyfriend.

"Someone saw them at a resort in Virginia Beach." One person said.

"Aren't they cute?" Someone else tweeted.

"I bet they get married soon." Another person tweeted.

"I think he should join Twitter." The first person said.

The man hesitated but started opening the pictures. When he saw one of the boyfriend kissing Erin, HIS Erin, he wanted to throw his computer screen across the room. "Does anyone know his name?" The man tweeted. He was still unable to find any information on Erin outside of the literary world. So he thought that finding the boyfriend would be easier and lead him to Erin.

"His name is Damon. That's all I know." Someone tweeted. "I heard her call him that at the mall in Richmond."

The man figured a school teacher named Damon in Virgina shouldn't be difficult to find. With national databases being what they were now he should be able to get all the information he wanted and being the computer specialist that he was he should find what he wanted quickly. So he got to work.

The next morning Damon woke as the sun came up over the ocean. It's bright rays shining through the open balcony doors. Elena was still sound asleep. Comfortable and content with her head resting on his chest. Damon smiled at the site of her mostly uncovered naked body laying snuggled next to him. He lightly ran his hand up and down her back enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Damon closed his eyes and thought about the night they had just spent together. It had been the perfect combination of passion and tenderness mixed with all of the love they felt for each other,

Elena stirred and rolled on to her back and stretched and rolled back to snuggle with Damon again.

"Morning." Damon said in a groggy morning voice.

"Morning. Have you been awake long?"

"Not really, I've just been laying here enjoying this and dozing for a while." Damon said.

"What time is it? I'm starving."

"It's a little after 7. We can go downstairs to breakfast or we can have it sent up. Your choice." Damon said hoping she'd chose to have their breakfast sent up so they could stay in bed longer.

"Let's go down to the terrace cafe'." Elena said. "I just need a quick shower first."

"Ok you got it." Damon said.

Elena started to get out of bed but Damon grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down to him and kissed her. As their passion grew Elena broke free of his embrace. "If we keep this up it could be hours before we eat." She said with a guilty smile.

"That hungry huh?"

Elena nodded, "Uh huh."

Damon laughed at the guilty look on her face. "Ok go take your shower then."

Elena gave Damon a quick kiss and hopped out of bed. As she walked to her suitcase she caught a glimps of herself in a mirror and stopped, "Oh gees I'm a mess." She said trying to fix the mess her hair had become through the night.

"I'm kind of liking the view." Damon said watching Elena's naked body move through the room.

Elena gave him a look over her shoulder and rolled her eyes., "You would." she said grabbing her shower things and a bikini she was proud she still looked good in after two children she went to take a shower.

The man was having a hard time concentrating on all the work he had to do. Being Monday morning he was swamped. He had thought about calling in sick for a few days and driving to Virginia Beach but taking more than one day off sick meant a visit to the doctor and he wasn't really sick.

He'd done some digging on the internet the night before and finally found a History teacher named Damon Salvatore at Mystic Falls High but still no Erin Murphey teaching in any school in the same district. Then it came to him, Erin Murphey had to be an alias pen name. With more digging he finally found her, Elena Montgomery was her name. It had taken some work. He knew a few "Erin" details so he searched English teachers with similar details. There were a few names that came up but the only one in the same school district was Elena Montgomery. Through a more simple Google search he found out more about Elena. He found the story of her husbands murder and her college resume. Now he knew where she lived and the school where she worked. A public records search would give him a home address as well. He hoped the week went fast. He planned to leave work and drive to Mystic Falls, a three hour drive from Baltimore. He'd already made a reservation at a little motel called "The Mystic Inn".

Thursday afternoon Elena sat on the beach watching Damon body surf and tweeting with some of her followers. She laughed at the fact that pictures of she and Damon had found their way to Twitter. "I feel like a celebrity." Elena tweeted in reply to someones picture tweet. While scrolling through hundreds of tweets she'd missed she saw the tweet someone posted saying Damon should join Twitter. She laughed and typed in a reply, "I'll talk to him about it."

Then Elena decided to send her own tweet. "Sad to go home Sat, but we miss our kids." Elena was checking her email when she got a notification from twitter that she had a reply waiting. She went back and saw that she actually had a dozen replies but only one brought tears to her eyes.

" erinmurphey we miss u 2 mom & dad. Luv u. XoXo Hailey."

"Love you too baby. See you soon." Elena replied.

Damon jogged up the beach and sat next toe Elena. "What are you up to babe?"

"Did you know Hailey is on Twitter?" Elena asked.

"No, I didn't. How did you find out?"

Elena put Hailey's tweet on her phone screen and handed her phone to Damon.

He looked at it and handed the phone back to Elena. "How do you feel about that?"

"I'm fine with it Damon. I love those girls you know that. The question is how do you feel about it?"

Damon took Elena's hand, "Sweetie I haven't been this happy in a really long time. I knew the girls felt that way before you and I left. Elena I want us to be a family."

Elena felt her heart stop and panic set in. She wasn't ready to take that step yet. She loved Damon, she knew that and maybe one day she would marry him but not now it was way too soon. "Damon I'm not ready for marriage. I love you, you know that, I hope, but I'm not ready."

"Elena calm down. Listen, I wasn't talking about getting married. Although down the road I'd love to marry you. What I mean, for now, is living together."

"I can't Damon. I can't do that. Not right now. Damon I love you but I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment." Elena was in a panic.

Damon didn't know whether he was angry, hurt or both but he lashed out without thinking. "So what were you thinking of doing after this week Elena? Did you just think you would spend the week alone with me, make love every night, try it on for size, see how things fit, then go back home to our separate lives?"

"Damon no, I don't know, I hadn't thought like that at all. Damon please calm down."

"My children are attached to you Elena. They love you. Obviously, look at what Hailey said to you." Damon said pointing to Elena's phone.

"I love them too Damon. You know that. Damon will you calm down and listen to me please." Elena was pleading with Damon. She was in a panic and scared of losing Damon.

Damon shook his head and stood up. "No, You have a choice to make. I know it's not going to be an easy one but I've given you everything you've asked for. Don't you think maybe you could think about me for once?"

Elena was shocked at Damon's tone and hurtful words. She didn't know what to say, "Damon you're not being fare."

Damon gave Elena a surprised look and a sarcastic laugh, "Really? I think I've been more than fare Elena." With that said Damon turned and walked up the beach toward their hotel.