How You Know You're Obsessed with Touhou

Whenever you see a crow, you yell "HI THERE AYA!"

You never trust a doctor with braided or white hair.

Anyone who drinks excessively is an oni in disguise.

You end all your sentences with "ze."

You have been known to say the following: "mukyu", "so nanoka~?", "unyu", and of course, "CHEEEEEEEEEEEN!"

When you think Canada, you think Momiji.

You've glued an extra tail on your cat.

When you think maids, you think any of the following: robots, knives, time, or pads.

You shout, "HELP ME ERIIIIIN!" when in trouble.

Anyone who is Chinese must be related to Meiling.

Komachi should have been a Death Note character.

You are upset that hardly anyone knows about Ten Desires.

All ghosts love to eat, steer a ship, or cause thunder.

You know all the Touhou characters by name, even the ones from the PC-98 era.

Fire = Fujiwara no Mokou

Ice = Cirno

In Greek Mythology class, when the teacher tells you Rhadamanthus was the judge of the dead, you say, "Don't you mean Shikieiki?"

When you see a mouse, you demand it to take you to Nazrin.

When you see a bug, you demand it to take you to Wriggle.

Whenever you see the number 9 on a math problem, you think, "DAMMIT CIRNO!"

You know Mystia is a better singer than Justin Bieber.

You've made Touhou-related cheesy pickup lines. e.g.: "I'd like to stick my Rod of Remorse into your Sukima Gap," "Girl, you've got more curves than Shou's lasers."

Whenever you hear your voice echo, you think Kyouko is talking to you.

You constantly relate your history teacher to Keine.

You know that Daiyousei and Koakuma don't have names, they're merely Japanese words for "great fairy" and "small devil."

When you hear someone talk about China from Hetalia, you think they're talking about Meiling.

You know that Bad Apple! is a stage theme, and not a shadow art music video.

You relate all musicians to the Prismriver Sisters.

You know who Rin Satsuki is.

You know what a jiangshi is.

You've painted a giant red eye and a tongue on your umbrella.

You know that Ran Yakumo is NOT a reference to Pokemon.

Shanghai is a doll, not a city in China.

You constantly check whatever buckets you have in case Kisume is hiding there.

Whenever you see someone flat-chested, you sing the Tsurupettan song.

You've written your own lyrics to all the Touhou boss themes-and some of the stage themes as well.

You refuse to eat chicken, thinking that it's Mystia you might be eating.

You have a pet rabbit(s) and you've named it/them Inaba.

You know the names of the few male characters in Gensokyo.

You've nodded to at least ten of these reasons, thinking that the person who wrote this was Suika, who has been stalking you through your window.