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Chapter 12- Home Again


Shortly after Naruto left for Gotham


For the first few hours after Naruto left everything was going fine, the shop was quiet, the city wasn't being attacked, and Gaara was keeping himself busy with the hobby he had picked up after coming to this world, whittling. Though that might not be the right word for it considering that he didn't actually use a knife. It had actually been Narutos idea to begin with, using his sand to wear down pieces of wood and shaping them in different ways, and over time the red headed teen had discovered that it was quite therapeutic.

His hobby room, which his blonde friend had added after he moved in, was lined with shelves, most of which were full. Some of the carvings he made were based on things he had seen in this world like animal, machines, and even people he had met. But most were things from his old world, like battles and villages; he even made carvings of each of the tailed beasts.

He like the fact that his sand, which had caused so much pain in the past, could be used to create things as well as destroy them, it was a nice change.

He was in he middle of carving a hawk he had seen a few days ago flying above the city, his sand swirling in front of him with the block of wood inside it, when his concentration was broken by a loud bang, followed by the room shaking. Staring at the pile of sawdust on the ground with a blank expression, Gaara slowly stood up and made his way to the 'Lab' that Naruto had created for Gizmo.

Unlike when the room had first 'appeared', it wasn't empty anymore. Almost every surface was covered by machines that the red headed teen was clueless about. The walls had been lined with metal sheeting, a precaution Naruto had taken after the first three explosions, and cables covered the floor and roof in seemingly random patterns.

As he walked in Gaara wasn't surprised to find Gizmo sat in front of one of his work benches, his face covered in black soot with rings around his eyes where his goggles had covered his face. On the table in front of him was a half melted...thing, which seemed to have been the cause of the explosion.

Walking over to the diminutive teen, Gaara could hear him muttering curses under his breath as he pushed the failed project aside and started on another. Unfortunately for Gizmo, Gaara hadn't made any sound as he approached so when the red head tapped him on the shoulder it made him jump so high that he ended up hanging off of a cable above their head. Calming down seeing who it was, the small genius sent a glare at him which had no effect at all.

"What hell is the matter with you? Who the sneaks up on people while they are working like that!"

Waiting for Gizmo to get down, which ended in the baby like teen falling on his ass with a few more swear words, Gaara raised an eyebrow as he spoke.

"Something blow up"

Getting back to his feet and dusting himself off, Gizmo frowned before turning back to the table.

"Yeah but its not my fault, I was working on a new scanner that should be able to penetrate five feet of steel when I sneezed. Fucking thing overloaded and blow up in my face."

Nodding his head, and not wanting to get caught in another of Gizmos rants that he didn't understand, Gaara left the lab and decided to go check on Jinx in the shop above ground. When he got there it was to a strange sight.

Jinx was sat at the counter talking to two strangely dressed teens, one in a red jumpsuit and the other a long black cloak with light blue skin. They didn't notice him at first, too interested in their conversation, well two of them were, the one in the cloak didn't actually speak so much as just nod or shake his head.

"Who are you?"

Jumping slightly at the sudden interruption, causing Gaara to consider wearing a bell or something so people wouldn't jump every time he entered the room, the three turned to look at the red headed teen. The two unknown teens looked very nervous, while Jinx just gave him a small smile and was about to explain why they were there, but was interrupted when the one in the red jump suit stepped forward.

"Erm, Mr Uzumaki, my name is Billy; Billy Numerous and this here is my good friend Kyd Wykkyd, just Kid for short. Well the thing is that Billy wants to get out of the villain business and seeing as y'all were good enough and willing to give Jinx and the others a chance, Billy was hoping y'all could do the same for us? We is hard workers, and if y'all just give us a chance Billy is sure y'all wouln't be disappointed."

Looking from the strange teen to the one next to him nodding his head, Gaara then looked to Jinx with a raised eyebrow and saw that she had a hand cover her face and was shaking her head at the fact they thought he was Naruto. When he finally looked back at the two, who were looking at the ground nervously, the red headed ex-nin took a moment to think about what his friend would do in this situation, and the answer made him smirk inside.

"First of all, my name is Gaara; Naruto-san left me in charge while he is away on business. You can stay in the back room until he gets back and pay your rent until then working around the shop; Jinx-san can show you both what you need to do. Though I will warn you now that if you cause any expositions, natural disasters, riots or anything else along those lines he will fine a way to punish you, as it stands when he gets back Gizmo-san will be spending several days working in the shop dressed like a baby."

At his words, after getting over the embarrassment of mistaking him for someone else and the worry about the punishments thing, Kid smiled gently and nodded his head in agreement. Billy on the other hand was a little more open with his feelings and, letting out a yell, split into two exact people and high fived himself.

The moment he saw that Billy could make solid clones of himself Gaara was already thinking about the headache this was going to cause him, but more importantly, Naruto.


Present time


For the first few minutes after he heard the explanation Naruto just stared at his best friend with a blank face.

"You know if I didn't know any better I would think you developed a sense of humour while I was away."

His response was a blank face and a raised eyebrow.

Shaking his head, the blonde teen let out a sigh, he was doing that a lot lately, before turning to look at the two new additions to his 'family'. The now identified Billy was easy enough to figure out, he was a self cloner, but the other one, Kid, wasn't so easy.

"What can you tell me about them and their powers?"

"As I'm sure you have noticed Billy-san is able to clone himself, from what I have seen he has a hive like mentality that gets stronger the more clones he makes. He is also about five times stronger then his body type would suggest and when you mix that strength with his clones he is very useful. Like Mammoth he needs to consume several times more calories then the average human, so I gave him a few of those bars you made for him to try and they seem to do the trick, you might want to consider selling them commercially or something. From what I have seen he is a decent guy, a hard worker, and was pushed into being a villain by society for being different."

Nodding his head, Naruto turned to look at the blue skinned teen stood behind the counter, smiling at people as he worked.

"Kid's power is actually quite unique, and something I'm sure will interest you. He is able to teleport anything that is caught in the shadow of his cloak, himself included, and is able to manipulate his shadow to a minor degree. The other thing I have noticed, though I am not sure he is aware of it, is that he is unable to make any noise; everything about him is silent, his footsteps and breathing are non existent, he's not even able to speak. From what I have seen he is actually a pleasant young man, but because of the way he looks and the slightly uneasy feeling he gives people by not making sound, he was alienated by those around him."

Again nodding, Naruto walked forward and introduced himself, before he and Gaara made their way into their hidden home, the blonde telling his friend about the Jashinists while the red head told him about how his training with Terra was going.

They had started the week before he left for Gotham, though Naruto wasn't really sure what they did, they would go off into the dessert for a few hours and when they returned Terra would be dead on her feet. But whatever it was it was already showing results, between the book he gave her and Gaara's tutoring the newest Titan was moving in leaps and bounds.

The moment they reached the underground cavern Naruto made his way over to the vault, Gaara at his side, and after disabling the security quickly sealed the 'Book of Jashin' into one of the many steel draws that lined the room. With that done, and the Vault locked back up, the blonde teen turned to his friend again with a tired look on his face.

"I'll make a few clones start on the remodelling before I go to sleep, I was thinking about making a few changes anyway. They should be done by morning and I'll have them make a few maps when they are finished to give to everyone. Tomorrow we can bring Billy and Kid down."

Nodding in agreement Gaara watched as his blonde friend summoned twenty clones before walking towards his room, not needing to give the clones orders. He watched as the clones spread out and started to walk off down different corridors for a moment before turning and heading towards his own room.


The next day Naruto spent about two hours talking to Billy and Kid as he showed them around, explaining what some of the different rooms did and which they weren't allowed to enter. After the clones had finished their work his once simple underground cavern had become a complicated system of tunnels, making it little more then a maze for anyone that didn't either have a map or already know where they were going. The bedrooms were still close to the entrance, but the training rooms and gyms were spread out, with the vault and his study deep in the maze somewhere that wasn't marked on the map.

With the addition of Billy and Kid Naruto had had an idea, though it would take some time to get it running and would only work if the others agreed, but it would make both his life easier and the world a little safer.

The fact was that he wouldn't be able to collect all of the 'Legions' as he had decided to call he books he was collecting, on his own, so why not form a group that could. It would be risky, of course, and depending on whether or not he was able to create a seal that could bloke out the Class 2 and 1's power would affect the number of people that could help, but it was the best plan he could come up with. He did have a theory that people like Jinx, and maybe the others ex-villains with powers, might be immune to the books powers the same as him. After all, Jinx's power was a fixed genetic ability, just like the others, so it was possible that they were unable to use magic.

The thing that worried him the most was that eventually a time will come that two Legions would fall into the wrong hands at the same time and he wouldn't be able to collect both. He was already starting to think of the guidelines and rules that would be needed to be put in place, and maybe creating several different Vaults for the different Classes wouldn't hurt either.

A neutral group created with the soul purpose of collecting and sealing the Legions. With the fortunes he had accumulated since arriving in this world, and was continuing to, it would be easy for him to fund such a group.


Looking at the bored in front of him with a serious expression, Naruto took several minutes thinking about his next move before picking up his Rook and using it to take a Pawn. He had started playing chess shortly after arriving in this world, in a strange way it reminded him of the Elemental Nations. The game was made in such a way that it simulated war; every move counted and needed to be planed out several moves ahead of time, one mistake could cost you the whole game.

At the moment he was playing with himself next to the counter of his store, the bored placed on a small foldout table in front of him while Kid, who had taken a liking to working in the store, manned the counter.

When the blonde heard the bell above the door he didn't pay it much attention at first, assuming that it was just another customer, at least until he was hit with the familiar sensation of a person with chakra. His head shot up so quick it startled Kid, not that he could make any sound to indicate it, and his blue eyes instantly locked on the black of Shikamaru.

Without getting up, every muscle in his body tightening in preparation for an attack and his left hand slowly moved to grab the kunai taped to the bottom of the table, an action not missed by the lazy Nara, who raised his hands in the air.

"...I come in piece?"

Despite the tense situation, Naruto couldn't help the sweat drop that appeared on the back of his head at the pathetic attempt to ease it. Keeping his hand in place, ready to pull it out at a moments notice, he motioned for Kid to leave without taking his eyes off the Leaf-nin in front of him.

"The last time I had an encounter with you guys you tried to kill me."

"That was an accident; it wasn't supposed to be that powerful."

"Would you believe that if you were in my situation?"

"...I guess not"

For a moment they stayed in uncomfortable silence, before letting out a sigh Naruto gestured to the bored in front of him and pushed the other chair out with his foot, which Shikamaru took, and started resetting the pieces. He didn't even bother to ask if the boy knew how to play.

For the next few minutes they played in silence, both setting up their strategies, but after the first four moves it slowed down to about one move every few minutes. Another thing that the blonde liked about the game was just how much you could learn about someone from playing them. From aggressive to defensive and everything in between, you could learn a lot about a person by how they played.

When they reached a point that they were taking at least ten minutes to make a move, Naruto decided to break the silence, his eyes never leaving the bored.

"Why are you here, Shika? I never thought you stupid enough to walk into a hostile environment without backup, Lee and Ino don't count while on the other side of the street, I could kill you long before they arrived and you know it."

Frowning slightly as he moved a piece, Shikamaru nodded his head in agreement.

"You have no idea, it's so troublesome, but Kakashi thought you would be less likely to kill me on sight them him after what happened."

"...good point, so why are you here?"

Letting out a sigh, partly because of what he was about to say, and partly because Naruto had just captured one of his Knights, the shadow user leaned back into his chair.

"We want to get this over with and go home, Naruto. Kakashi wants to meet up and get it over with. The meeting place is tonight at midnight, 200 miles Southeast in the middle of the desert. We win you send us home and come back with us."

"And if I win?"

"There are seven of us and one of you, two if you include Gaara, but the end result is the same."

Taking a moment to think about his words, while moving another piece on the bored, the whiskered teen let a small chuckle escape his lips.

"You're more arrogant then the last time we spoke, which means you're more likely to make a mistake, either that or your trying to bluff. You know as well as I do that numbers mean little where we come from, especially to me."

"We have all been separated from the Leaf for over three years, we have Kakashi's knowledge to help us train and while you have skills in Fuuinjutsu that we didn't know about, you are still a gennin, Naruto."

The smirk that crossed the blondes lips told the Nara that he knew he was fishing for information, hoping to rile him up enough to give away his skills, and the silence that followed was his answer.

They kept playing for another few minutes before either spoke again.

"I assume that Ino has told you about my friends?"


"Did you know that split personality disorder effects Jinchuriki differently than normal people?"

Seeing the confused look on Shikamaru's face made it clear he didn't.

"It's actually very interesting when you think about it, though it only effects a container of the two tails and higher. You see the demonic chakra that makes up the tailed beasts has strange effects on the host, almost mutagenic in fact. You see when they are sealed into the host the tailed beast is manifests in their Mindscape, meaning that they are literally in our head, but as long as the seal is strong they can't do anything. But if a Jinchuriki develops SPD, it changes everything."

He was so absorbed in the blonde's words that Shikamaru barely even noticed his rook being taken.

"Their chakra has strange effects on the different personality, or in my case personalities, making them stronger, more real, until finally they actually become separate beings. Each one of my personalities has something that makes them unique, powerful...dangerous. You claim that it's seven on one, but you're wrong, it's eight to seven. And I know you all, whether you learned some new jutsu or not doesn't matter because you don't even know me, let alone the others inside me. I can change my entire style and skillset at the drop of a hat, using skills never before seen in the Elemental Nations."

The silence that followed his words was almost deafening.


Looking down at the bored in surprises, his full attention having been on the blonde, the lazy Nara frowned before, without another word, got to his feet and moved to the door.

"See you tonight, Shika…"

The last thing Shikamaru saw before leaving the room was the small smirk on Naruto's lips.


Whistling as he waited outside the Titan Tower for the door to open, Naruto took a moment to examine the different security that Cyborg had installed while he was gone. Even with the revelation that he had powers; the robotic teen was determined to catch him when he arrived on the island.

He would have to try harder.

Naruto had always found it interesting that the Titans had decided to make their base of operations a giant T shaped building set on a small island in the middle of a river. It made them a sitting duck for one thing, and it was so easy to fine them. But at the same time it gave the people of the city hope, it was more of a symbol then anything else, a statement. While the ninja in him shook his head at the openness of it, he was able to understand the necessity of it to at the same time.

He and Raven had plans tonight for another date, which after his talk with Shikamaru and what was happening tonight he would have to cancel, so he decided to do it in person instead of over the phone.

The moment Gaara had heard what had happened he had offered to come along, but after a long talk Naruto had convinced him that it was his fight and the red headed teen had agreed to stay out of it…for now.

When the door opened he easily made his way through the Tower to the control/living room to find all the Titans except Raven waiting for him. They were all looking at him and the tension in the room was thick and he noticed that Terra, Beastboy and Starfire weren't able to meet his eyes. Whatever this was about Naruto knew he wasn't going to like it.

"If this is about the paint bomb trap that I put in Traffic-light-sans toilet then I just want to say that it wasn't me and you have no proof that it was."

His words made everyone in the room face fault into the ground, except Robin whose eye started twitching. But when he regained his control, after several deep breaths, the Boy Wonder locked eyes with Naruto's blue as he spoke, just as the door behind him opened and Raven walked into the room.

"Why didn't you tell us you are a trained child solider?"

If the atmosphere in the room was bad before, those few words made it even worse.

They watched as Naruto's face lost all emotion, his eyes seeming to take on an almost dead quality that sent shivers down all of their spines as the room started to get colder and colder by the second. Even though none of them were hit with the blonde's KI like all the other times he had gotten mad, this felt several times worse, like the calm before the storm.

Without turning around to look at Raven, who had frozen where she stood the moment she entered the room and heard the question, Naruto spoke in little more than a whisper.

"…you told them…"

Before anyone in the room could speak, Naruto disappeared in a flash of light without trace.


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