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Chapter 2- The Titians

After Raven had left, Naruto locked the door and, after one last check to make sure everything was in its right place, moved to the back of the store and through a door behind the counter. On the other side of the door was a small corridor with light blue paint on the walls and two doors on either side leading to a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room of the house part of his store. Ignoring the rooms, Naruto walked straight to the end of the corridor and after biting his thumb smeared his blood across the wall in a small circle.

Taking a step back, he watched as a sealing matrix spread across the wall before a flash of blue light blinded him for a moment. When his eyes recovered, the wall was gone and in front of him was a staircase leading down underground. Walking forward, he paused to smear more blood on another seal on the wall to his right. After the wall flashed back into place behind him, he continued on his way.

Fifteen minutes later, he came to the bottom of the stairs only for them to end at another wall that vanished like the one at the top when he smeared some blood on it. Again sealing the wall behind him, Naruto turned to look around at the large cave like room that had been carved into a circle with eleven doors lining the walls, each leading to different places.

This was where he lived, having had his clones dig it out and shape it with Earth Jutsu shortly after buying the store. The rooms upstairs where a dummy home, a proxy to use if he ever had anyone visit, which hadn't happened so far, or in case someone broke in to the shop.

It was actually because of the space under it that Naruto had brought the particular building to use as his books store. Most of the space under the city was occupied by sewers. All except this single lot. The stairs that lead down to this room were in a thin, straight line leading down between the sewer tunnels. The room he was in right now was approximately two hundred feet below the lowest of the sewer pipes.

The door to his immediate right was his first library, which contained most of the rarest books he had acquired from this world, many of which he had found could be quite dangerous if left in the wrong hands. One of the things he found out about this world was that, even though they didn't have Jutsu or chakra, they did have was magic. The books he had gathered in this room were almost all spell books that, if history was right, were dangerous and had a rather bloody history to go with them. Even if he was trying to stay neutral in this world for as long as he could, Naruto couldn't help but interfere a little, even if all he did was keep the books locked up so others couldn't use them.

Next to that, was another library with all the scrolls he had brought with him from the Elemental Nations, retrieved from the scroll his father had left him. Third in the line-up of rooms was his seal library/study, where he made and stored all his seals. Then he had a corridor that led to ten different bedrooms, including his own, with a small bathroom for each. None of them but his room had ever been used and probably never would be, but he liked to be prepared anyway. The next two rooms after that were his kitchen and pantry/store room, respectively, and the three rooms after that were training rooms, each with a different terrain set up for practice in and each the size of a small village back in his world, where he would have thousands of clones training each day in different Jutsu and combat styles. The last two rooms were his gym and living room, both filled with the best equipment that money could buy.

After his clones had spent two years gathering money from all the jobs they had done, he had saved up quite a lot of money. A sum which had only increased after he stared dealing in rare books. Even if he kept most of them sealed in his library for safe keeping so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands, the ones he did sell and rent always made a good profit.

God bless Shadow Clones.

Deciding to skip his evening workout for once, Naruto went straight to his living room, sat on the couch and turned on his 52 inch plasma flat screen TV. Letting out a sigh, he leaned back and watched the news, thinking about the grey skinned girl he had just met.

He had to admit, he wasn't expecting one of the Teen Titans to walk into his shop. The blonde may not have said anything to her about it, and even acted like he didn't know, but he knew who she was the moment she had stepped into the store. He also knew that she was one of the people he was keeping his true collection away from.

It was true Raven was a 'good guy', using her powers to fight crime and all that, but the fact was that power could corrupt the purest souls. The most innocent child in the world could be drawn into darkness if given too much power and Naruto didn't want to risk that happening.

Not to say he wouldn't flirt with her, even if it was mostly because Lust promised to give him wet dreams for the next month if he didn't, something he had found was actually within the voices power to do after the first time he had refused to flirt with a girl he had met at a club.

He hadn't lied when he said she was cute, and the blush that crossed her face when he had said it made her all the more so. Even if she didn't realize he had seen the redness on her cheeks, the blonde had to admit it made her seem even more beautiful. The tight black leotard didn't hurt either.

Coming out of his thoughts just in time to see a video clip of the Titans fighting what look like a large stone statue on the news, Naruto let out another sigh, turned the TV off and went to bed.


Raven was on her way to Naruto's book store. It had been two days since she had first stepped through the door. Her delay had been caused by having to help her friends deal with several criminals, with this being the only free time she'd had since her first visit. The grey skinned girl had been a bit disappointed when she read the sign on the door saying it wouldn't open for another hour, but decided to go and get a cup of tea while he waited.

When she arrived at her usual place, Raven was surprised to see the blonde that had been on her mind for the past two days drinking tea in the corner of the room farthest from the door with a book in his hand.

Deciding to go and sit with him, she ordered her usual and moved to take the seat across from him.


Naruto was sitting at a table in a small tea shop down the street from his own store. It was the only place he could find that sold Japanese style tea, which he had found held the most similarities between his world and this one.

He was sitting on his own at a table near the back of the store in the corner of the room, a book in one hand and a cup of green tea in the other. This was where Naruto always sat when he came here. When a shop waitress had asked him why he always asked for that table, he just said he liked having a wall to his back and then asked for his tea. Even on a world as peaceful as this, at least when compared his, some habits were just too hard to give up.

Without looking up from his book, Naruto let a small smile form on his face as he felt a person he recognized take the chair across from him and sit down with their own tea in hand.

"A pleasure, Raven-san. To what do I owe the pleasure of such beautiful company?"

Blushing at the compliment, Raven took a sip of her tea to calm herself before answering.

"I was on my way to your shop when I saw the closed sign and decided to come in here for a drink before you opened the store. I was surprised to see you here, through. I come here regularly and this is the first time I've seen you."

Nodding his head absently, still not looking up from his book, Naruto took another sip.

"I usually come here in the mornings for a cup of green tea; I find it helps calm the nerves for the day ahead. Maybe we just always missed each other, or it could be something as simple as you weren't looking for me."

Nodding her head at the explanation, the grey skinned teen sat back in her chair and drank her tea, eyes straying back to the blonde sat across from her every few minutes before quickly looking somewhere else.

They had been sat there for another ten minutes, before Naruto put his book down and smiled at her as he finished his tea.

"So I take it that you wanted to see another of my books, seeing as you said that you were at my store."

It wasn't a question but Raven still answered.

"Yes, I remembered you saying you normally charge, so I brought money this time. I remember seeing several books that caught my eye in your collection."

Chuckling quietly, Naruto put his empty cup on the table.

"I don't want your money Raven-san. You can look at them anytime you want, and all you have to do is ask."

"I can't do that, it wouldn't be right."

"Then think of it as my way of saying thank you for all you do for the city. Plus, if people see a pretty girl like you in my shop, I might get more customers."

After giving the girl a wink, enjoying the small blush that the simple action brought to her cheeks, they left the tea shop and made their way down the street to his store.


For the next month, Raven would often be found at the small book store whenever she wasn't saving the city with her friends. She would spend hours reading the books he showed her, while Naruto himself would move around his shop like normal, seeing to his customers and restocking the shelves.

Raven would also go to the tea shop at the same time every morning and have a cup of tea with the blonde. They would talk, discuss books, then go to his store, where she would read while he set up for the day. Naruto had made a habit of teasing her every time they talked, seeming to take joy from the fact he was probably one of the only people to ever make her blush.

She had been spending so much time with him over the last month that her friends had started to notice her absence. For the most part, they wanted to respect her privacy, but after a month of her hardly being around even the Robin was starting to get curious.


Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire were all sitting in the common room eating breakfast when Raven walked in.

"I'm going out, I'll be back later. If you need me, call."

Turning to leave the room, she was stopped by a call from her brightly dressed leader. Raven looked over at him with a small frown on her face. Putting down his bowl of cereal, Robin stood up and walked over to his grey skinned friend, the eyes of the others following him the whole time.

"What's with you lately? You're hardly ever here, and the most time we've spent together is on missions."

Leveling a blank look at the Titan's leader, Raven let her voice go completely natural as she spoke.

"What I do, outside of missions, is none of your business. Leave me alone."

At her words, the others moved to stand with Robin and looked at her with worried faces. Floating in the air next to Raven, Starfire put her hand on the dark girls shoulder to get her attention.

"Please, friend Raven, do not be like that. We are just worried for you."

Plastering a big smile on his face, BB moved to stand on her other side.

"Like yeah, we hardly even see you anymore! Where'd you go all the time?"

Letting out a small growl, Raven turned her back on her friends and disappeared into her aura.

Shaking his head and letting out a sigh, Robin moved over to his computer and started typing. As he was doing this, Cyborg came up behind him and looked over his shoulder, frowning when he saw Raven's tracking signal from her communicator on the screen.

"You know, if she finds out your tracking her, she'll kill you right?"

"I know, but something's not right... And this is the only way to find out what."


By using the tracker in Ravens communicator, they were able to follow her signal to a small book store not far from where they knew her favorite tea shop was located. It didn't look like much from outside and didn't even have a name, just a sign announcing it as a book store.

Looking from his communicator, which showed a small red dot indicating that she was inside, to the front door, Robin hesitated for a moment. If they walked through that door, there would be no going back. It was a huge violation of Ravens privacy and, if she found out about it, which she most likely would, he wasn't sure if Raven would forgive them for it.

Walking up to the smaller boy and putting a hand on his shoulder, Cyborg looked at the door with a worried expression.

"You sure about this Rob?"

Letting out a sigh, Robin steeled his nerve and walked through the door without answering the mechanical teen. Starfire and Beast Boy entered right behind him, a still worried Cyborg trailing after them.


The moment they entered his store, Naruto knew his day, if not his new life, had just gotten a lot harder.

He was at the counter giving a customer their change when he heard the small bell above the door ring. He looked up to see the Teen Titans, minus Raven because she was already here. It was obvious they were looking for her from the way they seemed to be scanning the room, hardly even sparing a glance at the books.

When he was done with the customer, the blonde teen let out a sigh and made his way over to the group of 'hero's' who still hadn't noticed the balcony overlooking the store. Not that they would have even seen Raven if they did without going up. The grey skinned girl always sat at the same table in the back so she was less likely to be bothered.

Deciding to address Robin, seeing as he was the leader, Naruto put a smile on his face and held out his hand.

"Hello, my name is Naruto. Welcome to my store. Is there anything in particular I can help you find?"

Looking at the offered hand for a moment as if to make sure he didn't have a weapon, Robin smiled back and took it in a firm handshake, before introducing himself and the others with him.

"Hey, I'm Robin. This is Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg. We're actually here looking for our friend. Maybe you've seen her? Blue cloak, grey skin, kind of quiet?"

Pretending to think about it for a minute, Naruto brought his hand up to his chin in a thinking pose before nodding his head.

"You must mean Raven-chan. I can get her if you want, or I should just take you to her?"

Smiling, Robin gestured for the taller boy to lead the way. They followed him to the set of spiral stairs that lead to the balcony. As they came to the top, Naruto turned to the group and pointed towards the glass display cases around the room.

"I'm afraid I must ask you not to touch anything. All of the books up here are extremely valuable, and I would hate to have to charge you if any were damaged."

At his words, both Beast Boy and Starfire gave nervous chuckles while scratching the backs of their heads, before walking back to stand with Robin and Cyborg. All of them were careful not to touch anything and keep their hands at their sides.

Raising an eyebrow at the blond, Robin walked over to one of the displays and looked at what seemed to be an old book open to a random page with slightly faded lettering. Turning back to Naruto, he let his curiosity get the better of him.

"When you say valuable...?"

Walking over to stand next to him, Naruto took a look at the book he had been looking at and smiled.

"That book, the one you were looking at a moment ago, is worth over 18,000 dollars alone."

Eyes widening slightly at his words, Robin backed away from the case slowly and looked around the room. It didn't take him long to spot Raven sitting at the back with a pair of rubber gloves on her hands and an old leather bound book on the table in front of her. She was so focused on her reading that she didn't even notice as Robin and the others came up behind her and looked over her shoulder at the book.

Shaking his head at their antics, Naruto walked up to the table and coughed, smiling when the grey skinned girl instantly looked up at him. Without saying a word, he pointed for her turn around and tried to suppress his laughter at the shocked expression on her face when she saw her friends.

Unfortunately, her shock didn't last long and quickly changed to anger, shortly followed by a chair at another table suddenly flying across the room and smashing into a wall at high speeds and shattering.

"What the hell are you guys doing here? I told you to leave me alone!"

Quickly stepping between the now scared teens and angry girl, Naruto raised his hands as a peaceful gesture to get her attention.

"I can understand you are angry, Raven-chan, but I must ask you to calm down before you break anything else."

Taking deep breaths, the grey skinned Titan slowly calmed herself down before nodding her thanks to Naruto and looking to her friends with a slightly annoyed look.

"Why are you here? Are you spying on me now?"

Floating over in front of her friend, Starfire let a big smile cross her face, oblivious to the situation at hand.

"Indeed we did friend Raven, and because of that we were able to find you, is it not glorious!"

Raising an eyebrow at the odd way the girl spoke, Naruto excused himself for a moment and went back down the stairs. He could hear them arguing, something about them not trusting her and Raven them, but for the most part he didn't really care. It was their problem, not his.

Walking through the shelves until he found the book he was looking for, Naruto returned to find Robin and Raven still arguing. It looked like Raven was about ready to lose her temper again so he decided to interrupt with another cough. When he had their attention, the blonde walked up to the alien girl still floating in the air and held out a small book for her to take.

When he saw the confused look on her face, he smiled gently and explained.

"It's a book on the English language. I thought it might be useful for you. It helped me a lot when I was learning."

Forgetting their argument for the moment, Robin walked over and looked at the book with a curious expression before raising an unseen eyebrow at Naruto, who was trying not to laugh at the way his mask seemed to move with it.

"I thought I recognized your accent. Japanese, right?"

"That's right, you speak?"

"Not really, I just remembered you adding 'chan' to the end of Ravens name before. So how long have you been in America?"

"About 3 years, I lived in a small village in a not well know region."

As they talked, Naruto moved over to the table Raven had been sitting at before and locked the book back in its display case. It was as he was doing this that a middle-aged man in an expensive looking business suit came walking up the stairs with another larger man with a pair of dark sunglasses and a shaved head. It took her a moment, but Raven recognized the smaller of the two as the man she had seen being thrown out of the store the first time she came here, Mister Gold.

He had long dark brown hair tied into a small ponytail and a smirk on his face as his eyes fixed on Naruto. He walked with a cane and barely spared the others in the room a glance as he made his way over to the blonde, the large man only a few steps behind him.

"Mister Uzumaki. I was hoping you might reconsider the offer I made you last month. Many of the books you possess are extremely valuable, and shouldn't be handled by just anyone."

Raising an eyebrow at the slightly shorter man and sending a quick glance toward the larger one standing behind him, Naruto seemed to be thinking about it for a moment before he turned away from the both of them in a dismissive way to look at one of the display cases absentmindedly.

"As I told you before, Gold-san, I have no interest in selling any of my collection to you. If that is the only reason you have come here, then I am afraid you've wasted a journey. Now, I think you should leave."

The smug look that had been on the older man's face quickly dropped and he practically snarled. Looking to the man behind him and nodding his head, Mister Gold turned back to the blonde.

"I had hoped you would see reason, but if money will not sway you, then maybe this will."

Walking up so he was stood next to the smaller boy, the larger man reached into his jacket and pulled out a gun, aiming it right at Naruto's head with only about 3 inches between his skull and the barrel. The others stood frozen for a moment, shocked at the open display of violence.

Walking over to the blonde with his smirk back in place, Mister Gold leaned in so he was only a few inches away from his whiskered face.

"Not so tough now are you?"

Just as Naruto was about to knock the gun out of the thugs hand, it was covered in a black glow just before being thrown across the room. Without thinking, the large man tried to follow his weapon and didn't even notice Robin pulling out a small pole from his belt, which then turned into a bo-staff. He didn't make it more three feet before the staff slammed into his stomach, leaving him winded and gasping on the floor.

Robin put his staff away and leveled a hard glare at the now cowering Mister Gold.

"Naruto is right, it's time for you to leave."

At the teen's words, the middle aged man quickly ran down the stairs and out of the door, the still slightly winded thug not far behind. Turning to the four teens with a smile on his face, Naruto nodded his head to the group and made his way over.

"Thank you for that. Some people don't know when no means no."

Casting one last look towards the door where he had last seen the two men before they left, Robin walked over to where the gun had been left on the ground and picked it up, a small frown on his face. He looked from the small weapon to Naruto, taking in the blondes reaction to what had just happened and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Is this normal for you, being held at gun point I mean?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto made his way back down the stairs to deal with a customer waiting at the counter, the Titians following.

"Not really, but it's not the first time. People can get a little crazy about books, especially rare ones."

Looking at the blonde with wide eyes, Beast Boy couldn't help but express his opinion about that.

"Dude, that's so cool!"

Giving the man at the counter his change with a small chuckle, Naruto just shrugged off his words and smiled at them.

"This, coming from a hero."

Giving a large sheepish grin while rubbing the back of his head, the green teen moved away from the group to look for a book on animals, hoping to find something new he might be able to change into, with Cyborg going off to look for a book on mechanics since he was in a book store anyway. Starfire followed him as she floated through the air reading the book Naruto had given her.

With the others gone, Raven turned her attention back to Robin and let a small frown cross her lips.

"How did you find me here anyway?"

Both the blonde and purple haired teens could see the brightly dressed boy begin to sweat under their curios gazes, before he seemed to have an idea.

"We... err; we went to look for you at the tea shop, but, when we couldn't find you there, we decided to look around."

Before she had time to question him on his answer, Raven was interrupted by Naruto chuckling.

"You're not a very good liar, are you, traffic light-san?"

"Traffic light?"

"Robin, how did you find me here?"

Looking down with a defeated look on his face, the boy wonder let out a sigh of resignation.

"We used the tracker in your communicator."

Across the room, several books started flying of the shelves and fell into piles on the floor.

"You what!"

Backing away slightly from the clearly upset Raven, Robin soon found his back against a wall with nowhere to go.

"We were worried about you. For the last month, you've been acting strangely and whenever any of us tried to ask you about it, you'd teleport away like you did this morning."

"I told you it was none of your business! What I do in my spare time is my own responsibility! You had no right to do this!"

As their argument started getting more and more heated, the other Titans could be seen poking their heads out from behind the shelves to watch what was happening, while keeping a good distance so they wouldn't be caught in the crossfire. As this was going on, Naruto walked over to the piles of books on the floor and calmly started putting them back into their rightful places, seeming not to notice the fight going on in his store.

After all the books were back in order, the blonde teen walked back and stood to the side for a moment, watching the two with an amused look on his face before coughing into his hand to get their attention.

"As cute as you are when angry, Raven-chan, I would appreciate it if you not do this here. I'm not sure how much more my store can take."

It was at this point, something happened that left Robin, Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg in a state of shock. Something they had never seen happen in all the years they had known the grey skinned girl. There, right before their eyes, was a blushing Raven.


All the Titans were gathered in the common room in the tower, the large couch occupied by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire as they watched the fight still going on between the other two members of their team. However, unlike the one they had been having while at Naruto's book store, this one wasn't about Robin not respecting Raven's privacy.

"You should have told us you had a boyfriend! What if he's an enemy?"

Letting out a growl for what seemed like the millionth time, the grey skinned girl leaned forward so she was only inches away from the boy wonders face.

"For the last time, he's not my boyfriend! We're just friends!"

"You still should have said something! Now we need to do a background check on him."

"No, you don't! You don't need to know everything about everyone, Robin."

"You saw what happened! He didn't even bat an eye when that gun was inches away from his head. No matter how much he tried to brush it off, normal people don't do that!"

"...if you keep acting like this, it will cost you friends. Starting. With. Me."

Her words seemed enough to shock the brightly dressed boy out of his anger as he stared at the girl with wide eyes for a moment before she turned her back to him and stormed off. His shock soon turned back to anger. Robin turned to face his other friends, crossed his arms over his chest and pouted slightly.

"What's her problem?"

Scowling at the smaller boy, Cyborg shook his head.

"Not this time, Rob. I'm not backing you up on this. I told you not to do it. You went too far this time! We all have a right to a personal life."

"Not you too! Come on Star, BB, you agree with me, right? I was just trying to protect the team!"

When he saw that neither of them could meet his eye, Robin seemed to visibly deflate. Letting out a sigh, he sank into the arm chair next to the couch and ran a hand over his face.

"I made a mess of things again didn't I?"


Back at Naruto's, the blonde was in the middle of his daily workout. When he had first finished his underground home, he had made sure to make a room specifically for physical training and filled it with all the latest workout equipment he could find. His workout consisted of 300 sit ups and pushups, 300 pull ups and stomach crunches, weight lifting and a ten mile run on his treadmill. After that, he would increase the weight seals on his arms and legs and do 300 kicks and punches for each arm and leg before practicing the katas that his clones had learned for an hour. It would normally take him around 3 hours to finish the whole workout and, after a few minutes of heavy breathing, it would be as if he hadn't even down anything.

As he finished his punches and moved on to kicks, sweat poured down his face as the sound of his music blasted around the room from the speakers mounted on the wall. The song was called "Pump It" by a band called the Black Eyed Peas and he often listened to it when doing his workout, because of the fast pace.

He couldn't help but think about what had happened that day.

He had known the first time he saw her, that Raven would undoubtedly complicate his new life when she had walked through his door. The fact that she was a Teen Titan made it inevitable that the others would find out about him when she spent so much time reading through the books he had on display in the store.

The whole incident with Mister Gold had just made it worse; he had seen the look in Robin's eyes after the two men had left. They had been calculating, as if he was looking at a particularly interesting frog just before slicing open it stomach with a scalpel. The leader knew something was different about him and if Naruto had done his homework on the walking traffic light, it wouldn't be long before he did a background check on him.

He wasn't too worried, the papers he had acquired were almost perfect and most professionals wouldn't be able to tell they were all fakes. But nothing was ever completely foolproof. All it would take is one bit of information that didn't add up and he was sure Robin would have him in an integration room the first chance he got. Well, he would try at least.

"You should just take care of them all now before he gets the chance."

"That's enough out of you, Wrath! Go crawl back into your hole and mope."

Naruto could hear mumble in the back of his head for a moment before everything went quiet again. Sending a silent thank you to Lust for shutting the irritable sin up, he worried, as always, that Lust seemed to be the voice of reason more often than not out of the seven of them. Shaking his head to try and clear it, he focused back on his workout.

When he had finished, the blonde had a shower and made himself a quick dinner, before moving to his seal study and looking through his notes on the 'Flying Thunder God Jutsu' his father had created. As much as he hated the man, Naruto couldn't help but admire his skill. The Jutsu was a true masterpiece, nothing he had seen in the other scrolls could compare to it in combat ability.

He had actually finished learning it four months ago, with the use of shadow clones, of course, and had decided to try and improve it. Spending hours at a time pouring over different sealing matrix and Jutsu theory he had come up with several ideas. After whittling them down to the most likely to work, he had come up with the idea of combining the Flaying Thunder God with a simple Body Flicker Jutsu. He was hoping that when he was finished it, it would have the speed of the Thunder God and the range and ease of use of the Body Flicker.

After another hour of studying, Naruto let out a sigh, running a hand over his face and standing from his desk. He couldn't focus with his head full of what had happened with the Titans, and he didn't want to make a mistake because he was only paying half his attention to his work.

Putting his research back in its place in a small safe hidden behind one of the shelves filled with scrolls, the blonde made his way to his room and turned in for the night. As his eyes started to close he couldn't help the grin that spread across his face when he thought about the Titans' reaction when they realized just what was in the book he had given to Starfire.


Every Monday and Wednesday Naruto would have a day off from running the store and just leave it closed. He would use these days to shop, read, train, and research his seals. It was one of the only times, apart from his trips to the tea shop every morning, that he actually left the building. He would go to a club on occasion, or walk around the park just to stop himself from going stir crazy, but for the most part he liked to stay out of the public eye as much as possible.

But today was different.

The day before, Raven had come to him at the end of the day and invited him to come and see her own book collection, as a thank you for letting her see his. He had been reluctant at first, not just for the fact that she lived in a giant T built on an island in the middle of the river, leaving it completely open to attack, but also because if he was seen in or around the Titan Tower, it would most likely end up on the news. If that happened, he could say goodbye to his peaceful new life.

In the end, there were three reasons that made him agree to come. One, he couldn't resist the chance to see the books. Two, it would probably make the traffic light more suspicious. And three, as much as he didn't want to admit it, he really did like spending time with Raven.

The blonde knew it was a stupid risk, but he couldn't help the way he felt. He still wasn't sure if he liked her as more than a friend, and wasn't completely sure he wanted to see her in that manner. He may enjoy teasing her, and when she would give him one of her rare smiles he couldn't help but smile back, but a relationship with her would destroy everything he had done up to now to have a normal life.

They had met up at their usual table in the tea shop at the same time they always did, talking for a while and then leaving. When they were outside, Raven had placed her hands on his shoulders, a large blush on her face, and used her aura to transport them just outside the tower.

It had been a strange feeling, like being plunged into cold water and, even though he had recovered instantly, the blonde had made a show of wobbling on his feet for several minutes after they reappeared. He had seen the camera's pointed towards them and was sure Robin would be watching every move he made.

Taking a deep breath to steal his nerves, Naruto let Raven lead him into the tower, fixing a small smile on his face as they went.


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