Title: Covalent Bonds

Pairing: Regina/Emma

Authors: Exquisiteliltart & Helebette
Rating: M

Disclaimer: These characters are not our creative property

Summary:Regina casts a spell on Emma to erase her from Storybrooke, magic is unpredictable.

A/N: This story was written by both Exquisiteliltart and Helebette. This is truly a collaborative piece, as we have had so much fun working on this, and had some great people helping us out along the way. We would like to thank Eshusplayground for inspiring Regina's love for rap. We would also like thank Giftofamber and Scribes and Scrolls who have both been awesome and given invaluable advice and motivation on this.

We are having a lot of fun with it, so please, in the giving spirit of collaboration: review this with your comments and feedback!


Regina arrived to work early. Ever since the curse ended, and the people of Storybrooke remembered, the town had become a bit unmanageable. Nothing had really changed like she feared it would have. Although Regina was hated, she was still feared, and being one of the only people able to use the newly brought magic kept her power over the town firmly in place.

She hoped.

There was still the problem of the Savior. Emma posed the greatest threat to Regina's tenuous hold over Henry. It was obvious that as long as Emma was around, curse or no, Henry would favor her. Soon that would no longer be a problem; she planned to make Emma disappear. The worry that Emma constantly caused was taking a toll on her. She found herself obsessing over Ms. Swan's whereabouts and motives so often she was letting other duties slip.

There was only one solution to rid of her Emma once and for all. She had been diligently working on a spell to erase the woman as if she had never set foot in Storybrooke. Regina (quite literally) wanted to be unburdened from her thoughts of Emma. What better way than to erase her very existence?

Regina went over the enchantment once more, taking no chances. She lit a candle at her desk, smirking as she burned a strand of Emma's hair along with one of her own.

She eagerly recited the spell, feeling the magic energize her body in a rush of euphoria that never failed to excite her as she concentrated on thoughts of Emma and then...

She was wet, and naked.

Images of herself in various compromising sexual positions flashed through her mind for a brief confusing moment before fading away.

Regina was in a shower, and the handheld showerhead was wedged between her legs, a steady stream of warm water beating her clit.

Or rather Emma was in the shower.

As she looked down through eyes that were not her own she panicked at the sight of breasts that were certainly not her own. She recognized Emma's perky nipples immediately. She brought her free hand up and confirmed her fears, pulling water-darkened long blond hair into her field of vision.

Regina grabbed the slippery wall to steady herself; her knees threatened to buckle. If it was from the shock of being inside Emma's body or cumming hard and sudden without any warning she didn't know. She let out a startled cry, shocked to hear Emma's voice coming from her mouth. The foreign feeling, yet highly pleasurable orgasm, mixed with a burst of adrenaline caused her vision to swim.

She pulled the showerhead away from her overly sensitive clit and threw it down. She leaned against the shower wall and sunk to the floor as the full force realization of what happened dawned on her.

If she was in Emma's body, then presumably Emma was in hers!

Emma had screwed up the magic. She must have been thinking about Regina at the precise moment the spell was cast. Why Emma was thinking about Regina while in the shower and masturbating was a question Regina couldn't bring herself to ponder at the moment.

Regina's curiosity overrode rational thought, as she ran her hands over her current form, touching Emma's breasts and stomach. She still tingled from the orgasm and a blush rose on her cheeks as she raked her fingers through the coarse blonde curls she found between the tanned, toned thighs. She slid her finger through slick flesh, jumping slightly as she sought out her clit. She couldn't deny harboring secret thoughts about touching Emma in exactly this way- (well, not exactly like this: in her imagination she was herself.) She pulled her fingers away reluctantly and brought them automatically to her nose, curiously sniffing in the scent of Emma's arousal before she could stop herself.

This is was all very wrong.

She had never fathomed that she was even capable of this kind of magic. Fear and panic blossomed in the pit of her stomach as she realized in despair that she had no idea when or how they could switch back.

The prospect of going through life as Emma Swan was also the worst hell she could imagine. The question of her magic was another horrifying thought that crossed Regina's mind as she slowly stood up, and went through the motions of washing Emma's body. Finding a bottle of repugnant orange blossom scented body wash on the shelf, she lathered Emma's chest, mapping her skin as her hands wandered in smooth strokes up and down Emma's torso and over those plump looking nipples, pinker and bigger than her own, but just as sensitive if not moreso.

Regina stored her magic in her heart, and said heart was currently in her body across town. She hoped Emma hadn't discovered this and set anything on fire or teleported her inside a brick wall. The thought of Emma in her body seemed ever more atrocious. She was probably cramming her face with Cheetos and Coke, wiping her disgusting orange fingers all over her Versace suit... Regina wanted to scream again. She had to get over there.

She stumbled out of the shower in haste, almost falling, unaccustomed to her new sense of space and balance. Regina wrapped herself in a tiny towel and opened the bathroom door finding she had no idea where to go to find Emma's bedroom. Since the curse ended Snow, Charming and Emma moved into their own new house like a perfect family. All that was missing was Henry, and Regina confirmed a suspicion she had been harboring when she opened the first door on the left finding a furnished room obviously for a boy- Henry. She furiously opened another door, a closet, and finally found what had to be Emma's room.

Clothes littered the floor of the undecorated room, and the bed was unmade. Regina dried off as best she could and searched for something acceptable to wear. She rutted through a hamper and produced semi-clean smelling underwear, shimmying into them in an uncoordinated and haphazard way. She found a pair of discarded jeans, and thankfully Emma's wallet and phone were in the pockets. No badge and gun though.

She scrolled through the contacts list looking for "Mayor Mills" or "Regina" to no avail. There weren't many contacts in the phone and Regina sorely recognized her office number listed under "Royal Bitch." She shook her head in anger and dialed herself.


Emma wondered if her latest round of imagined debauchery with the Mayor had actually resulted in a head injury. Perhaps her orgasm had made her slip, fall; hit her head on the way down.

How else could she explain the change of scenery? Emma looked around at the walls of Regina's office.

Emma was dry and no longer in the shower. Obviously.

She was also clothed.

Emma looked down at the conservative grey jacket, the mustard colored silk shirt, the knee-length skirt and the heels she would never, ever wear, not in a million years, not…

Emma also noticed the ring. A green gem on a simple band. Emma turned it over in the light.

The ring. The office. The clothes.

Emma flew to a mirror, realization dawning.

She touched her face—Regina's face. She pinched herself hard.

"Well then." Emma muttered, startling herself as she recognized Regina's voice.

She had not hit her head after all.

Her confused wanderings were interrupted by a sharp knock on the door.

"Madame Mayor," Sidney opened the door quickly and rushed inside. "I have the paperwork you requested. As well as photographic proof—the Kings are indeed plotting."

"Oh. Well then." Emma stared numbly at her least favorite member of the town. Actually, Sidney pissed Emma off even more than Rumpelstiltskin did. Emma smiled, suddenly certain that she might destroy the Mayor by having her actually murder Sidney Glass.

Sidney yelped and backed away as Emma advanced on him.

"Regina?" Sidney smiled, looking worried still, and reached out to touch Regina's—Emma's—arm.

"Sidney." Emma struggled to find the words appropriate to calm herself down. Her thoughts were really muddled—her mood was as well. Was she suffering from Regina's emotional makeup as well as inhabiting her body? Emma had once read that emotions were chemical, which meant that they were physical. She shifted on painfully high heels and tried not to grimace. "What exactly are the Kings plotting?"

That snapped them out of their weird standoff. Sidney grinned and took out the photographs and papers. He spent the better part of ten minutes explaining the plot to Emma—it had something to do with creating a second Kingdom, one in which Regina would have no earthly powers.

Emma shook her head confusedly. "Right. Yes. Sounds…threatening." She realized that she was frowning. Usually, at times like this, she actually had Regina around (ironically perhaps) to tell her what the hell was going on.

"I'll alert our Sheriff," Emma decided. "I'll have her look into this scheme."

"Oh, yes, all right then." Sidney appeared to be waiting for something that would never come.

He leaned forward and Emma jumped back. He didn't look surprised, just resigned, and coughed to cover his embarrassment. "Well then, Mayor Mills. I'll leave you to your workday."

"Sure. Ok." Emma grimaced as a sharp pain arced from her ankle to her Achilles. Fucking heels. It was time to see Regina and figure out what the hell had happened. Emma rationally knew magic was back and Regina inhabited it, but she had really yet to see it's effects. What had Regina been up to? Did she plan to switch their bodies and do something with Emma's?

First, though, Emma realized that she had to pee. Her eyes widened at the thought. She had to…well, Regina had to…and then what? Was Emma supposed to keep her eyes closed the whole time? She'd have to try. Emma wasn't sure that she was ready to deal with the implications of looking at Regina's vagina, (much less, watching her pee.)

The biggest problem, as it turned out, were all of the layers that Regina had on. Some kind of tight body-hugging hosiery was fucking difficult to tear down. Regina's shirt was really easily wrinkled and Emma had to be careful with that as well. If this was some kind of sick joke for Emma that Regina had cooked up, it wasn't funny.

Emma just tried her best to look at the ceiling and then not to look at the mirror across from her when she pulled herself back together. It was hard not to notice though—Regina had a pretty rocking body beneath all those layers. As Emma adjusted the blouse buttons—undoing one because it was really way too tight—she felt a jolt as her fingers brushed the sensitive skin just below Regina's throat which, Emma was pretty sure, was called the decolleta...something. Anyway, whatever it was, it was mesmerizing on Regina, and way more sensitive than Emma's own body.

Emma stared and stared, letting her fingertips brush over the area—not as low as Regina's breasts, just above them, then back up her neck again—until, finally, the sound of Regina's phone ringing brought her back to reality.


"Hello…erm..Mayor's office?"

The sound of Regina's own voice coming from the phone was surreal. She didn't want to hear what she sounded like as Emma, but she took a deep breath and started to yell, finding Emma's lungs worked just fine, "You did this! What the hell were you thinking?"

"Me? I don't know what is going on here. You're the one with magic!"

"Do you really think I'd wish to switch bodies with you? You-me—we… need to stay calm and figure this out, and under no circumstances let anyone know what has happened. We need to switch back before the meeting with the DA regarding the Broadsword carrying permits- I will not have you making a fool of me," Regina clutched the phone and the stiff denim of Emma's jeans in her hands as she stuffed her legs into them and struggled to pull them up. Fucking jeans.

"Until we figure this out, what am I supposed to do?" Emma asked completely uncertain, running a finger absently over the shallow indent of the scar above Regina's lip.

"Do not take any meetings, do not eat any of your precious processed foods, and do not masturbate while you're inside my body," Regina ran down the basics, opting to omit the part about her heart full of magic, hoping Emma wouldn't discover it.

"Are you sure about the no masturbating thing, because you feel really pent up like grrr… seriously how do you stand it?" Emma rubbed her pantyhose thighs together on cue.

"Ms. Swan, don't! I will be over as soon as I can and we must get this sorted out, but until then—"

A quick knock and then the door swinging open interrupted Regina mid rant, Snow White was standing in front of her holding out two cups of coffee. Regina dropped the phone and covered her chest in embarrassment. Although, there was no reason to be embarrassed, after all it wasn't her body actually on display.

"Oh, Emma who are you talking to? Are you upset?" Snow asked handing Regina a cup of coffee so sugared and creamed it looked as white as driven snow.

"Thank you, I'm totally fine," Regina spit through clenched teeth, trying her best to sound Emma-like, but failing miserably.

"I heard you yelling…is it something with Regina again? You know Em; you can't let her get under your skin. Now, come on, drink your coffee. You're going to be late for work again if you don't hurry and get dressed," Snow brushed back a strand of Emma's drying hair behind her ear in a gesture of motherly affection, and Regina flinched at the touch.


The day to day bullshit of being Mayor was difficult at times. Emma needed extra incentive to get through reading the pile of paperwork on Regina's desk so she asked Regina's secretary for coffee and ended up with a triple espresso macchiato thingy which was way too strong. She snuck copious amounts of sugar and cream into it while chatting with the secretary about her weekend which—apparently—was not something Regina ever did. As a result, the poor woman looked on the verge of a panic attack by the time Emma strolled casually back into the Mayor's office.

Then, before Emma could come up with any excuse to leave work early, she was phoned by an irate and panicked town council member. They had to have an emergency closed session in council chambers immediately. Emma had no time to call Regina before she found herself rushing to the meeting, her panicked secretary trailing behind with stacks of forms.

Emma sat uncomfortably before a room full of chattering, frustrated people. She desperately wanted to get stoned before this bullshit, but remembered that she gave that up when Henry showed up on her doorstep…although, in Regina's body maybe it wouldn't really be Emma getting stoned. No, Regina would kill her—herself? Straight up murder/suicide in one. Dammit.

She needed a clear head anyway for this meeting. Her strategy, Emma realized, would have to be to let others think that they are incompetent for not figuring out any of the answers for themselves. Emma wracked her brain for more Regina'isms. One good one: ask for everything to be completed five minutes ago, and when inevitable failure reared its head; make damned sure that everyone blamed themselves and never her.

The problem ended up being really sort of minor. They needed a law to deal with skateboarders. Council members wanted to ban skateboarding but Emma decided to pitch an idea instead.

"A park, dedicated to keeping these youth off of our pristine streets." Emma smiled her best ever devilish smirk. "How would council have us complete such a project?"

The room fell silent. They had all been fine with Emma—Regina!—telling them what to do, but asking them for further advice…

Suddenly, the chatter began anew. This time, people seemed excited instead of needlessly stressed out.

Emma realized, all at once, that people wanted Regina in power because they wanted to deny their own ability to make decisions, to think things through, and to take on responsibility.

After an hour of animated conversation—in which someone even broke out a bunch of gigantic 'post-its' to stick on the walls and brainstorm with—it was time to put the project planning aside. By the end of the meeting, they are looking at Emma—Regina—with genuine loyalty rather than just fear.

Emma returned to the office to find that Regina—posing, of course, as the Sheriff—had left ten messages for her.

"Sheriff Swan requests your immediate attention to a matter involving…" the secretary blushed and stammered, "…your incompetency with respect to our town's garbage situation."

Emma fought laughter and straightened her shoulders. "How dare she." Emma scoffed. "I'll take care of this insubordination at once." She snickered to herself as she wheeled about and rushed from the office.


Regina couldn't get out of Snow White's happy little house fast enough. She found her movement restricted by the insufferable jeans she was forced to wear. There was no way she'd be caught dead in that red jacket even if she was freezing cold.

Unable to drink the concoction that passed for Emma's coffee, Regina headed straight to Granny's. Emma also seemed to have a ravenous appetite. As soon as she got something to eat she'd head straight to the Mayor's office and figure out how to end this horrible situation.

She strode through the door, banging it too hard against the frame, unaware of Emma's strength. She must work out.

Ruby greeted her immediately with a warm genuine smile, "The usual for my favorite Lemur this morning?"

What the hell is a Lemur? Regina thought, but she declined to comment as she focused on sounding 'Emma', seeing that Ruby was already headed to the donut case.

"No, not the usual, God no. Coffee…actually, triple macchiato latte-and a bowl of oatmeal."

"Okay, do you want the baby, mama, or papa sized bowl of oatmeal?"

"Papa, with diced apples, and a pinch of cinnamon."

"Whoa, that's a walk in the jungle, way to mix it up, Emma. Sounds like Regina's typical order. Are you two getting along any better than last time we talked?"

Regina was surprised, and felt the overwhelming urge to shut the conversation down, "I am in a hurry, Ms.-Ruby...so if you can step on it."

She placed her hands on her hips, squeezing in wonder when her fingers skimmed Emma's well sculpted Adonis belt. Losing herself for a moment she peered over her shoulder to check out Emma's ass. Maybe there was something to these jeans after all.

"Okay, Emma, let me get your coffee," Ruby replied snottily, as a flash of hurt washed over her face.

No sooner had Regina gotten her oatmeal, when Emma's phone started to ring jarring Regina as the Clash's version of "I Fought the Law" sounded from her pocket. She looked at the caller ID for a good three rings before answering. She'd have to change that ringtone to "Fuck the Police" just for fun.

The fretful voice on the other end of the line was rambling about sheep jumping the fence, and needing the Sheriff to come out and help wrangle them.

"This is not of concern to the Sheriff's department. Call animal control," Regina replied once she had a grasp of what the call was about.

Apparently, the city had cut the animal control budget, and now all matters of livestock were under the Sheriff's jurisdiction. Well, that came back to bite her in the ass.

She produced Emma's wallet to pay for her breakfast and found only three crumpled dollars. Her bill was $5.95. She searched for a debit card, but all that was in the abused wallet was a subway punch card, (two shy of a free six inch) and a battered copy of Henry's school picture.

Regina sighed heavily; still getting used to the sensation of the way Emma's body felt when she breathed deeply, "Ruby? I seem to be a little short. Can I pay later?"

"You said that yesterday. Still haven't found your debit card yet?" Ruby quirked her eyebrows, but Regina smiled in what she hoped was an endearing way, and shrugged.

"You know what a scatterbrained idiot I am. Gotta go," Regina took off toward the station. The hideous bug was parked downtown Regina noticed on her way. She wouldn't drive that unless she had no other option. She'd take the Sheriff's cruiser.

The patrol car was double the size of her Benz-(the only car she had ever driven), and she cautiously backed out of the parking spot, accidently turning on the sirens in her rush to get out to the rural populace of Storybrooke: the peasants, that as Mayor, she avoided interacting with at all costs.

An hour later, covered in sheep shit, and one baaing black sheep back in his pen safe from the stupid wolf the little neighbor boy kept crying about, Ms. Peep was satisfied.

Regina raced back to town. Now she was hot, aggravated and smelly, and there no telling what kind of mess Emma was making of her town. Unchecked power can do that to you. She began to dial her secretary, leaving frantic messages for the mayor to meet her to discuss the town garbage problem she lied, as she caught another whiff of sheep stench.

She was, however, grateful that Emma's body had been so agile and fast as she chased the stupid sheep around the pasture. She screeched to a halt in front of the designated shoe shop and jumped out of the car, frowning as she saw her Benz crookedly parked on the corner.

She stopped abruptly at the sight of herself, in her car her, seat reclined like she was just relaxing casually. Emma looked up giving her a cool glare like she had been practicing it. Regina practically had a patent on that look, and now Emma was using it against her. She shivered at the sight, as it all became more real. She longed for her own body, the fabric of her clothes, even the way her teeth fit together in her mouth. Emma's body was nice; she would admit... however, she enjoyed admiring it from afar. Hopefully, she could instruct Emma on how to reverse the spell and put this behind them. Maybe laugh about it someday…


Back in Regina's car—which really was an awesome ride—Emma decided to check out the song choices for her roll through town.

The first picks on Regina's cd were hilarious. Emma listened, baffled, to some mash up of Lady Gaga and Evanescence. Then she cracked up when Lil Wayne sang some song about missing some woman's pussy.

When she met Regina, the initial shock of seeing herself from afar, was offset by the amusement she still felt over listening to Flo-Rida in Regina's car.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Emma asked passively as Regina sulked closer and she took in her disheveled appearance, "and by the way nice selection of tunes."

Emma cranked the volume and smiled wickedly.

You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down, down

"I was out doing your horrible job! For God's sake, will, you turn that off?! I never leave this town, and music is an escape, Em-ma…" Regina had a new habit of saying 'Emma' with two very separate syllables. It was weird.

Emma straightened her shoulders, and pouted as she lowered the volume. "Well then, we'll have to rectify that situation…one of these days…Reg-i-na…" Emma arched one eyebrow, totally aware of how intimidating this could be—how authoritative. It worked. Emma chuckled as she followed a far-less confident Regina, who rolled her eyes and slumped away. She was already at home in Emma's body it somehow seemed.

Emma followed Regina to an alleyway between a shoe store and a Laundromat. Since it was still only early afternoon, neither place was busy. The alley was long and blocked slightly by overflowing dumpsters. The women walked behind the dumpsters, certain that they could not be seen from the street.

"Gotta get that taken care of, Mayor Mills." Emma grinned, pointing to the insane numbers of old boxes stacked everywhere.

"We need a better recycling program, why don't you get on that?" Regina replied, equally sarcastic.

"Let's get on with it," Emma replied evenly, then laughed, "Sorry, I've always wanted to say that."

"By the way, where the hell is your badge and gun? I am trying to play your part here, and you're making it extremely difficult!"

"I don't know…probably at the station. Did you even look?" Emma growled in Regina's voice. She was going to lecture her on a stupid gun she had never once had the chance to use, after Emma just spent her morning playing good little mayor with the city council. Regina and her power were at Emma's mercy. Emma was about to say something, but decided to drop it and focus on what Regina was trying to say.

You…me…I," Regina licked her lips in frustration and furrowed her brow.

Is that how I really look when I lick my lips like that? Emma wondered as she looked her body up and down. It was definitely her body, but she could tell Regina inhabited it from the use of mannerisms she favored: the way she gestured with her hands and stuck her face forward. It was creepy, but kinda cool.

"Are you listening or shall I go slower for you?" Regina repeated in annoyance, knocking Emma out of her daze.

"Huh, what now?"

"You have my magic. Now, I admit I was trying something maybe that I shouldn't have, but you are the one who was being completely inappropriate and caused us to be in unholy predicament," Regina was getting worked up, her anger flaring. It felt hotter and wider in Emma's chest than in her own where it was a concentrated sensation like a stabbing hot poker or pointy jabby stick prick.

"That sounds like blaming, not helping. And what I do in the privacy of my shower stays in the shower. How was I supposed to know that you'd be fucking around with some magical shit this morning? What were you trying to do anyway?" Emma kept asking questions and increasing the volume of her voice, enjoying the deeper octaves Regina could reach.

"Keep your voice down…It doesn't matter what I was trying to do, right now I am trying to undo what was done! Now if you can focus, we can access my magic and reverse the spell," Regina grabbed Emma's wrist, which was actually her own wrist, and was thrown off kilter yet again by the novelty of the perspective.

Regina reached up and snatched a strand of blonde hair, yelping at the pain, and then plucked one from Emma's brunette head.

"Ouch! This may be your body, but while I'm in it can you not do that?"

"Kindly shut up, Ms. Swan, and give me your hand," Regina held out her own hands, taking a deep calming breath and closing her eyes. Emma put her own hands in Regina's, and Regina brushed her fingers over her ring.

"And give me my ring. I don't trust you with it. You already put a run in my pantyhose I see," Regina's eyes snapped open as she tried to forcibly remove the ring from her finger.

"I don't think so," Emma snatched her hand back. "How will that look if I am suddenly wearing your ring?"

"Fine!..For now. Just focus," Regina reached for her hands again. "Now center in my magic, it's in my heart. Feel it building up and expanding in your chest."

"Holy shit," Emma's mouth fell open at the strange, blissful sensation like a bubble of joy rising through her body. The twin strands of hair in between their hands bound together: twisting and warming with magical energy.

"Think about switching back, stay calm and breathe," Regina grasped Emma's hands tighter an electricity crackling and creating a circuit through their bodies.

All that Emma could see, was a big ball of fire, bursting from her own hands—Regina's hands. Dammit. It was immensely weird, to see herself doing something so frightening.

"Trust me…" Emma heard her own voice from afar as she levitated four inches from the ground. She did sort of trust Regina. This magic thing was her gig. All around them was a twisting light, made seemingly of fire, but not at all hot.


"What the hell?" Regina shouted in pain as the light emanating from her hands suddenly flared and twisted and burst away from them both. The experience was agonizing, like a burning ghost forced through their bodies. They landed, hard, as the garbage bin filled with shoeboxes burst into explosive flame.

"We're missing some element." Regina surmised, covering her eyes. Before Emma knew it, she had grabbed Regina and pulled her away.

When they recovered from the feeling like their souls had just been on a rollercoaster. They stared dumbly at each other for a moment in frustration.

"You're going to have to tell the shopkeepers something here, Regina…" Emma chattered, rubbing her suddenly cold arms as the owner of the shoe store ran around the corner.

Luckily, the guy was really easy going. He accepted their lame excuse—that they were investigating a series of vandalisms in the area and that some kids must have lit the bin on fire. He even offered Emma a free pair of heels. Emma smiled and thanked him, wishing instead that he could fix the boots that Regina had singed with the stupid spell.

They were able to leave when the fire trucks finally arrived.

"You'll have to make Henry his dinner tonight." Regina said, sounding really tired as they walked together back toward Emma's car.

Emma nodded and shuffled on her heels. "Right um…"

"Top level of the freezer, there is a pasta and chicken dish he usually likes." Regina rubbed her temples and ran her fingers through long blonde hair. It was still really strange for Emma to watch. Emma glanced down at her own hands. They were really pretty. Regina had really nice hands.

"Are you listening Sheriff?" Regina asked quietly.

"yes, sorry, freezer. I'll reheat at ummm…" Emma paused and ran a nervous hand through her hair. Regina's hair. Fuck. It was nice. Regina's hair felt like silk. Emma wondered what kind of expensive shampoo she used.

"Three hundred and fifty degrees, for an hour or until it's molten hot in the middle." Regina stepped closer, looking over Emma's shoulder at Emma's own car. Regina's eyes shifted nervously, "Also, give me my checkbook. I'm hungry, and you appear to have a tab at Granny's that needs to be paid."

"Won't that be a little suspicious if the Sheriff is writing the Mayor's checks?" Emma asked somewhat amused.

"You can have your empty wallet back. Tell me, dear where did you last see your debit card?" Regina mocked her, holding out her hand while Emma reluctantly handed over Regina's black purse. Regina rooted through grabbing some cash and pushed the purse back into her hands.

"Don't worry my mom will have a nice meal ready for you, and it's okay to eat because The Charming's don't poison their food," Emma called over her shoulder as she wandered casually to Regina's car, feeling a bit like a thief as she watched Regina circle her own hunk-of-junk, and she was able to climb into luxurious leather seats. She cranked up the stereo:

But man I ain't never seen an ass like hers, that pussy in my mouth had me lost for words.

Listening with appreciation to the bass and subwoofers that Regina had installed, she screeched the tires whizzing past herself as Regina slowly chugged away.

I told her to back it up like burp burp and make that ass jump like shczerp shczerp