Jade West was used to heads turning her way. It was part of her day to day life to be stared at. She scared people, shocked people, made people jealous; and their eyes followed her everywhere she went. Admittedly, the stares had somewhat diminished since her break up with Beck. No longer did the desperate girls stare on in envy every time she walked by. No longer did people wonder what made her so special that she could be dating the hottest guy in school. And no one had to wonder why it had ended; even the few that didn't know about their constant bickering could manufacture a reason for their sudden split. It was no surprise to anyone that it was over; the surprise came in that it took so long to end.

Everyone assumed Beck would be the first to date again. With his choice of any girl in the school, how could he not be? Girls practically lined up the second they got wind of a fight between Jade and Beck, so it was no wonder they began to swarm in the dozens once it was officially over. Even if he hadn't wanted the girls in the school, he could've easily gone anywhere and gotten the same line up. It was part of being a serious up and coming actor, and his incredibly good looks didn't hurt either. And yet, 3 months after his breakup with Jade, Beck Oliver was still single.

No one guessed that it'd be Jade to walk in the door with a new guy on her arm that day, all eyes on her once again. She embraced the stares, even playing it up for the crowd whenever a chance presented itself. She'd never had a problem with public affection, especially when it was to make a point.

Andre Harris on the other hand wasn't used to being stared at, and definitely not gossiped about. He cringed as they passed set after set of eyes, locked on the new couple.

"Are you sure this is such a good idea?" He whispered to his new girlfriend.

"Of course." Jade replied with a smile. "Just follow my lead."

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