Lily: "You don't really believe in a teen portal, do you?"

Bart: "Why wouldn't I? As yet, almost every post was right, and besides, the photo is proof enough, isn't it?"

Lily: "So what? What is so upsetting, huh?"

Bart: "Hmm, let me think about it ... You are lying in the arms of another man and as if this wasn't enough this man is your ex-lover. So, I don't know what is so upsetting about it when you are actually engaged to me? "

Lily: "Don't be rude like this! It's not that I cheated on you."

Bart: "Good for you! Your behavior makes me think if I should keep you from meeting this scum."

Another pain shot through her head, but this time Lily didn't know, whether it was because of the migraine, or because of the words she had just heard.

Lily: "You can't tell me whom to meet and who I am not allowed to. And Rufus is not scum!" She broke away and walked past him. But all of the sudden, Bart grabbed her arm, pulled her back and pushed her against the wall. She cried out briefly in shock: "What is this!"

He took her face between his hands: "You will stay here as long as I want you to. It's good we're getting married soon, then I will certainly control that your actions and behavior." Eyes wide, she looked at him. She did know he wasn't quite the nicest man on earth but she didn't know that he could be violent and that mean.

Lily: "Do you really think I want to marry you yet, if you act like this?" She shouldn't have said that, because his hand hit her suddenly in the face, she screamed.

But before she could say anything, he hissed: "You know I'm a powerful man with good connections ..." Lily looked at him in disbelief, he continued: "Therefore, you should assume you better watch out what you do and with whom you'll do it."

She couldn't believe it, he threatened her. He looked into her eyes and suddenly Lily got scared. Why did she always have to end up in such a shitty mess? She felt her blood rushing in her ears and her heart pounding.

Bart: "Have you understood my love?" She gulped and nodded. Convinced that Lily had learned her lesson, he left her alone and went back into the hall. Lily was distraught; she was trembling and got weak in the knees. She slumped down and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes and waited for the pounding to stop, but it pounded that hard in her head that she could barely think. She stood up slowly and staggered back into the hall where she sat down on a stool at the bar. She ordered a drink, but nothing went better, she remained simply and rested her head on her hands. The barkeeper asked: "Are you okay ma'am?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She managed to say.

Since they have arrived, Dan and Serena spent all the time on the dance floor, but now they were thirsty.

Dan: "I'll get us something to drink, just wait a minute." He gave her a quick kiss on the lips and made his way to the bar. He saw Lily and went to her: "Hey." He looked her in the face and was startled, she was pale and her eyes were glassy, she also gritted her teeth as if she was in pain. "Lily, what's wrong?"

She looked at him and brought out: "Migraine ... dizzy ... sick." The rest he didn't understand. He said: "You have to go home immediately!" She didn't answer. Dan turned to his girlfriend and waved her nearer.

When she arrived she cried: "Mom, you look really sick."

Dan: "Yes Serena, we need to bring her home."

Serena: "Okay, come on." They left the hall with Lily leaning on them. Lily didn't notice nothing much, her mind was completely befuddled by the pain. In the entrance hall, everything began to turn, she collapsed and passed out. They carried her to the outside and hailed a cab. When they were seated, Serena said: "Palace Hotel please."

Lily who had regain consciousness began to shiver and said in panic: "No, not the hotel!"

Serena: "Well, at Bart's?"

Lily: "No, no, please don't. I'm afraid. Not. To. Bart."

Serena: "Shhh. It's all right." She spoke to her mother.

The taxi driver asked, now a little impatient: "Could you please decide?!"

Dan looked helplessly to his girlfriend.

However, she had an idea and said: "Brooklyn, please." She looked at her friend and smiled whimsically.