During the drive, Lily leaned at Serena's shoulder who stroked her mother's head worried. When they arrived, they paid the cab driver and managed to get Lily out of the car, then Dan lifted her up and they claimed the stairs to the loft and entered. Jenny and Eric, who had just watched a film, were astonished when they saw who was entering the loft. Rufus, who was in his room for don't disturbing Jenny and Eric, heard voices from next door:

Jenny: "What are you doing here?"

Eric: "What's wrong with Mom?"

Serena: "Hello to you too!"

Dan: "She has got migraines and so she has to rest."

Eric: "But why here?"

Lily is here? Rufus' heart began to beat faster, but why doesn't she speak herself? He walked out of his room and saw the kids still undecided about what to do. Dan who was still holding Lily in his arms, asked insecure: "Dad, what should we do? Please help us!"

Rufus looked at them puzzled: "What is going on here?" When she noticed his voice, Lily groaned: "Rufus…" Dan laid her down on the couch.

"What should we do with her?" He asked again.

Rufus kneeled in front of her, took her head in his hands and shook her slightly: "Lil, do you have your migraines?" She didn't move.

Rufus: "Lily, do you hear me?" Then she opened her eyes slightly and nodded. He went into the kitchen, poured some water into a glass and added a pill. He came back and sat next to Lily on the couch. He straightened her up and helped her to drink.

She grimaced: "Yuck!"

Rufus: "Lily, you need to drink that. Afterwards you are going to be better." Reluctantly, she drank the whole glass and sank back exhausted. Dan, Serena, Jenny and Eric were helpless.

Jenny: "Dad, can we help?"

Rufus: "No, it's okay. Lily could sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch." With these words, he lifted her up and carried her over into his room. There he laid her on the bed. She still wore her gown. He hesitated for a moment but finally undressed her; and instead of her gown he put her on one of his shirts. When he covered her, she clung to him. Surprised, he looked down at her.

She murmured: "Stay with me." When she didn't let him go, he laid down beside her. Lily snuggled up to him and rested her head on his chest and held him tightly. Soon after she was about to drift off to sleep, she whispered: "I love you." Rufus stroked her through her hair and kissed her cheek.

The others, who overheard the last part, felt a little uncomfortable. But then they went all together in Dan's and Jenny's rooms that could be connected through the garage where they were chatting a bit and finally went to sleep.

In the meantime, the charity gala drew to a close. Bart looked for Lily who he has seen sitting at the bar some time ago. He didn't found her. He searched everywhere, in front of the hall, at the entrance, in the dressing room and even in the lady's room, but she was nowhere to be found. He got mad, this little bitch sneaked away without telling him! She was obviously not thinking about the consequences of her behavior. He left the gala and headed to the Palace Hotel. Once there, he entered Lily's suite, but no one was there, not even Eric or Serena. He called her, no answer. Pissed off, he went home.
There he tried to reach her two more times, but when she didn't answer as well, he left her a message: "Lillian, where are you? Once you listen to this message, I want you to come immediately to me. We need to talk!" He hung up and went to bed, angry but a bit worried too.