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I wake up in the morning and smell the sweet smells of spring. Prim, my youngest daughter, comes into the room humming a song she made up yesterday and jumping all over the place, probably because her fifth birthday is tomorrow. I don't blame her. What child wouldn't be happy that their birthday is nearing? Slowly I get up.

"Good morning, Prim," I say quietly.

"Good morning, mommy!" she says enthusiastically, just now noticing that I'm up.

Without hesitating, she jumps into my arms to give me a hug. Her blonde hair reflects the light as it bounces on her small body. I look around for my husband, Clive, and my oldest daughter, Katniss, but find their not here. Probably hunting.

"How about some breakfast?" I ask Prim.

"Sure!" she says, still happy.

We walk to the kitchen and eat some left over's from yesterday. I help prim get dressed as I get dressed and ready for the day. Just then I hear foot steps at the door. But I'm not happy. I hear Katniss humming the hanging tree, which means that Clive taught her the song while hunting. Clive knows he's in trouble when he opens the door and sees my expression.

"Hi, mommy!" Katniss says with a big smile and a cherry voice. She then runs up to give me a hug.

"Did you have fun?" I ask when we part.

"Yeah," says Katniss. "We got three rabbits and a turkey!" she says enthusiastically.

I look up and see a plump turkey and three rabbits that Clive has just put on the counter.

"Why don't you go play with Prim at the meadow?" I ask Katniss.

She nods and takes Prim's hand and heads outside, on her way to the meadow. I look at Clive who seems to avoiding my gaze.

"Why did you teach her that song? You know we just got her to stop her ravings abut the capitol! Don't make her start again! What if someone hears and something happens to one of you!" I say.

Clive sits in front of me and puts both hands on my shoulders.

"You know I would never let that happen to them or to you. I love you all to the bottom of my heart. Nothing bad will happen to either of them for as long as I live. And I'm sorry; I didn't know that the song upset you. I'll stop." He says.

But for some reason, I find myself avoiding his gaze, thinking of the reaping and how Katniss will enter in two short years and how something might happen to her, and neither Clive nor I will be able to stop her from going to those games.

"What's wrong?" he asks with a softer tone now.

"I just keep thinking about the reaping and how in just two years, Katniss will have her name in that bowl and might be reaped and we won't be able to do anything about it." I blurt out.

"I told you, nothing bad will happen to them for as long as I live" says Clive.

I turn around and see Katniss peaking behind the crack of the door – curiosity and fear running in her innocent little eyes. As soon as she finds that I've caught her peaking she bolts outside again.

I think for a moment about the fear I saw in her eyes and wonder if she heard us talking about the reaping. I let out a sigh. Children this young should not even know about the games.

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