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I'm so lost in my thoughts, that I almost don't notice Prim getting up and going to her room.

Get ready. I order myself.

But all I can do is sit here, thinking about how Maysoline made it to the final five, and how I could at last accept the idea of her returning back to district 12, then having that idea destroyed because that same day, her cannon was fired.

Get up now! I scream at my self, knowing that if I think about Maysoline and her murder - and how my own daughter will most likely face the same fate - I will fail what is probably my last promise to Katniss.

I snap out of my thoughts and try to pre-occupy my brain.

I get up and clean my face from my tears, clean and re-clean the house, and make some mint tea. I look over at Prim who is sitting on our old, worn out couch just looking at me. But as soon as I look at her, she looks at her hands, as if the answer she's looking for lies within her palms.

But I get the clue: She's waiting for me to disappear, just as I did before.

I realize that I shouldn't be cleaning the house and making tea, I should be the mother that Prim never had, make my oldest daughter proud. Slowly, I sit down, next to prim and wrap my arms around her.

Instantly, she rests her soft head on m shoulder and weeps.

Out of the blue, the pain hits me again, leaving me numb on the inside.

"Do you really think she'll make it back?" Prim wishers through her sobs.

I purse my lips together and think of what I will say.

"Yes, Prim, Katniss will make it back. She isn't one who breaks promises." I say, only half heartedly.

Ever since Maysoline, I've strongly believed that any one from our district will never come back alive. There is always Career tributes who have looked forward to entering – and winning – the Hunger Games, not to mention that no other district has only one mentor, and on top of that, a mentor that is always drunk.

Now that I think of it, there is a reason why district 12 never stood a chase.

But something keeps telling me that my daughter, Katniss, isn't just anyone from our district. I mean, she is the only tribute from 12 that has experience in hunting and weapons, who can feed her self, who has the fire to win these games.

Hours pass by, and I watch as the sun sets through our broken, little window. By now, it's almost time for the recaps and Gale should be coming soon.

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