Disclaimer: If it's a scene, character, idea, or setting from Labyrinth, I don't own it. Patrick is an OC that I'd rather not claim. Bekah belongs to herself.

A/N: Written for my friend Bekah.

"… and that's what happened, Bekah. I don't know what to do."

"Sarah. Seriously?! Be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror. Granted that we've all been majorly stressed out by school stuff recently, and you have been crying, still. Look at the two of us here. We are strong, confident, ABLE, beautiful women, and anybody that can't see that needs a total encounter with a Clue-by-four."

"But Patrick said – "

"Nope. You're not to quote any more from anybody who obviously hasn't linked their brain and mind and compassion and get-a-clue to the rest of reality. You are YOU. And that is EXACTLY who you need to be. Now. Your turn. Tell me something good about you, as we both look in the mirror."

"Bekah - "

"Nope. Time for self-pity is… ten more seconds… over. Now. Something good about you."


"I have a great friend named Bekah."

"True. Now, something about YOU. Your character, personality, appearance, skills, interests, whatever!"

"I'm stronger than I think I am. I want to trust people. I like learning new things. I'm learning how to ask for help when I need it, and when to fight through on my own. I deserve to be treated with respect, as I treat others with respect. I'm a great sister!"

"Exactly! Now, let's find the tissue box so you can blow your nose. Then you're going to wash your face, and brush your hair, and we're going to walk confidently into dinner."

*shimmer of glitter just next to the window*

"Bekah's right, my Sarah. Your fire, your determination, your strong will, your sense of identity. These are all too valuable to throw away. Remember your strengths always."

*glitter fades away*

"Ummm… Sarah? Who or WHAT was that?"

"Oh, Bekah, that's the Goblin King. I kicked over his kingdom six years ago, and he gave me his heart, and keeps trying to win mine. I'm kind of ashamed that he saw my extreme weakness. Why would I have wanted to date that idiot Patrick?!"

"Stick with me, girl, and we'll get you strong again. Maybe you could bring the Goblin King as your date to the end-of-year dance, and let Patrick get totally insecure?"