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Well... this was inspired by hours of surfing the Shizaya fanart on the web LOL enjoy!







Addiction is an impersonal obsession.

You're not actively searching for it.

You just always find it.

You never keep track of it.

But somehow it's always exactly where you need it.

And you don't want it.

You need it.

And you don't realize you need it.

It's just there, like a butterfly on the windowsill or a freckle on your cheek.

You don't even notice it half the time.

It's not something you need to focus on to fulfil since it manages that on its own.

There's no sense in hiding it because it doesn't bother you.

You don't need to protect it 'cause you don't realize it's yours in the first place.

It's not even an obstacle to overcome because it adjusts to your lifestyle so easily.

But, it's not.

You adapt around it.

You're consumed by it.

You don't even realize that you willingly let me manipulate you.

And somehow, you don't mind.

Do you, Shizu-chan?



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