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Inside the Takahashi mansion there was four young teenagers hanging about bored to hell.

everything was quiet until...

''Life is so boring nowadays! Why cant we be like normal teenager boys and go to school! Date people! Deal with nagging teachers!'' screamed a very annoyed hanyou.

"I know that already, why are you telling me for?" said his very tired brother, while looking over some music sheets.

'' goddammi-'' inuyasha started but the got cut off by one of his other 'friend'

'' Oi! Mutt use your damn indoor voice, will 'yah?'' said a rather annoyed wolf.

''Shaddup! What about you?'' The hanyou replied

'' I AM NOT GOD DAM- uhhh..* ahem* i am not goddamn yelling like a moron. I am much more civilized than you'' The wolf replied in a mocking british accent (A/N sorry i dont mean it in a bad way i quite like how they speak no lie..)

'' civilized my butt...more like a stupid-a**-baboon'' Muttered the hanyou.


'' First of all this is karma, use your indoor voice, and second your soo stupid, I said baboon not ape...''

'' Your'e the one who's stupid!''






'' oh for crying out loud! You people are more annoying than DORA THE EXPLORER!'' Yelled an agrraveted man with dark-deep violet eyes.

''...'' everybody in the room was speechless and starred the young man, even the eldest who was on his comfy sofa, reading his music sheets. Not-really caring about the fight, but also stopped what he was doing and stared his band-mate and friend.

''WHAT!'' he screamed quite confused to why they were staring at him.

nobody could hold back anymore...they all brusted out laughing at they're friend

''what!'' he repeated

Inuyasha went up to him and wrapped his arm around his neck, giving him a nuggie

''Yo dawg! You watch Dora! I never knew you such intrests, other than women!''

''I-I-I DONT! I JUST HAVE TO WATCH IT WITH MY LITTLE COUSIN! THATS ALL!'' Stammerd the blushing young man.

'' Yeah, suuurre, how much you wanna bet he must like it?'' said the wolf

all three of the men raised their hands except the blushing victim.

'' So'' The hanyou said changing the subject. "How about we go to school?" he asked and his brother raised an eyebrow.

" Inuyasha, for once, I agree with you" he said to his brother Inuyasha.

And then they were off to get prepared.

-the next day

'' beeeeeep beeeeep beeeep beee-bum'' The horrible alarm clock of doom was off, waking Kagome Higurashi out of her peaceful slumber.

''I sleep alittle more'' a still tired kagome murmured into her pillow of softnees and clouds, trying to ease herself back to dreamland.


''Oh great!'' Kagome muttered dryly.

not bothering to look at the caller I.D she picked up the phone

'' Hello?'' She answered sheepishly.

'' AHHHHHHHHHH! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT!?'' Squealed her bestfriend Sango

'' What? I can't guess what could anybody on Earth be happy for, on the first day of school'' kagome answered, fresh awake from the call.

'' I hear some hot guys are transferring to OUR school, and lots of girls say they're suposed to be famous? But who the hell cares 'bout that, they're H-O-T HOT! '' Sango squealed once again , exaggerating the word 'hot'.

Kagome, who thought she was going to go deaf from her over-excited friend asked a question.

''Ummm.. Do you even know what they look like?''

There was a pause until she answered. ''... whocares, they're hot...''muttered Sango.

Kagome couldnt help but giggle at that.

'' Anyways, did you already tell Rin and Ayame?'' Kagome asked

''yuperz!'' said Sangos cheerful voice.

'' Ok beautiful, see yah' later at my house right?" Kagome asked.

''Hell yah! ill be there with the others 'kay lovely?'' answered sango

''okie dokie'' Kagome giggled ''See y'all later'' Kagome said as she ended the call on her IPhone, and got dressed.

She wore on her red varsity, which had white long sleves, and to the trim of the bottom and cuffs had black stripes. She also wore a black vest inside which made her gold diamond neckalace sparkle and stand out on her chest. Her vest ended right on her hip, where a light gold belt with sliver holes and buckle was, to hold up her black skinny jeans, and to end it with black converse shoes. she put on glod diamond studs and a gold ring with 5 little diamonds surrounding a little bigger one. Her hail was down as its usual.

kagome heard the doorbell ring and ran to open it and leave with her bag.

'' Thanks for breakfast mom, im going now!''

''no problem sweetie, bye have fun at school'' kagomes mom Ella Higurashi said to her daughter as she bid her farewell.

'' wow look at you guys'' Kagome said as he eyed up all her friends

''look whos talking.'' a cheerful Rin replied. Sango and Ayame nodded in agreement.

Rin was wearing a orange jean jacket with sliver buttons and a plain white vest top with a sliver diamond 'R' neckalace and a silver belt with black skinny jeans and also black converses. She had little drop down silver earrings with a dlophing wrap-around ring with a little diamond in its eye. Her hair down as well, with a little pony tail at the front side of her head.

Sango was wearing a black half way down sweater and a pink vest inside with a silver necalace with pink diamonds. A red belt and black skinny jeans with pink converses. She had a sliver and pink diamond stud and a ring that matched. her hair was done in a high-top pony tail, and like a glazing waterfall it fell.

Ayame wore on a light pink and white sweater litttle diamonds on the outline, inside she wore a darkgreen-blue vest with her silver charm of an iris painted a lavander colour. She had a fuzzy-looking skirt that was a light pink, and knee high stocking/socks with light pink converse. Her hair were in 2 pigtails and curled so nicely it bounced, she also had a headband the matched her pendant/charm.


The 4 girls whipped their heads to where the commotion was occouring. Theyr'e school.

''There's too much people, lets go to class and leave them 'princes' alone'' Kagome suggested

'' I think so too.'' sango replied a tad bit disappointed

They all headed to the gym to recieve their sechudules

The girls studied their papers beforefore them and looked at eachothers one by one until...

''Yes! were all in the same homeroom and first period class, drama!'' Kagome squealed and the others joined...

''Oh kami! Why can't girls give it a rest with their screaming and squealing at us!'' an annoyed voice sounded not so far from them.

the girls whipped their heads, Four handsome and attrctive males were infront them. (a/n: maybe in the next ill explain their outfits im pooped -.-)

''uhhh, we wern't talking to and about you...'' kagome said awkwardlly

''yeah.'' the others agreed.

''keh, whatever, move it we all have drama. So if you want a damn autograph, go away!''

'' why would we need one from the biggest jerk?''

'' What? Were you talkin to me? Were u talking to me?!'' Inuyasha said and pointed a clawed finger to himself.

'' Are you retarted or just stupid? of course I was talking to you '' Kagome said getting annoyed.

'' No. because it was surprising how you could talk to me like that.'' Inuyasha replied shocked.

'' I'm only beacuse you started it-but...wait...did u just say youhad drama?'' Kagome asked with caution.

''yeah so what, are you a fan?'' Inuyasha asked.

'' hell nah'' Kagome replied.

Kagome turned around to Sango and said

''everything was going good until this... bye bye, my life of hopes and dreams ''

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