Next chappie please don't hate me Inuyasha needs to be like this.

As Kagome fluttered her eyes open slowly She woke up to seeing White.

' Oh my cheese! Am I dead!' Kagome thought.

'yes, yes you are young Kagome,' an unknown voice came upon her.

'Oh my! Umm...are you God?' Kagome asked.

' Yes I am he' the voice said

'Oh so is this the light you see when you're dead?' Kagome asked the voice.

'Yes it is my li-' the voice got cut-off.

' God? Where did you go? Am I going to hell? Oh no please I want to see Inuyasha let me say good-bye!' Kagome rambled on about.

That's when she saw a face in front of her hovering her face. His dark violet eyes piercing into her.

'Oh my Cheese! The devil! He looks cute?' Kagome thought.

And the man started to part his lips preparing to talk.

'oh no! Please I don't want to go hell!' Kagome's mind screamed.

The figure smiled '' She's Awake! Hurry call Sango"

Kagome's mind blanked 'what? Sango? Oh my god is she dead too! At least I'm not alone.'

Then she heard the voice that sounded familiar to gods voice.

She turned her head and saw Inuyasha snickering on a chair in a...HOSPITAL ROOM!

Kagome flushed to a bright tomato red, as Inuyasha got up and asked Miroku to give him 10 minutes. Miroku gave him a perverted smile, "isn't that a bit too quick Inuyasha people might walk-in." yeah he ended up out the room with a red bump on his head.

Kagome turned the other way her face still red, Inuyasha walked up to her and tried to stifle a laugh, but failed miserably.

Kagome gave Inuyasha a glare "what're you laughing at?" she said angrily.

Inuyasha stood up straight took his white hair and put it on is face like a beard and took and back scratcher and a staff and said "Yes, I am God" like the voice her head.

Kagome gasped and his under the blanket on top of her, "You heard that! Was I talking in my sleep?" Kagome squeaked.

''Nope" inuyasha said letting the ending end with a pop.

Kagome was confused "then how did you know?" she asked.

"Well," he started "Remember before you fainted?"


All she could hear was Inuyasha calling out to her over and over and sirens

Followed by voices of unknown people...

One thing in her mind

' beloved Inuyasha I really do love you,'

'a lot.'

Inuyasha eyes widened as a small warm smile crept his lips.

He held her close.

'me too love, me too'

Flashback end

"Oh yeah" Kagome said as she turned tomato red again.

But as soon as Inuyasha smiled a soft smile it quickly vanished to a frown.

"You never told me," he said in a whisper.

Kagome turned around, "pardon?" she asked with a soft smile

Inuyasha straightened himself and said it louder this time, "You never told me" and he looked at Kagome dead straight in the eyes.

Kagome gave Inuyasha a puzzled look and asked, "Never told you what?"

Inuyasha practically shot out of his chair, as if it were on fire and yelled, "You never told me you were a freaking Miko!"

Kagome was taken aback "Well neither did I!" she shot back.

"Cut the crap Kagome, how on Earth did you know what to do, how to fight, how to defend and put up barriers and chanting! For God's sake Kagome, I'm not dumb!" Inuyasha fired back.

Ok now that was crossing the line, Kagome was about to open her mouth to tell him up, but Inuyasha started off again and said something he really shouldn't have said.

"I mean like, not even Kikyo did this to me," he started and that one statement practically shot an arrow of hurt in her heart. Inuyasha didn't notice her change of emotion and continued, "On the first day we were going out she told me she was a miko! You hid it from me, did I hide anything from you about me?

No I told you! And now I regret saying I loved you." Inuyasha finished his bangs hiding his eyes.

Kagome had tears at the brink of falling, "What are you saying Inuyasha? I'm telling the truth! Why don't you believe me? Also why are bringing up Kikyo, I said that I never knew I was a miko! But hey, if you want to go back to her, Go!" Kagome said tears falling now.

Inuyasha looked back at Kagome his eyes void of emotion, "you're right, I should she told me everything and loved me to come back for me, you? You just hate me, I guess that's that" he said and the rest tore Kagome's heart into a million pieces.

"We're through." inuyasha said and walked out the room leaving a crying Kagome.




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