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inuyasha was abducted by Kikyo and had naraku impersonate inuyasha. kagome did not see this because she was a bit drowsy. so kagome thought inuyasha was theone fighting her but thst was Naraku.


Kagome looked down at her phone and the same messages she had sent to each one of her friends.

Kagome didnt bother to look at the replies and ran downstairs to a shed outside and opened the doors and saw a bunch of scrolls and books and charms.

I knew my connection with him will not change...

Rin sat next to Shesshomaru on a red light a frown on her lips and his void of emotion as a always

"I cant believe you!" Rin began raising her voice a little.

"what?" Shesshomaru said clearly confused.

"why would you kill that poor frog!" Rin stated as if it was obvious.

"what the-, Rin you told me that Kagome needed us to get to her house quickly, did you not?" he asked.

" Well yes, but you couldv'e waited for the frog to pass before backing out of the parking lot, could you not?" Rin said mocking his question before. Shesshomaru lightly chuckled, as he pressed the gas when the light turned green.

"I've taught you well, haven't I?" Shesshomaru said.

Rin just crossed her arms with a huff and pouted as she looked the other way.

Shesshomaru just sighed and took her left hand up to his lips and kissed it " I'm sorry, may that frog rest in peace." Shesshomaru said and Rin melted into a puddle of 'kyaa!'

"aww! Shesshomaru, I forgive you" Rin said as she hugged his arm.

Sango looked at her phone and ran to tell Miroku and when she saw him holding a majority of girls hands her anger raised.

She tapped her foot and rolled her eyes looking at him, but he didnt notice her.

"Mirkou! " Sango tried but it seemed Miroku only but took one glance towards and carried on what he was doing.

"Miroku!" she tried again but still got nothing.

"Miroku! Kagome needs our help!" It seemed he was preoccupied.

"Uggh! Forget you, i'll go by myself!" and she turned around only to bump into someone.

"Ooof! Im sorry!" she said and saw that she had bumped into a guy.

The guy smiled at her and extened his hand to help her up. "I think it should be me doing the apologizing." he said with a soft smile.

while this scene was unfolding they didnt seem to notice that Mirkou's face had changed drasctically.

"Well how about in apology I take you out for lunch?" The man asked his hand clutching hers.

Sango couldn't help but blush, but berfore she could decline a voice and hand interuppted them. 'Miroku?' Sango thought as her eyes widened.

"Sorry man, but she's taken and 'Mine' so i'll do the honours and delcline for her, Good day." and with that Miroku took Sangos hand in hers and led her to his car.

"Kagome needs our help? Where does she live?" Mirkou asked.

Sango was still in shock but answered, and they were on their way.

Kouga was sitting on Ayame's kitchen counter watching her as she cooked and baked soup, cookies, and cake.

"what?" Ayame asked with a blush when she saw Kouga staring at her.

Kouga looked at her with a smirk. "Your'e done cooking and cleaning wife, lets tend to the children now?" he said in a joking tone.

Ayame sucker punched him in the arm. "Well unlike you, I dont have maids to do this so be quiet you." she said also in a joking tone.

"So what do you want to do?" Kouga asked as he yawned.

"I dont know, how about the movi-" Ayame stopped as her phone viberated and she checked it, she quickly replied and took Kouga's handand rushed out.

"whats up?" Kouga asked with concern in his voice.

"Kagome needs our help for something she wants you too" Ayame explained.

Kouga's eyes widened as he pressed the gas on his car ans sped to where ayame had told him.

Kagome heard a knock on the door and her door bell ring for five times in a row."Yep. Thats Sango alright"

When she opened the door she saw the worried faces and a emotionless face of her friends.

"Kagome are you okay?!" exclaimed Rin.

"no I-" Kagome tried but got cut off

"What happened?!" exclaimed Sango.

"It's-" Kagome tried but got cut off again

"Are you hurt?!"exclaimed Ayame.

"Girls maybe you should let her explain inside?" Miroku suggested.

the girls blushed and nodded and Kagome led them into the living room, once seated she began.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you but this is about Inuyasha." Kagome started.

"What did that jerk do to you this time!" Sango asked raging with anger.

"Nothing Sango, calm down I found out something" Kagome said trying to calm her best friend, Once Sango calmed down she turned to Shesshomaru's side.

"Shesshomaru?" Kagome said his name gettting his attention, "yes?" he answered.

"Have you noticed Inuyasha acting strange this weekend?" Kagome questioned.

He raised a brow in her direction, "Actually, now that you metioned it I have noticed a change in his attitude." and he thought for awhile before saying "I swear either his eyes magically change or he got contacts but his eye colour has changed as well, He also reeks of some sort of smell."

Everybody's eyes widened a bit except Kagome who seemed to be studying something, "Kagome?" Sango said slowly.

"We have to save Inuyasha, he's definetly under Kikyo's spell." Kagome said and the girl's gasped.

"how is he under a spell? Is that possible?" Ayame asked.

"Yes it is," Kagome said and brought out some old scrolls of her family heritage. "I noticed I was a Miko when I asked my Mom and Grandpa yesterday, they were surprised when I told them what I had done and told me a Story"


"Mama?" kagome asked her mom in the kitchen.

"Yes sweetie? Whats wrong, do you still fell hurt? You should stay in bed you just got back from the hospital." Kagome's mom said in a motherly way.

"No i'm alright mom but, Something strange has happened lately, can we talk?" Kagome asked.

"of course, of course here lets take a seat." and she pulled her seat and sat and Kagome did the same.

after Kagome told her mom the story and what happened when fighting Kikyo her mom's eyes were wide opened.

"what?" Kagome said as her mom stared at her.

"let me call your grandpa, he'll explain" and no sooner than that Kagome's grandpa had come in and she retold what happened, her grandpa had the same expression.

"what?" Kagome asked feeling like this was dejavu.

"You and Inuyasha are the reincarnations of the past," her grandpa said as if it was 'that' obvious.

"Excuse me?" Kagome blinked confused.

"here, let me tell you parts of the story" Her grandpa started." Long ago a strong preistess girl named Kanaka lived in a village named Togenkyo with a Lord of the lands named Inugati who was half immortal, but the man's previous lover named Keikniki had cheated on him with a full immortal shape-shifter named Nereko. Once he left her, after finding out she was using him for his power and riches, he banned her of anything he had with her and casted her out of his land. Then one day the strong priestess and lord of the lands had encountered eachother and at the sight, had fallen deeply In love with eachother. But after something good happens there is always a downside, while taking their normal stroll in the woods the previous lover Keikniki came once again and claimed that she was still in love with Inugati and would kill his lover. The lord had tried to keep Kanaka safe but had failed because Keikniki knew of every attack he had. So Inugati took his beloved Kanaka and hid her in a cavern after two days Kanaka was very hungry and lonesome, as villagers passed the closed cavern with the barrier she heard the lord of the lands (inugati) had died in a battle and disappeared. She had fallen into depression and swore not to love anyone but Lord Inugati after saying that a pink ligth had fallen apon a pomergrante tree bearing one pomergrante in the closed cavern, her hunger took over and she had eaten it seed in all. In an instant the tree turned into Inugati and she had transformed. Through eating the Pomergranate seed in all the fruit represented the barrier and the seed represented the power,soul and enemy in which she had defeated and turned her lover Inugati back into his regular self. Kanaka had become the strongest priestess alive and inugati the most powerful half immortal alive together they reigned and brought peace to the village and lands that keikniki and Nereko had corrupted." Kagome's grandfather finished.

Kagome just stared at her grandpa her mouth opened to catch flies.

"You've got to be kidding me, thats kind of what happened...Please tell me you made that up?"Kagome asked.

"I speak no lie, even after that the couple had many trials and tribulations but their love was so strong that it overcame all in fact in one part Keikniki had cast a spell over Inugati and had tried to take everything from him like his riches."

flashback end

Everybody was staring down Kagome as she finished the scroll stroy and looked at them.

"you think he's under a spell?" Rin asked.

"I know he's under a spell from Kikyo." Kagome said.

"Yeah but you're just assuming" Kouga stated

"No, I have proof" and Kagome brang out her cell phone and played the recording of what Kikyo said in school when kagome 'overheard' them.

"THAT B**ch!" Sango exclaimed and the men cursed under their breaths.

" How dare she!" Rin exclaimed

"If she thinks she's goning to get away with this she's dead wrong!" Ayame said with fists clenched.

"But Kagome how will we save Inuyasha? We have no idea on Miko's and you just found out your'e a miko?'' Mikroku asked.

Kagome smiled "well Miroku, if I am correct you come from a strong line of monks and have done monk training when you were fifteen until now?" she asked.

"Yes, but I dont know any chants?" Miroku said confused.

"thats okay, Sango comes from a long line of demon exterminators, Rin comes from a strong line of fighters, Ayame and Kouga a strong line of wolf demon packs and Shesshomaru, a long line of fearful dog demons, Together we can defeat them"

after that they began planning until the next day when school ended

'don't worry Inuyasha were going to get you back today' Kagome thought to herself as they followed Kikyo and Inuyasha to Evergreen-life forest near the country side.

The group was divided in section in the big field of trees in the forest. Suddenly Kikyo stopped and turned around with a smirk.

"I know your'e following me Kagome so why hide? Come on out and lets see you" Kikyo said in a playful voice that pissed the shit out of kagome.

Kagome came out with a fake smile "If you knew I was spying on you, why didn't you call me out before?" she said. But Kikyo just smirked, which confused Kagome.

before Kagome could say anything a certain voice made her turn around in shock.

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Nicholas came out from a bush breathing quite heavy. "Kagome! I've been looking for you everywhere!" he said

Kagome eye's widened "Nicholas dont come any closer! go back it's dangerous" She said but averted her gaze to see Kikyo laughing like a witch.

Kagome felt a hand go over her mouth and encircle her waist, Her eyes widened as she saw Nicholas was the one who was doing so with a smirk on his lips.

"So Kikyo, what do you want me to do with her now?" Nicholas asked as Kikyo's laughter slowly died down.

"Kill her." Kikyo answered with a dead serious tone.

"As you wish" Nicholas said with a cold voice, I t was then Kagome noticed his aura.


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