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Nicholas came out from a bush breathing quite heavy. "Kagome! I've been looking for you everywhere!" he said

Kagome eye's widened "Nicholas dont come any closer! go back it's dangerous" She said but averted her gaze to see Kikyo laughing like a witch.

Kagome felt a hand go over her mouth and encircle her waist, Her eyes widened as she saw Nicholas was the one who was doing so with a smirk on his lips.

"So Kikyo, what do you want me to do with her now?" Nicholas asked as Kikyo's laughter slowly died down.

"Kill her." Kikyo answered with a dead serious tone.

"As you wish" Nicholas said with a cold voice, I t was then Kagome noticed his aura.

'Naraku!' Kagome thought with widened eyes. Naraku looked down at her face and noticed her facial expression changed and smirked.

"noticed yet miko?" He asked his voice dripping with venom.

"You Jerk! You cheesin' tricked me, it makes me want to hurl at the thought that I was with you and was going to apologize that I never liked you!" Kagome yelled as she struggled againist his grip.

"Stop moving you wench!" Naraku said and slapped her on her cheek hard, he smirked when he saw little tear droplets at the brink of falling. Kikyo, who was sitting on a pink blanket on the forest floor smirked at the sight and held Inuyasha close to her.

Kikyo's smirk widened when she saw Naraku pull out a blade to the throat and he pressed it to her flesh.

"Higurashi! How does it feel to be powerless?" Kikyo said with triumph, and Kagome didnt answer but her bangs covered her eyes.

"Any last words before you go to hell you ugly and pathetic excuse for a human?" Kikyo asked.

Kagome head rose up a little "Actually, yes I do," Kagome said and then looked up with a smirk and said. " How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" (a/n insert troll face XD)

Kikyo and Naraku both looked at her with the 'What the hell' and ' Is, she on crack?' look and didnt notice the movement behind them.

" well," someone started and the two turned turned to see a person in the dark shadows approaching them.

"A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could if a woodchuck could chuck wood."and a girl with black covering suit and pink armour and a red ribbon hanging her sword and a big boomerang came up, but her face was not in the clear.

The leaves moved out of the way revealing her head...a Chipmunk head! (a/n its a costume of a chipmunk head)

Naraku and Kikyo eyes bulged out of their sockets and nearly fell down anime style. Kagome took advantage of this situation and crept out of Naraku's grasp.

After getting over the shock they regained their posture only to notice Kagome was nowhere to be found.

"What the hell! if your'e trying to be a wood chuck your'e more of an idiot than I thought!" Kikyo said trying to to hide her fear.

"Well i did get one part right didnt I?'' Sango asked a smirk hidden in her voice. "And what might that be?" Naraku asked his red eyes concentrated on her.

"I can do shit with wood and whatever I want!" Sanga yelled and before they could give her the 'what the hell?" look she took her big boomerang and threw it around their perimeter and the tree's fell down around their what now, would be their battlefeild.

A couple of Naraku's goons who were hiding in the trees waiting to attack fell alongside with the blow. A few branches fell and hit Kikyo but Naraku dodged them.

Sango caught Hirikotsu and stood there daring them to come at her. "Well what are you waiting for! Kill her!" Kikyo ordered and Naraku rolled his eyes at her but did as he was told.

Naraku put a cloud of miasma in the air and sent it towards Sango he was expecting to see her fall down in pain but she just stood there until she was tired of the shit he was pulling she thrusted her Hirikotsu (boomerang) at Naraku and he dodged it with a smirk and took his sword out and charged at Sango.

Sango seeing him attempting to attack managed to duck but he pressed his body towards her and pinned her to the tree.

"Heh, I'm actually having fun with a weak minded human in battle." Naraku said with a smile but then added. "but now, you die!" he yelled venom dripping from his voice and he thrusted his sword in the the costume head where Sango's head was.

"Heh, too easy weak humans should just stay at home if they cant fight!" Naraku said and lifted himself only to get hit in his groin and practically saw God but tried to recover to attck his intruder.

"You think im that weak when your'e the one who's dense as a donkey's butt!" Sango yelled from her position in a defensive position with no costume head on but a gas mask to prevent the inhalation on miasma.

Naraku looked toward the tree he could swear her put the sword through her head, only to see an empty costume head with absolutly no blood, the girl mustv'e slipped through it before he was able to put his sword through it!

before he knew it Sango whistled and the rest if the 'gang' appeared including Kagome in miko robes.

Rin was in her warrior uniform with armour and a sword that was black, orange and white.

Shesshomaru was in his kimono and armour and two swords and he had a big fluff plushy object attached to his right shoulder.

Kouga and Ayame both kind of looked the same as well Ayame had a light pink furry headband on and a light pink fur pelt shawl over her shoulders and a armour built body peice with a matching coloured fur pelt skirt with leggings that stopped mid-knees and furry boots.

Kouga had a brown furry headband with a brown fur pelt shawl the rest of his body was covered with blue and black armour and he also had a brown furl pelt wrapped around his torso in a manly way with leggings for men that stopped mid-knees aswell and decided to wear sandals.

Miroku was dressed in his purple and dark violet monk robes with his sutra charms in his sleeves and his golden staff in his right hands.

Kagome wore on her white top and red miko pants her sutra and spiritual powers just begging to be released and in her right hand a bow an attached to her back a bunch of bows.

Naraku looked at them hatered evident in his eyes. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS WAITING FOR! KILL THEM!" he screamed to his 'goons' and thats when hell started to errupt.

Shesshomaru was using his poison claws to knock out half but not kill, Kagome made it clear, No killing or they would be in jail. Shesshomaru smirked at how smart that girl was she took the time to record all the action; she also did it because number one, it would be a riot to look back at it and Two, she would give it as proof in court if they were ever sent for hurting them.

'im not going to be defeated by these bunch theyr'e just a few people how in the hell are they able to take down all my guys? Guess I cant play fair now can I?' Naraku thought to himself.

'just alittle more worthless demons and my job in this is done' Shesshomaru thought to himself, and Rin approched him he smiled at her as she ran towards him.

"Rin are you done? Are you tired, I could-" shesshomaru eyes widened as Rin struck him in the arm with her sword.

"Are you mad Shessh?" Rin asked with a smirk.

"Naraku you Bastard!" Shesshomaru exclaimed at Rin.

"wha-" and with that Shesshomaru took his fluff and wrapped it around Rins neck and used his poison claws and struck him with it.

Rin's eyes bled red and her body sooned reformed to the owner Naraku.

"You think i'm an idiot? I know my mate's scent and her personality more than you know your'e own dick!" and with that he threw Naraku to the side.(a/n it wasnt rin it was naraku in the first place)

"let me deal with him now Shesshomaru!" Miroku yelled towards and ran toward Naraku who was in limp, Shesshomaru nodded his head in acknowlagement and left towards the youkai crowing his future mate.

Miroku pulled out a couple of sutra's and began his punishment for nearly hurting Kagome and his love Sango.

" Na ombo jishi tabi ni hota ka ina tra trolo jita" Miroku began and Naraku got a barrier around him and lighting streaks in side the barriers began to break out and attck him. (a/n by the way i just made that chant up out of random shit babies might say so dont worry )

"Kikyo! take that damn spell of my boyfried!" Kagome yelled at Kikyo.

"You think you can order me around?" Kikyo said.

"actually whore if you didnt notice I have the advantage, Look around with your damn eyes! Who is winning?" Kagome said her anger getting the best of her and she really wanted to hurt Kikyo for using Inuyasha, Kikyo looked around and cringed but stayed put with her arm around Inuyasha. "Well slut look what I have" Kikyo said.

Kikyo let her arms roam around Inuyasha's well built and toned chest and went to her toes and leaned forward closer to Inuyasha's lips.

Kagome couldnt stand it any longer and lunged toward Kikyo who moved out tof the way just in time.

"Inuyasha heed my words and kill her! When your'e done bring me her head!" Kikyo said and made a barrier so tha no one else of her friends whould interrupt her death.

Inuyasha's instantly grabbed her and his claws were right up to her neck. Tears began to trickle down her eyes as his claws drew some blood from her.

'beloved! PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU WAKE UP!" Kagome yelled in her mind trying to mind talk with him, she visibly saw him struggle but then Kikyo's spell kick in once more and he pressed his claws closer to her throat making more blood apear and her tears stream.


'm-mate bend!' Inuyasha mind said towards her.

Kagome smiled and did as she was told and bent forward which ended up making Inuyasha flip in the air and lung towards Kikyo.

"wha-what! Stop!" Kikyo stammered before the hanyou hit her and took a hold of her neckalace and ripped it off.

Inuyasha's eyes turned back to honey gold and he held Kikyo by the neck.

"Hey Bitch, i'm back" Inuyasha said and smirked and slapped her hard against her face, inuyasha smirked even as more when he saw tears trickle down he face and said "How does it feel? That's how you made my Mate feel!" and he slapped her two more times.

"Your'e in luck because im not going to fight or hurt you but my mate will, if i was me you'd be in a bloodly pile in the trash." Inuyasha said and got off her and to have her lifted up by Kagome spiritual power.

"this is what you get for messing around with me!" Kagome said and with that she put a strong barrier around Kikyo so she wouldn't escape and put little shinigami to pull, tug, rip, slap, and poke her hard.

Kagome then put her attention towards Inuyasha as the tears streamed down her cheeks and ran over to him and embraced him.

"I missed you! How the hell could you get abducted you jerk! You know how worried I was! Don't ever do that again!" she sobbed into his chest.

Inuyasha eyes softened and he held her gently "Im sorry, I'm sorry oh gods Kagome im so freaking sorry i'm-" Inuyasha said softly

"Don't apologize idiot and kiss me dammit!" Kagome cried with a smile touching her face.

Inuyasha smiled as he leaned in and caught her lips with his for a minute or two they both deepened the kiss until they were interrupted by Shesshomaru.

the two blushed 20 shades of red and pulled apart.

"Well if were Interrupting something we can come anotherday perhaps?" Shesshomaru said with a smirk.

"Shaddup fluffly! Like you haven't dont this with rin yet!" Inuyasha said with a smug smirk on his lips.

Shesshomaru lunged toward Inuyasha and gave him a noogie " I have two things I want to tell you. One, never call me that again if you want to live tomorrow and two, Welcome back bro!" and he let go of him.

"Kagome are you okay? look at your throat!" Sango said and all the attention was unto Kagome.

Ayame ran over to her and Gasped " What in the friggin hells happend to you!" she exclaimed.

Kagome smiled and looked up at everyone "same goes for all of you" and the others took the time to look at eachother before laughing. They were all dirty with mud their hair was a mess and blood from other demons were all over them and their scratches.

The gang crowded the flat screen t.v in Inuyasha's house and were laughing at the video of their battle. (a/n the one that they recorded remember when shesshomaru was thinking to himself read it over if u forgot)

"Damn Kagome you kick ass" Sango said with a wink towards her. They all got treated as soon as they went home

"you aint so bad yourself tough mama coming in with a chipmunk head was a comic!" Kagome replied and everyone laughed.

"Hey lets do a last tounge twister before heading to bed" Kagome suggested and they all agreed.

"ok here I go, Fred fed Ted bread, and Ted fed Fred bread!" Kagome said slowly. "Okay, your turns"

"Feh, Thats easy, fred fed teddy bready, - no wait fed fredbread ted?" Inuyasha said confused and counting his fingers as he spoke. "wait, keep calm and stay shut i got this freddy ted fred bread and teddy bread ted fread? Uhh... See I got it!" Inuyasha said with pride and he huffed out his chest.

Shesshomaru scoffed "Like as if little bro let me try *ahem* Fred fed ched the red and ready to see fread dead? No no no wait FRED TED BUTTER AND uugh! whatever"

and they were at this for 2 hours before they decided they didnt want to do it and went to bed

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before all this happend kagome made a plan and told S hesshomaru when Inuyasha was sleeping since they live in the same house to put the promise ring back on for her Shess did ask why but she gave him a death glareand told him to just do it so thats how the ring got back on his finger.



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