The Iron Legacy.

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This Fanfic is a Naruto x OC fanfic. This fanfic will have Evil Rikudou Sennin bashing (that's a first), Konoha, Rookie 12 members exept Naruto, Kakashi and all jouin sensei's bashing as well as Minato and Kushina bashing.

"Die you fool" -Demon or other talking or Jutsus or locationl or time skip.

"Die you fool" -Demon or other thinking.

"Your going down."- Human or other talking.

"Your going down."- Human or other thinking.


Chapter 1: The Iron Avenger Returns.


300 years ago the heroes of earth fell fighting a Sage who called himself the Rikudou Sennin. He brainwashed people into following him blindly. The Rikudou Sennin despised the world and technology so much that he made his followers hate both to. He built up a brainwashed army in secret and reeked havoc when he could.

The sage had the power of Yin and Yang chakra an internal power which let him create things from nothing. He also possessed eye which he called them the Rinnegan.

He used these powers and enslaved and brainwashed people. When he attacked the world was unprepared and Japan was the first country lost in a matter of hours. Some villains obeyed and some died from refusing.

The Hero's of earth along with S.H.I.L.D. and the army's of earth united to defeat the sage. Years of on and off fighting happened. Country's fell,army's were brainwashed or destroyed, and heroes died fighting for there world. The sage even had turned the Earth's continents into a Pangaea with inland here and there.

The sage killed and contoured in the name of "peace". He destroyed technology were ever it was. He later started to give his army the ability to produce and use chakra them self. The Rikudou Sennin chakra along with the negative energy from the fighting and things that increased the levels of chakra created a being that was called jubi was created.

The sage sealed the beast with in himself which increased his powers. Eventually the world fell into the sages hands and one by one heroes were hunted and killed. Each fought till there deaths. Eventually only one remained in the sages way .

That hero was Iron Man.

Tony Stark the superhero known as Iron Man was the sages most hated enemy and dangerous threat. Tony fought the sage and his army's for 3 century's with his Arc reactor keeping him alive. Tony saw his friends, the one woman he trully loved his wife, and his son and daughter as well as grandchildren die.

The sage feared and hated Iron Man for many reasons. The suit was technology at its finest, Jutsus from C-B rank did almost nothing . A-S we're the only levels that could do Damage.

Genjutsu's had no effect at all not even Tsukuyomi . It could with stand each of the Six paths abilities even the Chibaku Tensei by blasting, cutting, or flying out of it or it's range but, what truly scared the sage was the time when Iron Man had nearly drained and beaten Jubi.

When Jubi was split Tony had taken down them multiple times. It wasn't all because of the suit. Tony had experience with chakra countless times and adapted his own body. He trained to exhaustion almost every free day he had and worked on the suit. He was surprised he would be doing things to that extent and he was smart.

In the final fight between the two both died after the Jubi's sealing. The only problem was that 99% of humanity had been brain washed with only a few hundred knowing what had really happened and humanity's true history. They went into hiding and savaged the remains of humanity's past.

The rest of humanity believed what they were brainwashed to believe. Eventually war between clans started and later the Elemental nations and hidden villages were formed. Now in a world of Shinobi , pain, and coruption there are no true hero's ... but, that is about to change.

( End of Prologue )

At the Valley of The End two people fought. One was Naruto Uzumaki his full name not known to him as well as his parents identity. Unknown to him and everyone else was that he is the direct grandson of Anthony E. Stark or commonly called Tony Stark the superhero Iron Man.

Naruto had tan skin, blonde spiky hair, and blue eyes but, were currently red with a black silts, and 3 whisker marks on each of his cheeks. He had on a tattered orange jumpsuit with a whole in it.

Naruto was covered by bubbling red chakra that was in the shape of a fox. The source of the red chakra was from the Kyuubi no yoko the 9 tailed biju that was sealed in him.

On the other side was the "last" Uchia. That was (little pussy ass bitch sissy emo.) Sasuke Uchia. He was in his 3rd curse seal stage.

The two jumped forward at each other as they held out there two most powerful attacks.



The 2 attacks collided with each other. A large black sphere formed from the two type and level of chakra. The sphere soon had white cracks go across it as it broke as fast as it was created.

In mid air a now normal Naruto had his fist right in Sasuke's face.

*CRACK!* Came a loud sound as Sasuke's jaw was now broken.

*Splash* Came the sound as the two landed. Sasuke floating in the water and Naruto kneeling and huffing hardly but, stood and dragged the Uchia to the shore.

"I finally did it. I kicked your ass -teme. Now I just gotta drag you home." Naruto said. Sasuke might be unconscious but, Naruto was in a worse condition.

The blond was about to pick up the traitor but, froze as the sound of a kunai racing threw the air came. Naruto quickly moved to the left and tossed Sasuke farther to the right. The kunai loved itself near Naruto.

Naruto looked at the kunai and noticed that it was not like other's. It had the same shape but, it had markings on it that were like a explosive kunai. It made a sound that got louder and the markings started to shine.

"Shit!" Naruto thought as he tried to get up but, it was too late.

*BOOOOOMMMM!* Came the sound of the kunai exploading.

*SHINK, SHACK, SHLING!* came the sound as shrapnel from the kunai pierced threw Naruto's flesh. The shrapnel tore into his body. Naruto was blown back 10 feet and landed on his back.

"W-what the hell?" Naruto said as he unzipped his orange jumpsuits jacket. Naruto lifted his head up as he looked at his cheat and saw blood starting to come out as well as shrapnel his chest. Naruto looked around barley able to lift his head.

"I've been waiting to kill you demon. To bad I can't kill you right away." A voice that Naruto knew very well spoke. Naruto turned his head and his eyes shot open in shock.

"K-Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled in shock at the man he called a teacher. His eyes then burned with hate and anger.

"YOU BASTRD! WHAT THE FUCK'S WRONG WITH YOU!?" Naruto yelled before hacking out blood in a violent cough.

"Nothing's wrong with me demon I'm just finally completing my long awaited mission." Kakashi said evilly and an insane look in his visible eye.

"The great council has finally given me to kill you demon. The only problem is that I can't kill you directly. So they gave me that special explosive kunai. In about a a weak more or less you'll be dead. Finally I'll have avenged Minato-sensei and Kushina-san. HAHAHAHAHA!" Kakashi laughed like a mad man.

Naruto tried to stand up but, fell as he felt massive pain in his chest.

"I wouldn't move to much if I were you. You'll die faster and we want you to die slowly demon." Kakashi said. And don't think chakra will help you, it'll make things go faster especially's your demonic chakra demon. Kakashi said.

"Baa-chan would never allow this you bastard." Naruto said anger in his eyes.

"Oh demon you are truly a fool! Tsunade-sama was on board from the beginning as well as Jiriya-sama and everyone else. Even the ramen makers!"

Kakashi said as he picked up Sasuke and flung him over his shoulder.

Naruto's eyes were wide in shock. Everything was a lie, his entire life was a big fat lie. The friends he thought he could trust were all against him. Everyone was faking it all. He didn't cry thought. Instead he eyes got a cold look in his eyes.

"Well demon this is goodbye. Die slowly and painfully." Kakashi said as he shunshin away. Naruto looked at the spot were the man he now only knew and called a bastard stood before passing out from exhaustion and blood loss.

After he passed out a figure emerged out of the ground. The figure looked like a plant with a face that was one side pitch black and the other white, it wore a long dark cloak with red clouds on it.

"What should we do with him?" The white side asked. "We take him to the nearest base. He needs medical help until we can call Leader-sama." The black half said to its counter part. "Oh yeah it takes a weak to get to Amegakure." The white half said. The figure grabbed Naruto and soon disappeared into the ground.

(A few days later, hidden Akatsuki base at boarder of Hi no Kuni)

"Uhhh." Naruto groaned as he slowly awoke. His blue eyes slowly opened to a lightly lit cave."W-well at least im alive but, were the hell am I?" Naruto thought confused.

The blonde soon felt a slim object up his nose. Naruto looked and saw that it was a tube of a sort. Naruto removed the tape that kept it in place. He then began to pull the tube out of his nose. He then yanked the last bit out and breathed normally.

"Ah I see your finally awake." A voice said. Naruto looked over to the person.

The man was in his late forties to early fifties. He was bald but, still had grey hair on the edges of his head and he had on roundish glasses. He was shaving because of the razor in his hand and was looking into the mirror.

Naruto was parched and looked for a drink. He looked ahead and saw that there was a cup of water on a table to his. Naruto reached out to get the cup.

Naruto stopped as he felt something tug on this chest. The man turned towards Naruto. "I wouldn't move if I were you." He said and walked to Naruto

"What the hell." Naruto thought as he turned and saw a rectangular object with two wires running to his chest. Naruto opened the cloth that replaced his old jumpsuit at some time when he was unconscious.

Naruto's eyes widen even more in shock. Right in the middle or his chest connected to the wires was a perfect round object that had other bits showing.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Naruto asked as he looked at the older man.

"I saved your life." The man said as he sat next to Naruto. Naruto sat up while making sure not to loosen the wire's. "Souvenir?" The man asked as he threw a small bottle at Naruto. Naruto caught it and looked inside it to see about seven or more metal shards.

"Those where inside of you." The man said causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

"I couldn't get them all out, one is in you still and was getting closer towards your heart." The man said.

"The only thing keeping the shrapnel from moving and you from dying is that magnet connected to that battery." The man said. Naruto was silent. He had shrapnel in his heart and all that was keeping him alive was a battery.

Naruto looked at the man. "What's your name?" Naruto asked the man.

The man looked at Naruto and smiled. "Ho Yinsen or Yinsen for short. I'm a modern doctor and not very well liked engineer." Yinsen said as he looked at Naruto. "Thanks for saving me Yinsen-san." Naruto said. "Just call me Yinsen -san makes me feel old. I hate to say This but, there's more bad news." Yinsen said.

"What is it now." Naruto asked knowing it was only gonna get worse.

"Your chakra has been damaged beyond repaired." Yinsen said.

"WHAT!" Naruto yelled in shock from the news.

"The shrapnel cut some ties and some areas are completely gone." Yinsen said as he say next to Naruto. "The good news is that the seal on your stomach is intact and holding." Yinsen said seeing Naruto's eyes widen.

"Y-You know about the seal?" Naruto asked with shock. If someone found out he thought they would try to kill him.

"Of course I do. I saw it try to send its chakra threw you but, the chakra system was to damaged. The magnet was also destroying some to my surprise." Yinsen said.

"Where are anyway?" Naruto asked.

"We are in one of the Akatsuki's hidden bases." Yinsen said.

"Akatsuki base." Naruto said while remembering the members he had encountered.

"Yes there called criminals but, they are really a terrorist organization that-. The sound of banging interrupted them as some one ordered for the doors to be opened.

"Hurry sit up and be quit and do everything I tell you." Yinsen said as he helped Naruto up. The doors opened to reveal a multiple armed bandits with samurai armor and shinobi gear.

"Ah the jinjuriki of Kyuubi I see your finally awake. How do yo feel?" White Zetsu asked.

"Oh great I think I'm just seeing thing's like a giant man-plant." Naruto said.

"Oh I can assure you that I'm real gaki. I don't need to prove my self to a weapon." Black Zetsu said as he then looked at Yinsen. "Leader-sama want to know how much longer until the Kyuubi can come to the main base." Black Zetsu said.

"The boy needs a weak to rest up. With the Kyuubi unable to heal him it will take a weak." Yisen said.

"I see well I'll have to tell leader-sama and return so that should take a weak." White Zetsu said as he started to sink into the ground.

"I'll be back in a weak keep an eye on both of them." Black Zetsu said as he and White Zetsu sunk into the ground and left.

"You herd the boss prisoner's there's a forge and tons of useless technology. You might as well make something while your here." The bandit said as he left with his men fallowing him."

The metal doors shut with a loud bang as they were locked. Naruto picked up the battery and went over to a the technology. Naruto looked at the pile and was taken in a way by them.

"I thought that technology was evil and destroyed." Naruto said .

"Most technology was destroyed but, not all of it. It was was only evil if used wrongly. The man who brought chakra told countless lies. I don't know the full story but, the Rikudou Sennin was not good at all from what we were taught." Yinsen said.

Naruto looked at a long tube object with a pointed head. On the object a word or more so a name fought Naruto's attention.

"Stark...SOUNDS LIKE AN AWSOME NAME!" Naruto thought as he felt...attached to the name.

"Were gonna get out of here Yinsen." Naruto said as he took grabbed some tools. "I was never good at the shinobi academy. Thats because I usually was up all night reading books on science and machinery that I stole from the library. I didn't tell anyone about me being interested in science because most of the world hates it for some reason."Naruto said as Yinsen looked surprised.

Naruto took the head of the tube off with a hit by his elbow. The blonde then pulled a circular object with wires out. Naruto then got some tweezers. Yinsen watched as Naruto pulled out a shard of a type of metal.

"What is that?" Yinsen asked.

"That is palladium 1.5 grams and we need a few grams more." Naruto said as he got up. "Start cracking them open." Naruto said as he went to open another.

"May I ask for my partners name?" Yinsen asked as he started to work on one of the objects.

Naruto looked at Yinsen with a smirk on his face. "It used to be Nauto Uzumaki but, I'm changing it. Now the name is Naruto...Naruto Stark." Naruto said as he worked on getting palladium. Yinsen looked at Naruto with a surprised face.

"Nice to meet you mister Stark." Yinsen said.

( 1 day and 3 hours later.)

Naruto walked along side with Yinsen who was caring a metal cup with a pair of metal blacksmith tongs.

"Don't drop it we only get one shot at this." Naruto said as he walked along Yinsen. Yinsen looked at Naruto and smirked.

"Don't worry I have very steady hands. How to you think your still alive." Yinsen said as he reached the mold. Yinsen slowly tipped the cup as liquid palladium pored out of the cup. When all the palladium was pored out the two took a break. The two soon started to play a game of backgammon.

( Hours later.)

"So Yinsen were are you from?" Naruto asked as took his turn.

"Are you always so kind to your fellow prisoners Stark?" Yinsen asked the young blond.

"Well that depends on the prisoner." Naruto said as he saw Yinsen take his turn.

"Ah so true Stark. I come from a small village called Gulmira. It's named after a village from when chakra wasn't in humans. The village has a story of a hero who saved them from an organization just like Akatsuki. That hero also fought the sage till both died in there final battle." Yinsen said.

"My grandfather told me that that hero's great grandson will one day emerge and become the hero forever." Yinsen said.

"Cool what was the hero's name?" Naruto asked.

"I can't remember it was a long time ago." Yinsen said.

Naruto let a laugh out as he took his turn. "So you have any faimly?" Naruto asked.

"Yes actually a wife and three beautiful children." Yinsen said hiding the pain back.

"THREE you lucky dog. I didn't know you had it in you. What were you the dashing rouge of the village?" Naruto said with a grin on his face.

"HAhahahahaha. V-Very nice Stark. At a time I was the rouge but, that attitude led me to my wife." Yinsen said.

"And then here." Naruto said bluntly as he did his final move.

"Danm it! Haha good game Stark and yes right in here." Yinsen said.

"Well let's finish it." Naruto said as went over to the mold. Yinsen sat up as he walked towards Naruto. Yinsen looked and saw Naruto carefully take out the palladium ring. Naruto gently set the ring into the object they had created. Naruto reached and got the other part of the device. He gently put both parts together. Naruto set it down and turned two tanks on. The object then glowed a blueish white color.

"What is that?" Yinsen asked curious.

"That my friend is a miniaturized arc reactor. If my math is right when I'm not pretending to be an idiot is always right. This baby will produce 3 gigajoules per second." Naruto said.

Yinsen's eyes widen as he did the math in his head. "That could keep your heart going for 50 lifetimes! Yinsen said shocked that a thirteen year old had built something so incredibly advanced.

"Or 15 minutes. Well I also need you to replace the magnet with the reactor." Naruto said as he looked at Yinsen.

"I'll prep my tools." Yinsen said still flabbergasted.

( 1 Hour Later )

Naruto sat up as he looked at his chest to see the arc reactor had been successfully put in.

"Good now the real works begin." Naruto thought.

"Perfect job Yinsen. Now we get to the escaping part." Naruto said as he grabbed some paper.

"And how are we going to do that Stark?" Yinsen asked as he walked twords Naruto.

"Were gonna build this." Naruto said as he laid the papers on top of each and pressed down on them. Yinsen looked to see a rough blueprint of a type of armor.

"This is our ticket out of here." Naruto said. Yinsen looked at him with a shocked face.

"Let's hurry Yinsen we've only got less then 5 days till that plant freak comes back here." Naruto said as he turned twords the technology. Yinsen looked and saw something that brought shock to him again. Around Naruto was a figure of Tony Stark when he was imprisoned. Yinsen did not know the figure but, these thoughts ran threw his head.

"One day the Iron avenger shall return and the world will once agin know the meaning of a true hero." Yinsen thought remembering his grandfathers words.

Yinsen smiled as he saw and now knew the new iron hero.

"Yinsen you okay!?" Naruto asked worried. Yinsen snapped back to reality and looked at Naruto. Yinsen nodded seeing as that calmed Naruto's worrying.

( 5 days later)

The two had worked straight for the past few days. They had a close call when on of the bandits threatened Yinsen by trying to burn his face with charcole.

Luckily Naruto had convinced the drunk bandit to stop and go away.

"Okay do you remember the instructions I gave you?" Yinsen asked Naruto while tightening the right arm. Naruto had had a massive growth spirt. Yinsen said it was due to Kyuubis Yokai and chakra not messing with his body. That had led to a massive amount of vitamins and minerals flood his body.

His major change was his height. He now stood an amazing 6'2 which was strange since most men in the elemental nations grew to only to be 5'10 at max. Naruto's hair had also gotten longer, his bangs had grew to his jaw, his eyes had become an ice blue of some sort, (just like Tony in the comics or the anime.) his skin was still naturally tan, (just like Tony's from the comics or anime...again but, Tony does have tan skin.) and Naruto's face now had no baby fat on him or any were lse on his body. He had also gotten muscle from building the suit. The obvious proof was his 8-pack. Having about about 4 years worth of vitamins and minerals flood your body did that.

"Yeah 48 paces forward, turn right and 32 paces straight, then turn left and keep going. Is that right?" Naruto asked.

"Yes that's exactly right." Yinsen said as he went over to the computerand started to input the arcs power to divert energy to the armor.

*BANG,BANG,BANG,BANG!* came the sound of the metal doar's being banged on.

"Yinsen open up! Yinsen what is going on in there?!" A shinobi bandit yelled.

"Just a minute!" Yinsen said.

"Were coming in!" The bandit yelled as he called for his friends to help open the door. The 3 shinobi bandits tried to open the door- *BOOM* came the sound of the bomb Naruto had made. The shinobi bandits had been blown up and some body parts had been separated and destroyed.

"Did it work?" Naruto asked his voice more mature and grown up. Yinsen looked at the door.

"Oh my, it worked alright." Yinsen said. Yinsen looked at the computer that read only 30% complete.

"We need more time." Yinsen said as he looked around and grabbed one of the bandits katana. Naruto's eyes widen in shock. He knew what Yinsen was thinking.

"I'll buy you more time so you can get out." Yinsen said as he ran out of the room.

"Yinsen wait! Stick to the plan Yinsen! YINSEN!" Naruto yelled as. He soon heard the sound of metal clashing. Naruto looked and saw that it read 48% power.

In the mouth of the cave Zetsu appeared out of the ground surprising one of the bandits.

"What the hell is going on here!?" Black Zetsu yelled demanding an awnser.

"Yinsen and the jinjuriki are trying to break out. Yinsen is- I don'tabout Yinsen what about the jinjuriki?! Zetsu yelled.

"I have two of my men heading to them." The bandit answered afraid of pissing off Zetsu.

Back in the holding chamber two bandit shinobi looked for Naruto.

"Where is it?!" the first yelled.

Both looked around as they stayed close.

A humming sound came on as a light came on behind them. Both turned and looked. They gasped at a metal figure stood infront of them. Before they could react metal arms threw both into the walls and knocking them out.

The armored figure was the mark 1 Iron Man armor. Naruto started to walk as he saw bandits come towards him." Naruto charged at them as he reeled his fist back and punched one straight in the face making the bandits face literally go into his skull. Naruto felt heat and saw a fireball coming towards him. Naruto ran threw it and came out without any damage.

"Say hello to Iron Man you terrorist scum!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto then activated his flame throwers. Seven of the bandits were burned alive while others threw up earth or water shield Justus of some kind. Naruto punched threw a earth wall and literally crushed the bandits ribs that punctured his lungs.

Naruto turned and shielded him self with his arms as he was hit by a torrent of water. The bandit who attacked smirked only to see Naruto get back up and rush at him. Nauto blocked a kick from the bandit and grabbed the bandits skull. Naruto pushed him into the cave wall and left the corpse there.

Naruto fought along his way either burning or crushing the shinobi bandits.

Naruto finally reached the caves mouth and is eyes widen.

"YINSEN!" Naruto yelled as he was about to run to his badly wounded friend.

"Stark look out!" Yinsen yelled. Naruto looked and saw Zetsu throwing an explosive kunai. Naruto dogged it and pulled a lever on his right arm. A small handmade rocket ignited and flew at Zetsu. It hit the cave and exploded. The Akatsuki member was knocked out. Naruto ran back to Yinsen and pulled up hid helmets face plate.

"Yinsen don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here." Naruto said to his first true friend.

"Stark it's okay. It's my time." Yinsen said to his friend.

"No you've got a family to be with." Naruto said.

"My faimly is dead Stark. They were killed by the Akatsuki. I can finally see them." Yinsen said revealing the truth about his faimly.

"Stark listen to me. That hero that I told you you! You are a direct descendant of Stark. You are his great grandson. You Iron Man. Fulfill your destiny and save this world. It was an honor to meet you you've made my last days memorable." Yinsen said. Yinsen's eyes closed and soon his breathing stopped.

Naruto nodded at his friends lifeless body. "I will Yinsn...I will be Iron Man!"

Naruto said as he closed his helmet and walked out of the cave he was imprisoned in. Naruto looked to see about 15 remaining shinobi bandits. Naruto's gaze harden as he was determined to wipe them off of the face of the Earth. The remaining bandits threw kunai's and shurikenks only for them to bounce off of the armored suit. They stopped as they ran out of both tools.

"My turn." Naruto said as his flamethrowers activated. The shinobi bandits were taken off guard as 9 of them we're burned alive. Naruto then charged in s he tackled one to the ground. The bandit tried to get out of the the grip of the armored avenger. Only to have himself tossed at one of his comrades. Naruto kneeled as he pulled a lever on his left arm. Another handmade rocket came out and flew twords 3 of the shinobi bandits. The rocket exploded and the explosion killed 3 of the bandits.

Naruto braced himself as a wind jutsu came rushing at him. Naruto withstood as the blast of wind soon faded. The second bandit tried to get close to cut open the suit with a chakra enhanced sword. The result was the bandit hitting the top of the helmet. The blade did nothing but, make a clanging sound and break off and bounce back and go into the bandits head. Naruto looked and returned to the last shinobi bandit. The bandit tried to launch another attack but, failed as Naruto grabbed his hands and broke them.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH" the bandit shinobi screamed in pain as his hand were broken. Naruto lifted the shinobi up and tossed him 50 ft up into the air. Naruto saw he bandit fall and the sound of his bones break. Naruto went and got Yinsen's body and buried it a mile or two from the cave they were.

Naruto looked at his friends grave and let a smile come up his face. "I will be that hero Yinsen." Naruto said as he activated his jet boots and was propeled a great distance.

Naruto landed as the looked at the direction he had "flew" from. Naruto then looked to the direction of the east. Naruto started walking twords the east.

He had a gut feeling that there was something for him.

All over the world certain individual's felt what could be called a tingle, a spark, or a seance of familiarity. The world also reacted because the rain that Nagato controlled stoped for hours. The world knew that the Iron Avenger had returned.

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