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"Die you fool." -Demon or other talking or Jutsus.

"Die you fool." -Demon or other thinking.

"Your going down."- Human or other talking.

"Your going down."- Human or other thinking.

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Chapter 8: To team up with the giant and fairy!

It had been two weeks since Naruto had fought Crimson Dynamo. So far he his company was doing good. He had thirty employees plus him and Marika so far. The production of the 15-M Followers was great. So far the FBI and the CIA had received there shipment of the devices. And the military's shipment was almost complete.

He had been receiving field reports on the device and its performance in the field. And so far they were each great. Hell it was pretty much praise. Over 30 missions were successful because of the device. He had also been sent letters from the three officials on how happy they were about the product.

Now all he had to do was keep the flow up. There was also the fact that the new kevlar was getting ready to be shown. About twenty to forty potential buyers were expected to show up. So he and his company was running smoothly and was bringing in jobs.

His super hero carrier was also doing great. So far Iron Man had become the national hero. Reports of his heroics were always on the radio. There was even a radio station called "Iron News" which kept up news on him. But one of his worst nightmares had also come true.

"Why...why must there be crazy fan girls?" Naruto thought as he worked on a 15-M Follower. Already had a large fan base had formed. And twenty percent were the extreme ones. So the constant letters that he received was amazing. Of course he wore his armor when he got the mail. Which were a always coming in large bags.

Naruto so far had also been improving the armor. A few minor tweaks and improvements had been put into the armor. It's energy consuming was also improved so it would need less. Naruto grinned as he finished another set of M-15 Followers. The blonde sealed them up in there secured small crates and passed in to one of his many happy employees.

"That's makes 85% of the military's shipment." Naruto said.

"Got it Mr. Stark. Do you need anything sir?" His employee Fredric of "Fred" as most called his asked.

"No I'm good. How about everyone else? Any injuries of fights as of lately?" Naruto asked Fred. Fred shook his head. Fred was amazed by his new boss. He was a lot better then his previous asshole of a boss.

"There all good sir. I'll go and put this with the rest of the shipment." Fred said as he picked up the crate and went to the were the rest of the shipments were. Naruto smiled as he looked at his watch.

"10:47am." He said to himself as he got up. He was currently in the main manufacturing areas of his building. So far the building was still advanced looking. He was already thinking and drawing up add ons and improvements to the building. He was also happy that his company and heroic career was affecting Malibu in a positive way.

"Naruto-kun!" A voice shouted. Naruto looked up from we're he was. On the metal staircase that led to were he stood was Marika. Marika had on a white louse, women's business jacket, and business pants. She was holding a clipboard in her left hand.

"Hey Marika-chan!" Naruto greeted with a smile on his face. Marika smiled back as she walked down the staircases. Naruto waited as she approached him with a big smile on her beautiful face.

"I've got good news." Marika said. Naruto smiled as he always loved hearing listening to her and her good news. She turned to be by his side and showed him the clip board.

"We've got a total of fourteen orders for the 15-M Followers. A total of 2,100 of them." Marika said. Naruto grinned as he loved the news.

"Awesome. That just awesome. Thank you for the great news Marika-chan. Is there anything else?" Naruto asked. Marika nodded as she flipped a sheet from the clipboard over.

"Yes there is. So far I've confirmed that there are going to be ten to eight possible clients that will appear at the new "KA-42 Kevlar" showing. There's also still the possibility of more buyers." Marika said. Marika looked at Naruto's face and loved the smile that he had on. She blushed slightly as she loved that she was making him smile.

"Marika-chan you are the best." Naruto said as he smiled. Naruto took the clipboard and singed the other papers for the orders. Marika smiled as she took the clipboard.

"Tell everyone to prepare for another large batch. By the end of this weak they'll be getting there first pay checks." Naruto said. Marika nodded as she headed back up the stairs. Naruto was about to return to building more of the 15-M Followers.

*Breee Breee Breee Breee!*

Came the sound of his watches built in alarm. Naruto stopped as he left to go to his office. He headed up the stairs and proceeded to head to his well sized office. Naruto shut the door as he looked around. He walked to his desk and pressed the small button that was under it. A piece of the wall on the right side of his office lifted up to reveal an elevator. Naruto headed and got into the elevator as he pressed a button in it. The section of the wall came down and covered the elevator. Naruto waited a minute and soon felt the elevator stop. It's doors slid open as he rushed out.

Naruto went to he labs large monitor and entered the codes in. A video feed of a small hurricane appeared.

"What the hell? There was no announcement of sighs of a hurricane. Shit I better suit up." Naruto thought as he ran over to his MKIII armor's display case. Naruto went to its right side and punched in its unlock code. The glass slide behind the armor as Naruto took it out. The blonde made the form fitting armor retracted into each of there own individual adaptors.

"I'd better be ready for this. I'm going up against a hurricane after all. Even if its small for one." Naruto thought as he got out of all of his cloths except his boxers. He soon put on his chest plate as it connected to the arc reactor. He soon put piece after piece of his armor on. In under only three minutes his armor had one last thing left to do. The form fitting armor activated as it was pulled up and connection locked.

Now Naruto stood fully armored as Iron Man!

The blonde sent the automated roof It's open command signal. The large metal roof doors opened up.

"Launch!" Iron Man ordered as his boot jets activated. He was quickly propelled up into the air. The armored hero headed towards Malibu's usually calm and beautiful coast line.

"Lets see what I've got on the radio." Naruto thought as his armor's built in radio receiver antenna. Iron Man adjusted the frequency and channel by the small radio control on the left side of his helmet. He eared voices that were staticky, but soon become more clear to hear. The armored hero soon found the right frequently.


Naruto frowned behind his helmet as he flew faster.

Iron Man soon saw the small hurricane. It was about a 100 to 120ft tall. The avenger circled around it and saw the path of destruction it was leaving behind. Seven buildings were heavily damaged while also crumbling. There were three others that were mildly damaged as well. The roads were torn up and power lines were down.

"Who ever this guy is, he's going down." Naruto thought. The armored hero quickly reactivated his jet boots. Iron Man headed towards the hurricane.

"Better divert 3% more power to the propulsion system." Naruto thought as he sent the power from the arc reactor to his suits propulsion system. The increase of power to the jet boots increased the speed.

(On the ground)

"I REPEAT THIS IS UNIT-203! DO NOT APPROACH THE-!" The officer stopped as he heard another loud sound. He looked up and saw Iron Man flying straight at the hurricane. The man watched as he saw Iron Man fire the beams that he fired out of his armored hands. Portions of the debris's that were in the hurricane were soon destroyed.

"OH MY GOD! IRON MAN IS TRYING TO FLY INTO THE DAMN HURRICANE!" The officer yelled. He watched as the armored hero shoot the multiple large pieces of metal or concrete.

(Outside of Malibu)

Two figures were racing towards Malibu as they saw the small hurricane.

"Hurry it up Har!" A female voice ordered the male.

"I coming Jen! Dammit I thought I had rehabilitated Whirlwind." The man said as he cursed himself. His patient had been freed no less then a week ago and had returned to crime. He raced towards the town as he and the women soon had to find somewhere to change cloths.

(With Iron Man)

"Damn this thing is bad." Iron Man said as both of his micro missile launchers popped up and fired a total of ten micro missiles were launched out of them. The micro missiles headed straight into the hurricane as each one exploded this destroying more debris.

"Her we go!" He yelled out as he activated his jet boots max speed. The armored hero flew straight into the hurricane and soon felt the raw speed of the unnatural hurricane hit him.

"Damn it! Better increase power! Sending 13% more power into the propulsion system!" Naruto thought. Iron Man could already feel the massive speed boost as he quickly corrected himself. The red and gold armored hero flew against the current as he fought to get threw the fierce wind. Thankfully he had adjusted his helmet so that he didn't get a ringing that would hurt like hell. There was actually pretty much none at all.

"Come on just a little more!" Iron Man yelled. The boots proved there well built and durability as he was soon in the eye of the storm. The hero scanned the area and both above and bellow. His gazed harden though as he saw what was causing the small yet very destructive hurricane.

It was a figure that was wearing full body armor. A green metal bullet shaped like helmet, green metal chest piece, green metal wristbands with shurikens on them, green metal boots, green metal underwear shaped armor, and lastly a grey mesh that covered the rest of his body. Iron Man saw that the individual had metal brief cases that were floating around him. Iron Man already knew what they had in them. He clenched his fists in anger as he charged his repulsors.

"This guys dead meat." Naruto thought as he fired his repulsor's.

(With the Individual)

"We'll that was the easiest bank robbery I've ever done. And without those stupid hero's here I've made it big! Whirlwind you've gone and impressed you're self aga-HOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!" Whirlwind was shut up as the felt the air get kicked out of him. He looked down and his eyes instantly shot open as he saw a gold and red armored figure flying up towards him.

"Hello there! Im Iron Man!" Iron Man yelled as he reeled back a fist back. Whirlwind tried to react fast enough, but was too slow as Iron Man delivered a powerful and painful punch to Whirlwinds helmet. The green armored villains head was thrown back as a loud ringing now hit his ears.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! FUCKING LOUD RINING!" Whirlwind yelled as he put his hand on his helmet so he could stop the vibrating and sound. The wind using villain looked around. Trying to find the armored hero.

"Attention robber! A voice yelled out. Whirlwind turned and saw his attacker pointing his open hands t him. The hands each had circles in the middle of them that were glowing.

"The names Whirlwind!" Whirlwind held. He was still trying to stop his helmet from vibrating.

" Then attention Whirlwind! You are under arrests for robbery, criminal damage of state supported property, and criminal damage. Get down on the ground with your hands behind your head and knees crossed." Iron Man said as his repulsors glowed ready to fire.

"HA! So your the famous Iron Man. You don't look that though" Whirlwind said as he did not lower himself down. The villain increased his body's speed as the hurricane became more fierce. Iron Man took note of this as he thought of strategies.

"Appearances can be deceiving. Now turn yourself in." Iron Man ordered. Whirlwind only chuckled as he sent a blast of wind at Iron Man. Iron Man quickly dodged towards the left, but he soon felt a force push the right side of his abdomen. Iron Man heard another quick blast of air being fired at him. He quickly thrusted up with his jet boots.

"That won't work shell head!" Whirlwind yelled. Iron Man ignored the wind using villain as his micro missile launchers were deployed. A good ten micro missiles shot out as they headed towards Whirlwind. Whirlwind smirked under his helmet. He raised his right hand as a burst of wind sent the missiles flying in different direction and exploding. Iron Man used this to his advantage age as he reactivated his jet boots and launched himself at Whirlwind.

"No, but this will!" Iron Man yelled as he burst threw the smoke and hit straight into Whirlwind. Whirlwind felt his breath leave him as the armored hero flew them both out of the small hurricane. Whirlwind growled at this and start to produce vibrations that would throw off Iron Man. Iron Man felt the i rations and was soon finding it hard to hold onto the criminal villain.

"Using high speed vibrations to shake me off! And it's working!" Naruto thought as he was soon forced to let Whirlwind go. Iron Man also soon felt himself to be blasted down by wind and crash straight into the ground.

"Fuck that hurt!" Naruto thought as he got up. He saw Whirlwind coming at him. Iron Man could see the vibrations in the air.

"If he hits the ground, the kinetic energy and vibrations will be enough to take out three or four streets! Damn it! How the hell am I going to stop him?!" Iron Man said.

"Need a hand there?" A voice spoke loudly. The Next thing Iron Man saw was Whirlwind stopping and covering his face with his hands. Iron Man activated his helmets magnifiers as he saw a very small figure with wings in yellow and black cloths. The figure appeared to be female and was shooting small yellow bolts at Whirlwind. The armored hero also soon noticed a large shadow fall over him as a hand reached out and flicked Whirlwind.

"There's only two hero's I know of that have that set of powers and work like that." Naruto thought as he turned and saw a masked giant of a man in a red, blue, and black costume. The mask had two long black piece on top of it like ant antennas.

"I'm gonna say Ant Man or also know as Giant Man?" Iron Mn asked. The masked masked over him looked at him with a shocked look. Iron Man then turned and looked over to we're Whirlwind was still getting blasted by yellow bolts.

"And let me guess. That's young lady of there is Wasp." Iron Man said.

"How does he know?" Giant Man or by his teenage civilian name Harris Pym thought.

"A little help over here you two!" A female voice yelled. Iron Man and Giant Man looked at the Direction of Wasp or as the teenage civilian known as Jenny Alexandra yelled.

"Enough!" Whirlwind yelled. He raised his hand and sent a blast of pressurized wind at the heroines.

"Aaaaaah!" Wasp yelled out as her small form was blasted away. Whirlwind grinned under his helmet as he used his powers to fly away as fast as he could.

Iron Man saw this and raised his right arm as one of his launchers five barrels fired a small object. The object quietly closed in onto Whirlwind. Surprisingly it did not explode, but instead it attached to the villain as the edges soon glowed blue.

"Good thing I install a few 15-M Followers into the armor. Now I Can track that asshole down." Naruto thought as he turned and looked at the two other hero's. Iron Man turned as he went to help out Wasp. The armored hero had been tracking down the ancestors of superheroes. He had so far found a few dozen so far. Plus the fact that Harris was well known in the field of science as well as his assistant/girlfriend, Jenny. The armored hero soon stood by Harris who was at his normal size or as which was about 6'1ft. He was holding a normal sized Jenny who was about 5'9ft.

"Damn it. I should have never gotten her involved in this." Ant Man said.

(Harris is Ant Man and Giant Man. Like Harry Pym was)

"It's not your fault Ant Man. But what are two hero's from the midwest doing all the way out here?" Iron Man asked as they began to talk.

"Whirlwind is a local scientist's patient in rehabilitating criminals into society. Whirlwind was the latest patient...and the scientists failed to help rehabilitate him. He sent me to try and capture Whirlwind." Ant Man said. He didn't want anyone to know that the scientist was him. Ironically Iron Man already knew his identity.

"I see now. Sadly not every villain can be reintegrated into society. Some can't even stand of thinking of being a normal civilian." Iron Man said.

"Yeah. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve a chance." Ant Man said. Iron Man nodded. He agreed with that idea. Iron Man and the two talked and waited for Wasp to wake up.

"Now how are we going to contain him ?" Iron Man asked. Ant Man sighed and pinched the bridge of his masked nose. That had always been a problem for him.

"We would need a material to absorb the vibrations that he produces." Ant Man said. Iron Man thought of anything he had. Under his armored helmet, Naruto grinned as he got an idea.

"Stark Industries." Iron Man said. Ant Man looked at him with a surprised and yet confused look on his face. He had hearted of the new yet quickly growing young company.

"Isn't that the new famous company. I've herd that its lead by Naruto A. Stark. The young 21 year old genius. Hell most are saying he's smarter then than guy in New York, Robbert Richards." Ant Man said. Iron Man nodded as he had also herd of people saying that.

"Yeah. Mr. Stark has recently invented a new kevlar. Its high tensile fabrics have been made to absorb the kinetic energy of bullets. It can be altered to absorb Whirlwind's high vibrations. And I can get it in a matter of minutes." Iron Man said.

"You have that much access to Stark technology?" Ant Man asked shocked.

Iron Man nodded as he put this right armored hand on his chest.

"This armor is all Stark technology. Stark invented this to help protect the world. So as his head of security, I do have that much access." Iron Man said.

"We'll that cool as hell." The voice of Wasp spoke. The two hero's looked at her direction. Ant Man sat up and went right over to Wasp.

"Wasp are you okay?! How do oh feel?!" Ant Man asked in worry. Wasp smiled as she nodded. Brushing of her costume she looked at the two.

"So did you two think of plan while I was out." Wasp asked. Ant Man turned his head side to side telling that he hadn't.

"I did." Iron Man said.

(1 Hour Later)

"I think I've lost them." Whirlwind thought. He had flown fast to avoid capture by the hero's. He grinned as he thought of a plan to get the money that he had robbed again. He didn't want to run into the three superheroes anytime soon. To bad that soon was now.

Whirlwind saw a flash of yellow from he tree lines as his eyes were hit, but not damaged. But they still hurt.

"AAAaaaahhhh!" Whirlwind yelled as he tried to clutch his head, but his helmet prevented that.

"Remember me jerk." Wasp stated as she flew around him. Whirlwind tried to swat Wasp away, but she kept stinging him with her bio energy blasts. Or as she liked to call them "stingers". She soon stopped which confused Whirlwind. He looked around and saw he was heading towards a tree trunk right in front of him.

"Oh shit!" Whirlwind thought as the tried to fly himself upward. He went upward and was half an inch from touching the tree. He sighed in relief as he was heading upward, thinking he was okay. He was wrong as a giant hand quickly reached out and swatted him down into to the hard earth.

"You know you shouldn't hit a girl." Giant Man spoke with a frown on his face. Whirlwind glared until he herd something fast flying towards him.

"And you shouldn't mess with Iron Man and his city asshole!" A voice yelled. Whirlwind looked up and gasped in panic as he saw Iron Man. The armored hero's palms were shining brightly. Some object on his back.

"Firing repulsors." Iron Man said as he fired his repulsor's. The duel beams hit Whirlwind. The villian was instantly shot back into the ground.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Whirlwind yelled in pain. The three hero's acted quickly. Iron Man took the sheets of modified kevlar. He tossed a piece to both the now Ant Man an Wasp as the surrounded the villain.

"Hurry! Before he tries to escape." Iron Man ordered as he quickly wrapped Whirlwind's torso. The other two hero's followed his lead and restrained the villain down. Iron Man locked the restraints with steel wrapped in the special kevlar. The three steeped back as they waited for the villain to react. Whirlwind did as he growled.

"You think this will hold me?!" Whirlwind yelled as he activated his powers.







Nothing happened. Whirlwinds eyes winded in fright as the three hero's approached him. He instantly tried to bargain.

"C-Come on guys! It was just a big misunderstanding! Lets talk this out!" Whirlwind said panicking. The three glared at him harshly. Iron Man had the most frightening.

"Talk times over." Iron Man said. As he and the other two enclosed on him.

(One hour later)

An armored vehicle closed its back doors as an unconscious Whirlwind laid in the back. His helmet had been taken off. The three hero's watched as the vehicle took away the villain. They watched until it was out of sight. They turned to face each other.

"Thanks for the assist. Call me on the device I gave you. If you need me I'll be there as soon as possible." Iron Man said. Ant Man and Wasp nodded as they said there goodbyes.

Naruto returned home as he once again entered his office. A figure stood there.

"You've been playing hero Mr. Stark." The figure said. Naruto only grinned.

"Hello Jason Fury. Descendent of Nick Furry. How's rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. going?" Naruto asked. The figure turned to see a young black man in his early twenties.

"How the hell did you know who I am?" Furry demanded. Naruto grinned. The temper that the Fury family had was definitely passed down. But apparently not the hair. The first Fury had light brown hair with white in it.

"I have my sources. Now I know that this isn't about becoming friends. You want something Fury." Naruto said as he stood in front of Fury. Naruto an inch taller. Fury's eyes narrowed as he nodded slowly. Naruto grinned as he already knew what the man wanted.

"We'll then Fury. What do you think about a Helacarrier?" Naruto asked.

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