A/N-I'm nervous about this one but I feel the need to write it, this will be BASED off the 'Woman with the issue of blood'. As far as I know, she was never named so I will come up with a name, it doesn't say if she was once married or what so that will be something I will make up. I will try to stay as right as I can to the times of then but I may make certain plausible events.

Please read and enjoy.

A.D. 6-

Tereh was in the kitchen and she was making bread, there was a slight breeze coming in from the window, she looked over at the fire she was building in her stone oven. She smiled a little because she didn't have to redo it. She stood straighter and stretched her back and put her hand on her head and wiped her brow, she put her other hand on her swollen belly and she looked around her house. They were not wealthy by any means but their modest home was better than most, they were modest people , they didn't have much furnishings but they had what they had and each other. Soon, there would be another mouth to feed and at least her husband did have a good job...he was a carpenter and one of the most sought after men in town.

She started to go back to making the bread for their supper, bread had to be made fresh around here, they had no extra money to buy such luxury even if her husband did make a good living. Just then, she felt something...she felt a pain in her stomach and something going down her legs. She looked down and saw water but she didn't panic, she had been with her mother plenty of times as she was getting ready to give birth even if a lot of things were not talked about.

She just went ahead and finished making the bread then she put it in the small oven because she knew that according to the law, she had to go into hiding for many days to cleanse herself after she gave birth. She was secretly hoping the babe would be a boy so she did not have to go for long...she picked up a rag and wiped her hands then she went to the back door, opened and saw her husband,Teman, working on building a table for somebody.

"Teman ". He stopped what he is doing an looked at her and he cocked his eye because he knew time was near and he asked, "What?" . She smiles and says, "It's time, go get the woman" He nervously drops his hammer and board that he had in his hand and he scrambles to get up and he leaves to go get the midwife. Terah smiles at the thought of her husband and she goes inside to prepare for the birth.

She pulls back a curtain to a room that reveals food that is in there. She walks to where a mat is laid on the floor and she goes back to the main area of the house and gets some rags and goes back and gets ready for the woman to come.


A few hours later, Terah lays on the mat under some sheets with sweat all over her body and intense pain. The woman who is with her, tries to help her in kind words and giving her a rag to cool her brow when she can. She screams and her husband nervously waits outside and other men gather around him to support him.

After another few hours of Terah screaming, all is quiet then the door opens and the old woman comes out, Teman stands up and she hands him a small piece of paper, he nods his head then opens it then one of the men asks, "What does it say?". A smile comes on Terah's face and he says, "It's a boy!..." Terah looks up to the heavens then shouts out for all to hear, "The God of Israel has given me a boy!" The all yell for joy.

The old woman goes back inside and she goes to the room with the mother and child and she sees them and she smiles then says. "We will leave tonight at dark to go to the house"

Terah nods her head and watches her new baby look at the world in wonder.

A/N-'A woman who becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son will be ceremonially unclean for seven days, just as she is during her monthly period. On the eighth day, the boy is to be circumcised. Then the woman must wait 33 days to be purified from her bleeding.'

I do not know the exact customs of that day so it is my imagination about the piece of paper and going to a separate house for the cleaning period.

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