Author's Notes: I don't ask for a present and even if I did I doubt anyone would give me anything, but today is the day of my birth. To commemorate this momentous occasion I decided to gift you all with the prologue to my new story, Chosen Path. I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I can claim the tenth of September as my birth date, however I cannot claim to own Tales of Symphonia or any of the characters from the game.

Summary: The day of Oracle has come at last, and three children in the small village of Iselia race to the MartelTemple to finally meet the Chosen One of Sylvarant. But the Chosen isn't quite as they expected. Instead of one devoted wholly to the goddess, they find a man who had long ago lost faith in the world. It is up to these children now, to give him new strength to face the trials that await him on the Journey of Regeneration.

Category: Game, Tales of Symphonia

Pairings: Lloyd/Colette, Genis/Presea, possible Zelos/Sheena, Past Kratos/Anna, Past Yuan/Martel

Genre: Hurt/comfort/Family

Rating: T

Warnings: spoilers, angst, mild violence.

Prologue: Oracle

A sudden beam of light shot out into the morning sky, a sign of Salvation for the people of Sylvarant. The students of the small Iselian schoolhouse crowded around the windows in amazement as they watched the white pillar spring up into the heavens. Their teacher, Professor Raine Sage, glanced toward the window briefly, halting her lecture about the journey of the Chosen.

Whispers of 'is that the oracle?' and 'it's here. The oracle is finally here' could be heard throughout the classroom.

"Settle down class," Professor Sage called over the din of excited students.

"But Raine, it's the oracle!" Genis exclaimed with anticipation.

"Are we going to finally be able to meet the Chosen?" Colette, granddaughter of the high Priestess Phaidra, asked curiously, her crystal blue eyes brightening considerably.

Lloyd, a red clad boy who was raised outside the village, shrugged his shoulders and said, "maybe." He thought it over a minute. "Hey, Professor Sage! Can we all go to the Martel Temple?" Lloyd asked.

Raine gave him a flat look. "The only one who is going to the temple is me. I want the rest of you to stay here and study." Her students sighed in unison as they all began filing back to their seats.

"But that's so boring!" Lloyd whined.

Raine glared down at her pupil. "Do you want me to give you detention?" She asked the boy.

"A-ah, n-no ma'am!" Lloyd stuttered out.

Raine nodded, acknowledging his reply before she left the building.

"Man!" Lloyd complained loudly as soon as she was gone. "Our one chance of meeting the Chosen, and professor won't let us go!"

"Ah, Lloyd? Did you even stop to think that they wouldn't let a bunch of kids near the temple anyway?" Genis asked his friend, giving the elder boy his usual exasperated tone whenever he said something stupid.

"They would have let us. Colette's grandma is the head priestess! Besides, everyone knows Colette is training to become a priestess herself," Lloyd replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Hey," Lloyd said as he had a sudden idea. "Colette? You want to go to the temple with me?" he asked the younger girl.

Colette looked over at Lloyd with her wide innocent eyes. "Huh?" She questioned, her cerulean eyes blinking in confusion.

Lloyd sighed. "Don't you want to meet the Chosen?" the boy clarified.

"Oh!" the girl exclaimed with realization. "Of course! I always wanted to meet the Chosen," She smiled brightly. Anyone who knew Colette knew of her dedication to Martel.

Lloyd grinned at her response. "Yeah, see Genis? Let's go then," the boy called back to his friends as he headed toward the door.

Before he reached it, however, Genis intercepted him. "Lloyd if we leave we'll get in trouble with Raine when she gets back. And besides that, didn't she say she was going to the temple? What if she sees us?"

"Oh come on Genis, you worry too much. It can't be as bad as all that. This is research, after all. We're gonna meet the Chosen!" Lloyd said.

Lloyd and Colette stepped past the boy, leaving Genis to make the decision by himself. Shaking his head in annoyance and irritation the younger Sage Sibling ran after his friends. He caught up with them in a moment and let out a slight huff.

"Fine, I'll go with you guys," Genis said. "Just don't blame me when we get caught."

Lloyd looked back at him and grinned stupidly. "Alright!" Lloyd exclaimed happily, pumping his fist into the air. "To the Martel Temple!"

End notes: I certainly hope you liked reading this, but as always, I will continue writing even if you didn't. It's simply a lot easier for me if I know that you care.