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Chapter 12: Kevin's Choice

Kevin's POV

" Yeah, actually guys can you help me get to Mia." I replied to them.

" I don't think so, cause non of us here are girls." Mike joked. And, I guess the old Mike is back.

We all laughed.

" That's not what I meant, I meant I've like/love Mia since we became p-" I was cut off by Jayden giving me a glare.

" Finish." Matt said.

" Since, uh uh since we became students at Columbia University." I finished.

" No, Kevin you were supposed to say a word with the letter p." Joshua pointed out.

" Okay, you guys it's only around us okay, my father was the previous red ranger and Kevin's father was the previous blue ranger and so does Mike's, Emily's, and Mia's parents, so in order to save the world from Master Xandred's hands we have to fight nighloks that Master Xandred sent to fight us rangers." Jayden rushed.

" What the hell did you say?" Matt asked.

" I said were all Power Rangers!" Jayden exclaimed.

In case your wondering, I don't know what to choose Mia or swimming?

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