He looked over the city. It was late. He should have been home but nobody was home. He had no home to go back to. It was all gone. They were all gone. He hated the whispers, the sideward glances, the "I'm sorry" that people said; they weren't sorry. No one cared because he had always acted above them. They thought that he got what he deserved. Maybe he had. Maybe being alone was what it took to become a god. If that was true, then why did it hurt so much? Izaya sighed. He sat down on the edge of the tall parking garage where he had been standing. This was his secret hideaway; the one place he could break down and show his emotions. It hadn't been used in years yet no one had torn it down yet. Izaya sighed. He was ready to go. But nobody's home. So where was he supposed to go?

"Flea?" A familiar voice drifted up to Izaya from the street below. Izaya looked down in time to see Shizu-chan disappear into the first level of the parking garage. Izaya shrugged. Let him come. Izaya had been avoiding him for two weeks now. It had been two weeks since the accident. Since the car had smashed into Izaya's parent's car killing both of Izaya's sisters as well as his mother and father. Izaya could have cared less about his mother and father's deaths. It was Mairu and Kururi's deaths that were killing Izaya. They had been his whole life. Izaya felt like he had existed to protect them from the dangers of the world even if they hadn't known it all the time. It had been Izaya who had checked under their beds and in their closet for monsters. It had been Izaya who had made their lunches in elementary school. Now they were gone and Izaya didn't know what he had to live for anymore.

"Flea..." Shizu-chan was closer this time. Izaya glanced behind himself to see Shizu-chan walking up the ramp to the top floor where Izaya was sitting.

"Shizu-chan." Izaya replied emotionlessly. Shizu-chan approached Izaya cautiously but Izaya simply turned and stared out across Tokyo once more. The abandoned parking garage was near the bay and Izaya could see across the famous Tokyo Bay from the top floor. It had once made him feel very powerful to be able to see this view but now it made him feel small.

"I'm sorry...about what happened to your family. It must be rough, loosing everyone in one swift blow of fate." Shizu-chan said sitting down beside Izaya. Izaya didn't respond. Shizu-chan twiddled his thumbs for a moment before embracing Izaya into a hug. Izaya was stunned. Only Mairu and Kururi had ever hugged him. Izaya went rigid for a split second before relaxing into Shizuo's arms.

"What do I have left to live for Shizu-chan? I've lost Mairu and Kururi. They were the only people who mattered to me." Izaya choked out. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Live for yourself, Izaya." Shizu-chan said

"I don't think I can." Izaya whispered.

"Then live for me." Shizu-chan said softly. He was stroking Izaya's hair and, strangely, it was soothing.

"I love you Shizuo. I never could hate you." Izaya admitted. Shizuo pulled away to look Izaya in the eyes. Izaya saw love there; in Shizuo's caramel colored eyes there was no pity, there was no hatred, only love.

"I feel the same." He said. Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck and pressed their lips together. Shizuo buried one hand in Izaya's hair and the other wrapped itself around Izaya's waist. Shizuo flicked his tongue over Izaya's bottom lip asking for entry. Izaya complied and opened his mouth allowing Shizuo to plunge his tongue into his mouth. Shizuo easily won the battle for dominance and ran his tongue over every surface of Izaya's mouth. Shizuo tasted like a mixture of cigarettes and sugar. Izaya liked it.

"Do I matter to you?" Shizuo asked when Izaya broke the kiss.

"Yes." Izaya said. Now, he realized, somebody was home.