A/N: This is kind of a combination of the Young Justice/Injustice: Gods Among Us realities. It takes the characters from Young Justice, but the plot and main idea from Injustice.

When Superman's fist collides with Darkseid's face, a tremor is sent all throughout the world. Earth is shaken. Batman barley manages to get up and see them fighting, endlessly. He shakes while reaching into his utility belt. He pulls out an Apokaliptian knife he had collected earlier. He gets up and runs towards Darkseid. He jumps up and stabs him in the shoulder.

He screams and throws Batman at Superman. He looks triumphant but he gets stabbed by a sword, through the stomach. Wonder Woman pulls out her blade and kicks him to his knees. Before she can land another blow he turns around and slaps her into the building closest, sending her crashing through.

Superman throws Batman off and flies towards Darkseid. He punches him hard enough, sending his helmet flying.

"I've had enough! You think you can just come to MY planet and take it over, without the Justice League taking SOME kind of action? How many times do we have to go through this!?"

Superman punches him one more time. Darkseid wipes the blood from his mouth and says "As many times as it takes, Kal-El."

"Never again."

Superman grabs Darkseid's head and twists his neck. He looks back at Batman and Wonder Woman, who stare in shock. He looks back down at Darkseid's motionless body and says "Good riddance."