Chapter Four: Promises from Harley Part Two
The Ferrari speeds ahead of the cop cars, but it is hardly a match. They easily catch up and shoot the gas tank. Before they get to the car Nightwing and Harley start arguing over what to do.

Eventually Harley pulls out two guns and hands on to Nightwing.

"I don't use guns."

"Yeah, well, until last night, I didn't drink. There's a first time for everything, kid."

He sighs and gets out with her. They both shoot at the cop cars; Harley causes one to catch on fire. Green Lantern eventually decides to just put them in a force field.

"No one can escape the law."

Harley realizes it is hopeless and sits down. They are escorted to the Big House in the force field. Barry is rolled into the infirmary on a stretcher. Harley and Nightwing are being walked to their cells. Harley is put in the same cell as Black Canary, and Nightwing with Booster Gold.

They spend many days trapped in the Big House. Eventually Flash is healed and brought to a cell of his own. Thankfully, it is next to Harley. She tells him "I'll get us out of this, Barry. I promise."

"I've had enough of your promises Harley! It's your fault we got captured! If you hadn't shot that bullet-"

"Hey! That's not fair, Barry! She tried and tried to get you out of there!" shouts Nightwing.

A guard tells them to shut up and they do so.

When night falls, Batman stalks towards the Big House. He easily sneaks inside and gets to Vault Level D7. He turns off the security cameras and takes out all of the guards. He hacks the cell controls and opens the cells containing Harley, Black Canary, Nightwing, Booster Gold, Flash, Lex Luthor, Zatanna, Plastic Man, Deathstroke, and Green Arrow.

Green Arrow asks "Oookaaay, what's goin' on?"

Batman walks through the door and says "We don't have a lot of time before the security gets here. You're either with me, or you get back in your cell." He is mainly talking to Luthor.

They all agree and they follow him outside. There are several vehicles for each of them to use. Green Arrow and Black Canary get on a motorcycle. Nightwing gets on his old motorbike. Harley takes the driver's seat in a batmobile replica. Plastic Man, Zatanna, and Deathstroke get in as well. Lex Luthor gets the last vehicle, which is the Robin-cycle. Booster Gold decides he will hover low with the rest of them.

They follow the Batmobile to a back-up Batcave and they all get off of their vehicles. Batman says "We'll stay here for the duration. Soon enough, we strike the "Justice League's" headquarters, and take back our rights." He put air quotes over the words 'Justice League's'.

After everybody gets settled in, Harley attempts to go talk to Flash, but Nightwing stops her and says "Harley, he just needs time. His best friend betrayed him, he got shot in the leg, he got arrested. That really messes up a person."

She hangs her head and walks over to hang around Lex Luthor and Deathstroke, but they deny her. She walks up to Batman and he asks "What do you want Quinn?"

"Not this. I don't want to be Harley Quinn anymore. I just want to leave it all behind."

He turns to face her and says "Too bad. You're here, now. This is happening, and the rebellion needs you. It needs everyone it can get."

"I understand."

Days go by with the rebellion Justice League stopping crime, and getting new recruits. Eventually Flash gets over his anger and approaches Harley.

"I'm sorry I was mad at you. It was never your fault."

"It's okay. I probably would've been mad at me too."

He chuckles and she hugs him.

After another couple of days, Batman announces to the army he was recruited "This Friday, Superman's Justice League will be holding a rally at Metropolis University, for all underage metahumans. We will attend that rally, and take them out."

When Friday arrives Batman's Justice League approaches the University, catching the attention of everyone present. Superman sees them and scowls. He flies down and approaches them nicely. He says "Come on, Batman, we can work this out." He holds out his hand, but Batman reaches into his utility bet, grabs Kryptonite, and breaks Superman's arm with it. He leaves it on his chest and yells "Attack!"

The rebellion League and the registered League exchange blows for hours and hours. Eventually Batman and Superman are the last men standing.

"You knew this would happen eventually." Says Superman.

"Didn't we all?"

They charge at each other and right as they are about to punch each other…

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