"I can't believe Josh would do something like this," Sonia said to herself as she stood on a building rooftop. While she was feeling down, Lara, Josh, Manik, and Shade appeared. Sonia turned around and saw her ex standing there.

"Why are you here, Josh?"

"I'm sorry I hurt you, Sonia. I'm sorry for two-timing you. I'm sorry for all of it," Josh said.

"Sorry, Josh, but your apology's no good to me anymore. When we get back home, I'm done with you and the Omega Rangers," Sonia said.

"You don't mean that," Lara said.

"I do, Lara. I put my trust in Josh only to learn I was an accessory. I'm sorry, but we are done, Josh Hedgehog."

"Sonia, I said I was sorry."

"Just because you say it doesn't means I forgive you for cheating on me," Sonia said.

"Sonia, come on. Without you in his life, Josh has nothing to fight for. Nothing to live for. He's nothing without you," Manik said.

"As discouraging and negative as that comment was, it's all true. I need you to be complete, Sonia."

"Sorry, Josh. You'll just have to live without me."

"Fine. Then I guess you're not coming with us," Josh said before reaching into his left pants pocket.

"What do you mean," Sonia asked.

"I had a way of getting back all the time. I just kept it a secret until now."

"You mean we could've gone home anytime? What's wrong with you?!"

"Panorama City," Josh said before he found what he was looking for. He then pulled out a matchbox filled with Warp Rings.

"This is a special kind of Warp Ring I designed to send us back home. All I need to is flip it in the air and it'll take care of the rest." Josh then took out one of the Warp Rings and flipped it. The others watched as it expanded in size and floated five inches above the ground.

"We just step through and we're home," Josh said before going through. Manik, Shade, Sonia, Lara, and Dominic followed and ended up in the exact same spot where they left. As soon as they were back, Sonia gave Josh her Omega Morpher before walking away from the others.

"So long, Josh," Sonia said before she left.

"We're back," Shade said.

"And it looks like Josh is really back."

"Huh? Oh, that was just until we got back."

"So you still don't have the will to fight," Manik asked.

"Not really," Josh said.

"Too bad. I thought we had gotten our leader back."

"Sorry, but because Sonia's no longer an Omega Ranger, I just can't lead as good as I did before."

"That's cool. Just as long as you lead us," Manik said.

"Thanks, 'Nik. I knew you'd understand," Josh said before walking off.

"You're okay with Josh leading us with about half the power he had before?"

"Pretty much."

"Well, I'm not. Josh needs to be a leader again," Lara said.

"In time, he will. He just needs time to recover from a hard break-up," Manik said.

"You know something?"

"What," Lara and Manik both asked.

"I feel like we're forgetting something," Shade said.

"Well, Josh and Sonia both walked off. We're all here," Lara said before she, Shade, and Manik realized what was missing.

"Oh, man!"

Meanwhile, Dominic was lying on a tree branch after being launched by Negatron.

"Where are they? They should've been here by now," Dominic said to himself.