"Push Starr push!" Michael yelled to his fiancé

"I am now stop badgering me and ahhhhh; get him ahhhhh, out of ahhhhh meeeeee!" Starr screamed in pain

"Starr one more big push and he will be out" dr. lee said as she delivered the healthy baby boy


"Epiphany how's Starr doing is she ok is the baby ok where's Michael is it a girl or boy?" Carly asked so many questions

"I wanna see my mommy" hope said crying

"listen, hopey, mommy is in the middle of having your brother or sister, you have to wait here with grandma, grandpa, joss, me, uncle Jason, Lila and Danny, ok you have to be a big girl but I know that you will be the first to meet the baby" Sam explained to the girl

"Ok thanks Sammy, DADDY!" hope screamed as she ran to Michael

"Hi pumpkin do you want to meet your brother?" Michael said emphasizing brother

"Oh my god Michael it's a boy!" Carly screamed as she ran to hug her son

"Ok come on hope we will bring him out after me you mommy and your baby brother have some bonding time" Michael explained trying to give Carly a hint to give them a moment

"Look who I found Starr" Michael said walking in her room

"Hi mommy, this is my brother he's soooo cute!" hope said cooing at the newborn "what's his name mommy?"

"Well we decided on Michael 'Mikey' Corinthos the 4th" Starr said feeding him

"Ok so like daddy's name and grandpa sonny and great-grandpa mike?" hope asked

"Yes just like them but we will call him Mikey" Michael answered

"Would you like to sit by mommy and hold him?" Starr asked

"Yes but I won't drop him I promise" hope said climbing on the bed

After a while Michael introduced Mikey to the family and they all got to hold him except Danny though. Starr was going to be dismissed from the hospital in a few days and hope had stayed with the Jax's. Carly was in the hospital again and ordered another paternity test and sure enough the baby was Jax's but she already knew that. She discussed Brenda's actions with robin and invited Emma over for a play date with josslyn since she couldn't go to the park and being home with joss all day was aggravating both of them.

Few days later

"Emma, are you ready to go to Josslyn's house?" robin called to her daughter from the kitchen

"Yes is it time to leave already?" Emma asked grabbing her overnight bag

"Uh huh, get in the car and grab your bag, I'm going to drop you off but we have to go to the store first" robin said

"Ok but why do we have to go to the store?" Emma asked

"Well aunt Carly asked me to pick up a few things for dinner for you guys and since I was going to the store I have to pick up diapers for your brother, and oh I forgot hope is going to be there too ok, you remember her right?"

"Yes I remember hope yay she's going to be there, and can I help you pick out the grocery stuff?" Emma asked on the way to the store

Robin and Emma walked in to the supermarket and picked up the items they needed. They headed for Carly's and dropped Emma off and she went to work. Then she ran into lulu going into GH.

"Hey lulu how are you doing, you look like you're going to pop!" robin said in the elevator

"yeah I know and it's not helping that they push on my bladder all day long, I love these babies but I hate being pregnant, enough about me how are you?" lulu said

"well I'm good I found out it's a boy which I'm excited about and Patrick too once I tell him I've been doing the nursery and he's not allowed in until I'm finished and he won't know the sex until I'm finished" robin said stepping off the elevator

"Finished with what?" Patrick asked his wife

"oh you know the nursery, I've been telling lulu all about the baby and Emma knows what it is and everything but you won't know until I'm done with his nursery, oh my god ooops please tell me you didn't hear that!" robin said covering her mouth

"I did and it's a boy! Really, I'm so glad, a little boy, my little boy, our little boy, Emma's little brother…" Patrick said thinking out loud

"Crap, well now we can think of names together" robin said "oh and Emma's at Carly's for a sleepover with josslyn"