He stood up and pulled her to her feet, before walking to the door and unlocking it. Together they stepped out into the hallway. Nick glanced at his watch.

"Slow night." He muttered. "We've been in there for over an hour, and no one came looking for us."

They continued to meander down the hall. Through the windows to the lab, they could see Greg nodding his head violently to whatever music he was listening to through his headset. The muted sound of Warrick and Catherine talking to each other drifted out another open doorway.

Walking by Grissom's office, Nick quickly glanced through the open door. Grissom looked at him, his expression shuttered.

"Nick. Sara. Please come here for a minute." Gris indicated the two chairs in front of his desk. Nick noticed that Gris couldn't look at Sara at all, and he smiled. Definitely jealous.

"I want to apologize for my behavior earlier. You're both adults and."

"Are we Gris? Adults?" Sara interrupted. Gris had the grace to flush around his collar a bit.

"Yes, Sara. And I know that I sometimes, ah."

"Treat me like a child?" Sara responded again.

Nick would have laughed at Grissom's obvious discomfort, if he didn't feel sorry for him. He had the feeling that loving Sara would be damned hard.

"Well no. I mean, I understand that you're a woman Sara and." again, he was interrupted by Sara.

"A women? Me?" Sara's voice was sugary sweet. "You think I'm a woman?"

Gris was starting to look annoyed. Annoyed and trapped. "Yes, a woman. And if you'd quit interrupting."

"Interrupting? Like you interrupted Nicky and I earlier?"

Grissom's eyes widened slightly at her words, and his nostrils flared. He glared at Sara. "And, if you would quit jumping to conclusions.."

Sara sneered. "Conclusions? Like the conclusion you jumped to when you assumed Nicky and I were an item?"

Her words stopped Gris dead. "You mean you're not?"

Sara had walked right up to Grissom's desk and leaned over it, staring him right in the eyes.

"No. Nick and I are not an item. No, Nick and I are not sleeping together. Yes, I am a woman. And you, Gris - you are an ass."

Gris stared at Sara, mouth agape. From Nick's vantage point, he could see Gris swallow a couple of times, clearly at a loss for words. Nick grinned. It appeared that Grissom and Sara had completely forgotten he was even there. They just continued staring at each other. Nick could tell from the look on Sara's face that she was enjoying herself. Finally, Gris dropped his gaze.

"Okay." He said, softly. Then louder, "Okay."

Sara continued looking at Gris, but a smile was on her face.

Gris looked at her again, a small smile creasing the corners of his mouth. Nick realized Gris only smiled at Sara that way.

"I am an ass. You're right Sara. I'm sorry."

At Grissom's words, the laughter Nick had been holding in broke free. Nick met Sara's amused glance with one of his own. He looked at Grissom's owlish, slightly surprised face, and started chuckling harder. Poor guy didn't have a prayer.

"Sara," Nick said, when he finally got himself under control, "I've changed my mind. You can't be Robin."

Sara turned a surprised glance his way. Nick stood up and headed out of Gris' office. "Because, you are definitely Catwoman."

He turned back and winked at a bemused Grissom. "Catch you later - Spiderman!"

Sara's loud shout of laughter followed him down the hallway.