Life Changes: Chapter one

Ok so this is my first fanfic ever! I'm really excited about writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it! So go easy on me and give lots of feedback I would love to here what all of you are thinking... On to the story!



"Bella!" I heard my mother scream as I opened my eyes to the blinding sunlight that was streaming through my open curtains. There is a reason as to why I close those things at night!

"Mom, I'm trying to get some rest here do you mind?" I asked, irritated. Why in the world was she waking me up at 5:45 in the morning!? She has got to be crazy, I didn't get home till midnight from the dance studio!

"Mrs. Nicole just called the house line. You guys have emergency practice at the auditorium at 7 and from the looks of it you didn't even change last night much less shower. So get up Angela will be here soon I'm gonna make some breakfast." she explained. walking to my door.

"Uhhhhhh," I exclaimed. Covering my head with the blanket. "She is crazy if she thinks we will get anything done this early we didn't get home until midnight because of her OCD with having everything perfect!"

"Welcome to the life of a dancer, Hunni. Now get up!" she yelled from the hallway after slamming my bedroom door.

Ofcourse she was right, I am a dancer and that means long practices and early mornings. I have known this since I was nine after just dancing for fun turned into competitions and hard work every day. I, Isabella Swan must have a want to be placed in the crazy house with the rate I have been going lately. I have danced at Nicole's Dance Studio since I was 18 months old and I feel like I haven't stopped since! This year is finally the year though because I am finally getting my teacher graduate certificate which means I can open my own dance studio. I know I probably never will but I'm still proud of myself for getting this far, most of my friends quit when we turned thirteen. My father though made me stick it out I think its because he knew i wouldn't have time for boys.

"Hey Angela," I called as I my way into the kitchen and more importantly to the fresh stack of chocolate chip pancakes my mom, Renee, was plating.

"Hey Bells, Are you as tired as I am because I feel like my eyes lids are defying me! Why does she do this I mean couldn't we just come in at noon." she yawned over her cup of black coffee. YUCK! I never understood how she or my father could drink it like that, not a sugar or drop of cream in sight.

Angela Weber is and has always been my best friend. We met when we started dance together and have gone to school together since pre-k. She is my only friend who stood in dance with me only because her mother was a dancer before her and hers before her, it's like in her DNA. Though that didn't keep her away from Ben, Her boyfriend of three years much to her father Pastor Weber's Chagrin.

"Not really, but I guess thats because I don't have a boyfriend who snuck in after midnight to spend the night with me," I giggled and watched as she glared at me. "How is Ben these days?" I sniggered.

"He is just fine thank you very much. I take good care of him, he says I am the best girlfriend a boy could ask for!" she states, proudly.

"I'm sure you do," I mumbled, and suddenly had to duck out of the way as a bread roll came flying at my head.

"Alright girls, quit bickering and get going or Mrs. Nicole may go off on y'all. Again." My mom laughed as she handed me my bag and kissed my forehead. "Have fun Sweetheart and put on a smile, please. The recital is tomorrow night and it will all be worth it."

"I know mom, see ya later." I smiled and ran out to Angela's car.

"Oh Bella, I almost forgot your grandparents want us at dinner tonight. They said something about an announcement concerning your future. I have know idea what about but its gotta be something interesting because when your father got off the phone with them he looked sick!" she laughed from the door way.

"Great," I called back and got into the car. "This can't be good."

"Why?" Angela asked as she drove toward the studio. "Its just dinner with your grandparents maybe they just miss you. I mean you haven't seen them since graduation, right?"

"Well yeah, but with my grandparents it's never just dinner. There is always something to cause it."

"Don't over think this, just wait till tonight. I'm sure if its something important they will be totally honest with you upfront." she said.

"I hope your right," I said back, but in the back of my mind I had a feeling this wasn't going to be your ordinary family dinner.


"Hey bro," My brother Emmett called, obnoxiously as he walked into the office. "How is the new hot shot CEO of Cullen Inc. doing on this fine morning.

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up you goon, how is looking at vaginas all day going for you." I cracked back, knowing he hated when I teased him about his job. Truth is he is a very renowned high risk OB/GYN here in Seattle, people fly here from all across the country to be treated by him. I just liked to get him going and it worked.

He glared at me, "Shut up ass! You know Rose hated it when you say shit like that. She hated my job already without you and dads commentary."

"Its not my fault you chose to be a pussy man than go into the family business like me. And FYI Rose hated your job because she wants to be the only pussy you look at daily. Why are you even here? I have a meeting in like 20 minutes." I asked getting my things together. We were signing a new social worker today to add to our team after the last one suddenly decided in week 8 of her maternity leave hat she would rather be a stay at home mom. I say more power to her she was too emotional anyway.

"She does like it when we play kinky doctor," he smirked.

"One ew! I nor anyone else want to know what you and Rose do in your free time and two, focus Emmett. Your reason for this visit?" I asked again, god this boy still has bad ADD.

"Oh right, gramp and grams want you at dinner tonight at 7. They have something to tell you about. Don't ask me either because they wouldn't drop a hint." He pouted.

"Fine I'll be there as soon as I can. Now if you'll excuse me I have a meeting." I sighed walking out.

"See ya tonight, bro," he called from my office.

Finally, that meeting seemed to drag on forever I thought as I pulled into my grandparents driveway. Now I just have to get this dinner over with so that I can go home and get some sleep. I walked up to the door and before I could walk in my sister, Alice, pulled it open and hugged me the best she could. My sister is heavily pregnant with her first child and her husband Jasper is going crazy.

"Hey Ali," I smiled and pulled her in from the rain. "So do you know what this emergency family dinner is for?"

"Nope, but mom and dad both look nervous and Gram won't stop smiling," she giggled.

"Well thats never good, lets get this over with," I said, as we walked into the dining room I could see that the whole family was already seated waiting. Geez, it was only 7:01.

"Alice, what have I told you about jumping up from the table at this stage of the pregnancy," he glared as she took her seat between us.

"Oh jasper don't get your panties in a twist. I'm fine!" she said, rolling her eyes. No one could see it but I heard the sharp tap that Jasper laid onto her thigh, and heard a very quiet "sorry sir" come out of my sisters mouth. I chuckled to myself Alice was forever getting into trouble with that colorful mouth of hers. Ofcourse my grandparents were completely oblivious to what just happen but my parents, Emmett and his wife Rosalie heads all snapped to the couple when she made her smart remark.

"So whats the need for this family dinner, Gramps?" I asked breaking the silence as we began to eat.

"Edward your grandmother and I have something to tell you, and we are not sure how you are gonna take it..." he said as he looked at my gram who was absolutely beaming.

"Are one of you sick or something?" I asked suddenly afraid of the answer.

"Oh no dear we are in perfect health." my gram exclaimed from her seat, as she passed my gramp a photo.

"Here ya go son," he said as he passed it to me. Upon looking at it I saw that it was a picture of a young women who couldn't be older than 18. She was standing at a ballet bar adorned in her leotard and tutu and she was on those painful looking tip tow shoes, But was really struck me was her smile. She had the biggest smile on her very beautiful face that was framed by dark brown curls like she was exactly where she wanted to be. She looked so happy and carefree and i was immediately intrigued by who she was.

I cleared my throat, "She is very pretty, but who is this?"

"Her name is Isabella Marie Swan she is the granddaughter of our good friends in Phoenix." Gram said proudly.

"But why would you be showing me her picture?"

"Because my dear boy, she is your betrothed, your soon to be wife!" Gramps exclaimed, slapping my shoulder.

I couldn't talk for a moment. MY WIFE! No that can't be since when am I betrothed I thought that shit was only in enlgand or something. I looked at the picture again and thought there is know way she would fit into my world she just looked to young to innocent. I mean she was beautiful but I couldn't corrupt her that way and anyway I doubt she would let me. I looked at my grandparents face and suddenly realized that i wasn't getting out of this. I was looking at my soon to be wife and hopefully my first real submissive...

So there is the first chapter. Let me know what y'all think! I will try to post everyday but I don't want to promise anything. I hope y'all enjoyed!

Next Chapter: Bella gets the news and Edward and his family attend her dance recital much to Bella's surprise.