Life Changes: Chapter 27


I am so sorry that it has been so long since I updated! Things in my house have been crazy. A couple days after my last post we got the most horrible news as parents. One of our twins was diagnosed with a tumor on her liver. Our only indication of the problem was that her skin and eyes started to turn yellow. We immediately rushed her through emergency and she was diagnosed a day later. It is cancerous but she is doing extremely well with her chemo treatments and Im happy to announce that we will be having surgery to remove the tumor a week after christmas. Hopefully we never have to go through this again and she will live on to be the once healthy child I know she can be!

In light of these events I am ending this story with this parting chapter! Hopefully you will like my ending and that you understand why I have to stop. Thanks for staying with me!


One year. It's been one year to the day that I gave birth to Edward and my's baby girl Aubree. Although her birth was early and unexpected at the time, she was given a perfect bill of health after some minor breathing problem just 36 hours after her first breathe. To say those 36 hours were the hardest in my life would be an understatement but we got through it and now we are celebrating her first birthday.

"Bella are you ready?" I hear my husband call from our bedroom and turn to walk out of our closet to see him holding our babies. Yes you hear right... babies. Our son Edward Jr. was born ten months after his sister and is now 2 months old to the day. People say all the time that Aubree looks like me with her brown eyes and curly brown hair, although she has her fathers facial structure and attitude. Junior is Edward reincarnated! From the unruly bronze had to the striking green eyes the only way you could tell I was his mother is if I told you I birthed him.

"Oh my god! I know for a fact Aunt Ali dressed you two," I chuckle as I take junior from Edward. He is dressed in a little black suit that matches Edwards exactly! Aubree is in a pink smock dress that is the same shade as my chiffon evening own. A little dressy for a childs first birthday party you might think but its not just her birthday. Today we are introducing her and her brother to our society... in other words grandma Esme planned the party.

"I feel bad for the boy. These things are uncomfortable," Edward complains as he tugs on his tie. My husband Edward Cullen has got to be the most sexy, gourgoues, handsome, and did I mention sexiest man on earth. I swear I get hot and bothered just looking at him.

"You all look perfect," I say.

"Not as perfect as you my love," He smiles as he lightly kisses me and tucks a curl behind my ear.

"Pary! Pary! Pary!" our daughter chants from his arms and we giggle at her.

"Ok ok lets go to the party," he says and he holds out his hand. "Would you care to join us Mrs. Cullen?"

"Id be honored Mr. Cullen" as I place my hand in his.

After we are announced and make our rounds to see al the "Important" people dinner is served. After cake is cut and presents are open Edward takes our daughter on to the dance floor and twirls her around. The sound of her giggles can be heard through out the ballroom and everyones eyes are on the dance floor watching as they dance the first father/daughter dance in her life.

"Would you like to dance with us?" Edward asks as he pulls me and our son to his side and twirls us around. I lean my head onto his chest as I hear the crowd awe and ohhh at us.

Edward chuckles and leans to whisper in my ear. "I am so happy you came into my life, mia bella. You have given me the world and more. I love you and our children more than my own life."

I tear us and kiss him lightly whispering, " We love you more and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world than right here... In your arms."