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- Callie (Crazy but Happy)

"Place cube 23D-N in the north-western quadrant! 3Q-F goes to the left of that and three grids down!" Cyrus yelled out orders at the various architects and builders carrying heavy pieces of glass and metal. As the ruckus of construction played out around me, I sat on a chair in the middle of the "entry way" and flipped through photo-copies of pages from the Arcanum that Cyrus had supplied me with. Well, he obviously wouldn't just leave the book with me.

I looked up from the pages, and glanced around the room. It was amazing how such a terrible machine could be disguised as such a beautiful home. Though I pitied whoever ended up living here.

There was a loud noise, and I motioned a construction worker to come over to me.

"Um, excuse me? What was that large bang?" The worker looked at the direction the noise came from,

"Oh, that was just them putting in the last piece of the outside of the house." I thanked him, and he went back to his business; and I went back to my papers.

Pictures of the black zodiac looked at me from the aged pages, and I felt as if the ink drawings could stare into my heart, poking and prodding, trying to unearth my fears.

As I went through them, I said to myself the names of the ones we had already imprisoned.

"Okay, number one, The First Born Son,"

Turn the page,

"Two, The Torso" I made a slight grimace and chuckled, "Poor guy…"

Turn the page,

"Three, The Bound Woman…"

Turn the page,

"Four, The Withered Lover…" A pain in my heart pulsed; she seemed so…out of place from the others.

Turn the page,

"Five and six, The Torn Prince and The Angry Princess," I don't care if she was a ghost, that girl was still gorgeous.

Turn the page,

"Seven, The Pilgrimess,"

Turn the page,

"Eight and nine…I don't even really want to acknowledge those two…"

Turn the page,

"Ten, The Hammer…" A shiver went down my spine, "God that guys scared the shit out of me…well, scares…"

I turned the page to the latest in Cyrus' collection,

"The Jackal…"I read about him earlier; his name was Ryan Kuhn, if I remembered correctly. He was a murderer and rapist from England, and he died around 19...16? 1917? I'm not very sure..

Everyone told me to stay as far away from him as possible because he was, as a worker said, 'Crazy as fuck'. I don't doubt that he's dangerous, but I read that he admitted himself to the asylum he died in because he wanted to get help for his problem. Anyone who can acknowledge the fact that they are insane can't be well…as insane as people let on; and I put that very loosely. That's how I see it at least. When I told someone about what I thought, though, they just laughed in my face.

I must actually be crazy myself, because once when there weren't that many people here, I tried to go and talk to him, just trying to find proof for my theory about his level of insanity. But right when I stepped close the glass of his containment cube, he tried attacking me, and ended up just running into the glass barrier. Then he growled and screamed at me like a wild animal. It goes without saying that it was terrifying, but something inside of me…couldn't help but feel bad for him.

As I was reading, the different doors and glass walls shifted and moved as the workers tested out the main gears of the house. They've been doing this since they built the foundation, so I was used to it, but one thing moved that never had before: the front door. They never closed it because people always moved in and out with materials and different furnishing.

I slowly stood up and walked to it with a confused expression, and waited for someone to walk by. After a few minutes, my least favorite person walked up to the door from the outside. He pressed a button to connect his headset with his.

"Cyrus, why is this door closed? It's never been closed before." He had a mocking smile on his face, and chuckled,

"Well, since the majority of my…home is finished, and since there is no other exit besides this one, I decided it would be a perfect place to keep you so that you won't scamper away while I am gone." My jaw dropped a little, and I looked at him with disbelief.

"You're locking me in?! Why! I won't run away, and even if I did, you'd still find me one way or another." I hit my fist against the glass, but Cyrus didn't flinch at all.

"Ms. Cavrin, I can't let you escape first of all, and having to find you would be a chore. I don't feel like dealing with it." Panic was starting to set in,

"No! Cyrus, let me out! Don't just leave me here! What will I eat? Where will I sleep?" He rolled his eyes,

"Oh Elizabeth, don't be so dramatic. All of the amenities are functional; the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the rooms are fully furnished." He turned and started walking away,

"You should feel lucky; think of it as a…working vacation!" I hit my fist against the glass again,

"When will you be back?" Cyrus stopped and looked back at me,

"I have some business to attend to, so around…two weeks. But then that will give you plenty of time and solitude for you to work on my machine. All of the pieces are in the basement, I recommend that you start immediately." And with that, he entered his old vehicle and drove out of sight.