"Hey.. Hey, wake up."

I slowly opened my eyes, blinked away the blurriness, and looked around. My mouth was dry as a bone, and my side and back ached like nobody's business. I looked around once my vision cleared, and saw Blaze sitting in a chair across the room with her legs crossed. The nurse that had taken care of my previously-burned tail was sitting next to me on a stool next to the bed I was in.. A medical bed. I felt bandages wrapped around my chest, and suspected I was badly bruised; Likely the cause of the aching.

'But why am I here?..' My head suddenly felt like it was spinning as memories of the previous night flooded back to me. 'Well, that definitely explains the aching...'

The nurse handed me a cup of water, which I happily drank. I thanked the nurse before she left to fill out some papers, and looked to Blaze again, seeing her looking at me with an odd expression. There was obviously something on her mind.

"What're you thinking?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing.." She sat back in the chair and changed the subject, "You'll be happy to know that the guards that attacked you are on house arrest. They told me everything, after they blew their original story."

I nodded, "Thanks. Bet they're having fun."

Blaze grinned in return, "Indeed. The guard I have keeping them in their rooms is... creative, to say the least." I chuckled at this. "Well, you haven't been out for very long. How long do you think until you can move again?"

"Not until I check him over again." The nurse had returned to the room, "We can't have him injuring himself again too quickly. Once the checkup is done, he'll be all yours, milady."

"Understood." Blaze went to the other room, while the nurse stood next to the bed and helped me sit up, taking off the bandages that were on my chest.

I sat there as the nurse worked her way through my fur, pressing in areas and asking where it hurt as she went, "So how am I looking, doc?"

"Well, I can say that you are extremely lucky you aren't any more badly injured. An ounce more force and you'd have had at least a few broken ribs, if not more injuries." She stood back up and wrote something down on a clipboard before continuing. "That's it. You're free to go."

I smiled and nodded, "Thanks doc."

The nurse responded cheerfully, "It's no trouble. Now, try to stay out of my office for a good week before you decide to go and get injured again, eh?" I grinned at this, and stood, getting my things together and left the room to find Blaze.