Please view this wonderful image first. My scene was inspired by Severus Snape by *uugly on deviantART

That night a storm battered the towers of the castle yet the inhabitants slept on. Was theirs the unnatural sleep of a faery tale spell?

From that past, the depths of youth, a strong voice laden with silk murmured to the rhythm of the flickering candlelight:

Ter tempora nongenti
Ego circuli semel
In discordia ego clamabunt
Invocare hoc sanguine
cum virtute
cum furtim
cum immunitatem
Ita mote sit!

Rain that had been caressing the old stone walls of Hogwarts lashed out like a whip beating down a prisoner. Three times the lightning scored the sky revealing its every flaw to the abhorrence of false light. With the lightning came three cracks of thunder that shook the castle down to the roots of its dungeons.

Severus dropped his wand and the old tome fell from his hand. His blood burned like fire in his veins and he fell to his knees, screaming, as the pain increased to one he knew he could never escape.

Up in his four-poster bed, beneath down and quilt and velvet, Albus Dumbledore's dreams were dark and troubled.

Then… all was sudden silence.

For Severus the pain had vanished. For the castle the storm had ended, soothing in its remains of a gentle rain that brushed away its violence.

As the young wizard Summoned his wand and gathered the old tome into his arms, he stood. His legs were not shaky, but revitalised. He felt the bloom of energy awaken in his blood. He ought to smile, to perhaps crow his achievement; he would outlive them all!

Yet dour remained his visage as he dropped the old book to his desk and tucked his wand into his sleeve. No more could they hurt him, yet no one could love him either, for he would never feel it. Severus Snape, pained by the loss of love, physically hurt by those who thought nothing of him, reviled, shamed, laughed at — all the emotion — he had locked it all away. A bargain, a trade… a Dark Mark gifted by evil.

Realising far too late at what he had done to himself, Severus Snape was no longer — able — to cry.

~Jayne d'Arcy

Above is the best translation of the below I could manage after two hours with Google Translate:

Thrice times by nine
I circle once
In discord doth I cry
Invoke this blood
With strength
With stealth
With immunity
So mote it be!

~That Woman

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