No Further Interruptions

If I live to be a hundred years old, I shall never forget the dream I had last night, for it was the worst of all nightmares!

In my dream, I saw my men at our lair. They were entertaining a stranger, who had an insufferable grin on his smug face.

"I'm at your lair, and you don't know it," he told me.

"GET OUT!" I ordered.

"I too am a criminal. More specifically, I am a thief. See what I have stolen from you?!"

When I woke up, the first hint of dawn was tinting the sky. I could stand no more. I had to return home and make sure my lair had not been robbed during my absence.

The train should arrive in London in about five minutes. As soon as I am home, I will ask Fidget to tell me everything that has happened in my absence. (He couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it.) I'm sure I'm just being paranoid. What could possibly have gone wrong while I was gone?

As the train pulls into the station, I remove the bell from my pocket. I'm sure nothing has gone wrong, but I'm ready to punish anyone who may have upset me.