Fossil Fighters Champions: Taylor's Story Chapter 17

Taylor: I can finally see my GF.

Me: Your welcome

Sky Blade: 1Teffla1Shenliu1Tophis does not own fossil fighters

Rocky:Wy isnt it 1Teffla1GigaRaja1Shenliu

Me:Because it sounds weird.

Tremor:Why am I last

Me:Rockie's just jealous


Sky Blade: Onward!

I slowly opened the door. I was tackled by 4 girls. "Your back, your back," they screamed like six year olds. Well it didn't count Sarah because she was six. Then Alle kissed me. I saw Ace from the corner of my eye looking at me weird. Then Alle stopped and asked what happened. "Well when Alle and I had a little talk thing some random people came. They had guns that shot darts that made you fall asleep. I woke up like 5 hours later I was on some boat. They also threw away my dino medals. Then I somehow escaped and grabbed them and ran. I ran into the guy who captured me. He was tall and fat. Then I let out Sky Blade to give me a ride. We flew for a whole day until we arrived at a small beach town. I flew toward one house that really caught my eye. I knocked on the door and it turns out to be Ace's house. His family took me in but we only stayed for a day. We went to a high school called West Lincoln High. It was crazy because some dumb bully picked on me and Ace but I sent him to the nurse's office. Then we also saw a ghost. It was really dark with deep purple eyes telling me to leave," I said out of breath. "Wow, was that all," Alle said. "Nope, then we got home from school and told Ace's mom about going to the Caliosteo Islands. Then we got here," I said.

"That was crazy!" Luna said. "It was," Ace said. "At least you're okay," Acilla said. "That's good," Alle said. Then we went to bed since it was 3:00 in the morning. When we woke up Dina and Joe and all the other staff leaders were there. "Good thing you are all right," Dina said. "Yay, the cup can continue," Todd and Rupert said. Then the intercom turned on. It was Joe's voice. Round 4 will be starting. The vivosaur cup is continuing because Taylor is back from his kidnappers. Taylor's opponent will be Naila. Please enter the stadium immediately. I ran to the common room only to see a girl about 14. "Hey, I will not lose to you," she said. "O.K.," I said. Then we entered the coliseum. Naila had an Aeros named Sky Scraper. She also had a Tricera and a Pacro. We started immediately.

I let out Sky Blade, Rocky and Tremor. I got to attack first. I used Shen Storm and it did 300 damage to each vivosaur. "Sky Scraper use Aeros Special," Naila said. It did 190 damage to Sky Blade. Then Sky Blade's eyes glowed blue and he turned black and blue. It also gave me my max. on FP recharge. I used Teffla Tornado. It did 900 damage to each of the vivosaurs. It beat all of Naila's Team. In the common room Naila asked why was I so strong. "Well, I just think I have a strong bond with my vivosaurs," I said. "Well that seems like a logical answer for somebody who is a champion," Naila said. Then Ace, Acilla, Alle, Luna, and Sarah came out. "OMG, I cant believe I am seeing this all live, it's a dream come true," Ace said. Then he saw Naila and his jaw dropped. He started babbling like a cretin. "Ace are you all right?" I asked. "Bah, bah," Ace blubbered. I face palmed. Then I told Ace something that made him stop. "Hey Ace, how about you finish your dream and you become a fossil fighter," I said. "WHAT, REALLY," Ace said and then he fainted. When he woke up and we all ad to catch up to him because he ran like his pants were on fire to the cleaning room. We all told KL-33N that this was a new fighter. "Yes master beep. The new rocks are over there," he said. Then we gave him the rock and showed him how to clean it.

He cleaned his at 85 points. He was really happy. Then we put his head fossil in the revival machine. It was a Nycto."All right a Dimorph!" Ace said. "I will name you Ace Jr. because I think when I evolve you, you will become Dimorph Ace!" Ace said. Then he got its dino medal.


"So you failed Mr. Seno. You failed all of us," a cold and ghostly voice said.

"I am so sorry boss," the man that looked to awfully familiar said.

"No excuses Seno, or I will put you in the chains like my other slaves," the ghostly but deep, strong voice said.

"All right. We will go to Plan B and get more and ore citizens of this mighty kingdom. Vivosaur Island will be gone!" the strong, cold voice said.

"Yes sir," Seno said.

"Good now this plan better work," the strong voice said. Then moans could be heard. "I will handle them," the ghostly, strong voice said.

Then you could see his actual form. He was a pitch black shadow with deep purple eyes. Seno shivered. He could see his own breath.

He heard the prisoners screaming as he peered through the doorway. He was silently biting them then enshrouding them He suffocated them. He saw the same people only they looked different. They all had black hair and purple eyes. The last one was a lady. The one that tried to stop the plans of Plan A. She was Taylor's mom. Then he watched sadly as the lord enshrouded her making her look extremely scary.

Back on Caliosteo Islands

Ace and Naila went digging together at Treasure Lake. I was wondering what they were doing so I sort of followed them. Then I saw Ace saying something to Naila. Naila's face got really red. I knew Ace just asked her out. It looked like she said yes. Then I decided to head back to my dorm casually. Right when I entered the door I told everyone in the dorm what happened. I didn't tell Sarah because a secret only lasts like 2 minutes with her. Sarah was wondering what happened. Then Ace and Naila came in through the door. "Awwww," all my friends said. Ace and Naila started at me with death in there eyes. I took off and ran weaving throughout the common room, the lobby, the cleaning room, the guild area, through the 3 dig sites and through the cleaning emporium. I ran into the fossil dorm and hid in the shower. I locked the door until they left. Then I left and went really quietly out the window. I stayed there for a very long time because Naila was 10 stories below screaming, "I will get you!"

Naila:I will kill you!




Taylor:Hey thats not nice arent you my GF.

Alle:Yeah but its funny

Acilla: Wanna see something funny*Pushes Taylor off and Taylor lands into Naila's Arms*


Alle and Acilla: *laughing*

Me:Okay enough

Rocky:Its still not fair

Me:Oh shut up