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Fossil Fighters Champions: Taylor's Story Chapter 21

"It is so freezing," Alle said. As we were at Icegrip Plateau was going to be in a blizzard. Actually the whole island was. Rupert told us to hurry up and go inside. "Yes Rupert," we all said. Nobody was allowed to go outside during the blizzard so lots of people went to Cranial and Ribular Island for warmth. We just stayed here because it had a bigger dorm. I was tired. It was only 12:00 pm. I cooked a warm lunch and some hot chocolate. "Omg, this Tomato soup is amazing," Naila said. "Yeah," Sena and Sarah said. "This hot chocolate is more amazing," Acilla said. Everyone tried it. "Omg, I love this, tell me your recipe," Ace said. I showed him some chocolate, some sugar, and steamed water. "Oh, its that simple," Kino said. Then we all ate lunch together. "Wow this is boring now, we cant let our vivosaurs in the dorm unless we want holes in the ceiling," Ruby said. "Then we will be freezing our butts off," Alle said. Then we looked at the calendar for no reason. " October 9, 2012." I said. "That's my birthday then," Sarah said. "No way, you are 7 years old now," Acilla said. "Yes now you should bake me a cake and some brownies and a cookie. No we should make a cake on the bottom, brownies in the middle, and cookie on the top," Sarah said. "What do you mean we," I asked. "Oh yeah Taylor will make it," Sarah said. "Good because I can even mess up a peanut butter and jelly," Ace said. "No wonder why you didn't get any money at the bake sale you told me about when you were in 1st grade," I said. "Ha-ha very funny," Ace said. "It is funny," Sena said. Then I started baking. In about 3 hours the whole room smelled like brownies, cookies, and cake. "They should make it into a perfume," Acilla said. "No, I think a lotion," Alle said. "Well I guess because you do have a lot of different kinds," Kino said. Then I finished the cake. "Done," I said. "Yay," everyone said. It looked good. The filling was Sarah's favorite, vanilla ice cream, and the icing was chocolate. I even wrote on it, Happy Birthday Sarah. "Thank you," Sarah said as she hungrily closed in on the cake. "Wait, lets have it after dinner," I said, "Plus it needs to cool down." "Ok, but what's for dinner," Sarah asked. "Whatever you want," I said.

2 hours later dinner included my homemade pizza, salad, homemade sourdough bread with butter, and a side of water. The cake was in the middle with 7 candles on it. Then when we all ate. Kino finished first and asked for seconds. I swear I heard Acilla murmur fat a*s. "Hey I am not one. I am just hungry," Kino said. Then when we all finished Sena said that we should all say Happy Birthday right now. Then we all sang it. Then I cut the cake. Sarah got the first piece. I gave Kino a big piece and Acilla started laughing at him as he ravenously ate his piece. I gave everyone else some. Then I had a small piece. It was all I could get since Kino had 2 big pieces. "Hey Kino, if you eat another piece of cake we will have to buy a new chair,"Acilla said as she watched him eat. "Ha-ha I only weigh like 180 pounds in muscle," Kino said. "Cough*Liar* Cough," Acilla said. "Its true there is only a little bit of fat on me," Kino said. "Oh yeah and Taylor's fat too," Acilla said sarcastically. "Hey I had nothing to do with this. Why did you bring it up," I said. "JK," Acilla said. "I will make you JK," Kino said. "That just sounded wrong," Ace said. "Ace you have a dirty mind," Naila said. "No I don't," Ace said. "All you can say is that's what she said, that sounded wrong," Naila said. "Sure, I don't say that right Taylor," Ace said. "I'm sorry Ace but that's kind of true," I said. "Whatever," Ace said. I looked out the window. The blizzard was still on full blast. "You guys we are going to be in here for a while," I said. Then we all stayed up and talked by the fire place. The alarm clock soon rang 10:00. "Lets go to bed guys," Luna said. "Now," Ace whined. "Go to bed like the rest of us or else I will punch you in the face," Acilla said. "Geez, someone's feisty," Ace said. Then Acilla punched him in the stomach. "Oww," Ace said. Then we all went to bed. Remember when my pajamas shrunk. I tried them on and they ripped. Alle was making fun of me for that so I decided I had to go shirtless. It was freezing. Alle hugged me. "Alle stop touching my stomach, its kind of awkward," I said. "Well it feels like I'm touching rocks," Alle said. "What does that have to do with anything," I said. "It feels sexy now go to sleep," she said. "Whatever," I said. Then I heard Acilla and Kino whispering and well, kissing. "I told you your fat," Acilla said. "Am not," Kino said. "Are too," Acilla said. "Maybe a little," Kino said. "Ha," Acilla said.

I fell asleep and had no dreams. The I woke up in the morning to seethe blizzard howling outside. We were stuck in here for a long time I thought. The bad part of the Ilium Island dorms were that they were each separate buildings. The door we put things under and above it so the snow wouldn't come in. I started cooking breakfast. We had warm donuts. They were pretty good for store-bought ones. Then we waited for the stupid blizzard to be done. Soon enough at 12:00 the blizzard ended. We were so excited until when we opened the door, icicles almost stabbed Ruby in the head because she ran out really fast. When we all got outside we saw everything. It was all covered in a nice, white blanket. "Wow it looks so beautiful," Alle said. "It does," I said. Then she kissed me on the lips. "Well lets get some digging done," Sarah said. We all ran to Hot Spring Heights.

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