An: This little moment takes place after Act 1 Scene 1. I decided to write what Baby John and A-Rab do when they're involved in the main plot. So anytime they aren't on stage in the actual play they are in my fanfiction/ imagination.

"Jeez, your ear bleeds a lot." Baby John mumbled, looking over at Arab.
"Yeah, Bernardo shoved a damn knife through it." A-Rab dabbed his left ear with a tissue one of the boys had in their pockets. He was dabbing it with his left hand while he held a cigarette in his right.
"Well, you're not doing anything good for it. Hold still." Baby John dug through his pockets until he pulled out some medical gauze. After the last rumble when Action's arm was bleeding all over the place, Baby John started carrying around medical gauze and tape in one of his pockets. He gently wrapped the tape around his friend's ear.
"Ow! What the hell are you doing?" A-Rab asked, flinching away from the younger boy beside him.
"Making sure your ear doesn't get infected. Now hold still." Baby John mumbled. He wrapped up A-Rab's ear and tapped it as well, then he tucked the supplies back into his pocket.
"Thanks." A-Rab mumbled, taking a long drag on his cigarette. "You ready for the dance tonight?" A-Rab asked.
"Yeah." Baby John mumbled, pulling his knees up to his chest. The alley way they were sitting in had a chilly breeze blowing through it.
"Taking Minnie?"
"Yeah." Baby John could feel his ears turning red. He always got embarrassed when talking about Minnie, even if he was just talking to A-Rab.
"Stop looking like a tomato. It's not like I asked if you guys have done it yet." A-Rab rolled his eyes and took another drag on his cigarette. Baby John blushed a deeper red. A-Rab chuckled and elbowed the boy.
"Are you taking Pauline?" Baby John tried to change the subject.
"Yeah. That's why I'm smoking so much. I need to hold myself over because she hates it when I smoke." A-Rab said, lighting up another cigarette.
"I've never smoked one before." Baby John mumbled, looking over at the glowing embers on the end of the small white cylinder. A-Rab passed it to the younger boy. Baby John took it and took a slow yet long drag on it. He took it from his mouth and immediately began to cough. A-Rab took the addiction between his pointer and middle finger on his right hand while patting Baby John on the back. He laughed as well at his friend.
"That's terrible." Baby John choked out.
"You get used to it." A-Rab shrugged as Baby John's coughing calmed down.
"I feel like I just tried to cough up a lung." Baby John's coughing slowed to a stop. "How do you do that?" He asked in amazement as A-Rab took a long drag.
"Simple, my friend." A-Rab slung his arm around Baby John's shoulders. "I Like it."