AN: This takes place after the last scene. In our play the two gangs all carried the body off stage. It's was pretty cool but I figured everyone would kind of all sit around in the same place and not talk about it. Except A-Rab who is kind of smart when it comes to his best friend. :)

The boys had taken Tony's body away, and now the two gangs were sitting at the playground. No one was saying anything. Action was leaning on one of the poles holding up the swings while Anybodys was on the swing beside him. Diesel was leaning on the basketball hoop pole and Big Deal was sitting beside him leaning against it as well. Chino was sitting on the bottom of the slide, looking at his hands. Indio was kicking at the ground with the tip of his shoe near by. Pepe and Luis were sitting on the jungle gym together, each one looking down at the ground. A-Rab and Baby John were under the play structure. A-Rab took a deep breath and looked at Baby John's face. Only half of it was illuminated by the moonlight, the other half was shrouded in darkness. It had no emotion. A-Rab had expected the boy to be crying or sad at least, but he wasn't anything.
"Johnny Boy?" A-Rab asked quietly. Baby John didn't move. His eyes didn't even shift what they were focusing on. "Hey, Baby John." A-Rab said a little louder.
"I don't want to talk." He said softly. He began to run his hand through his hair, but it stayed on the top of his head, supporting it. A-Rab nodded.
"Can I talk?" A-Rab asked.
"Fine." Baby John sighed, letting his had fall to the top of his knees.
"I don't have the best family, and I haven't even been home all day. No one has come looking for me either. You guys are my family. And now it's broken. Were missing a part of us. And I don't want you to not talk about it. I know you, it helps you when you talk about what's on your mind." A-Rab said softly.
"I don't want to." Baby John mumbled.
"Because, I," He sighed, "I'll cry." Baby John sniffled.
"So? I don't care, just don't let Action Boy see you." A-Rab said quietly. "And even now I don't think he'll pick on you too much."
"No. Riff always told me to be tough. He told me not to cry, even if I wanted to. And Tony always told me that when someone dies, you shouldn't be sad because it means that all of their problems are gone now and they don't have a care in the world. I don't want to be sad." Baby John said quietly.
"But you are." A-Rab stated, letting his head lean back onto one of the wooden support posts.
"Yeah." Baby John nodded.
"That's ok. I am too." A-Rab nodded as well. He put his hand on Baby John's shoulder. Baby John sniffled again.
"So it's ok to be sad?" He asked, his voice now full of sadness.
"Yeah. Yeah it is." A-Rab nodded and sniffed as well. He pat Baby John's back a few times and pulled him in for a tight hug. "I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this bull, Kid." He said sadly. His only response was a few sobs from the boy shaking in his arms. A-Rab let himself do the same and let a few sobs escape his lips.
After all the two boys had been through lately, they both deserved to let all of their sadness and anger out. First Riff died, then they almost raped Anita, then Tony died as well. That was too much for either of them in one simple weekend.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." That was all A-Rab had found he could say. He shook his head sadly and he tried to contain his composure. Baby John sat back up at stared at his friend sadly.
"Ehem," A-Rab awkwardly cleared his throat, "Ugh, enough of this touchy feely stuff." He said, trying to use his fake tough voice. That voice had always made Baby John laugh and it had done the same at that moment. Baby John laughed and pushed A-Rab's arm. A-Rab laughed as well and shoved the boy over.
They didn't need to do much for each other, they just needed to care.