"I knew it! " shouted Karen, "I just knew it!"

"Ok, ok, but don't rub it in that you made me go." said Mark.

"Wow, but if she hates her husband so much why does she have a kid with him?" Asked Liz.

"Yeah, what if she is playing you?" asked Matt.

"That's the thing. Do you know about how old that kid is?" Mark asked.

"Maybe a year, year and a half, not very old." replied Karen.

"And in this world how long about have I been gone?" prodded Mark.

"About a year or two? At least that's what you have said." Jesse said while in thought," so that would mean that she had to have been pregnant while you were here... I'm so sorry man, I can't believe she cheated on you."

"No silly", said Karen, " He means it is probably his kid. Right?" she said looking expectantly at Mark.

"Yeah, she told me last night. And she told me she wants to run away with us, but once we leave, because she said that she can't do it while we are staying here, because it will compromise our possibility of making it back, and her not being caught."

"Sounds like a good idea, but when will that be? Where else would we go?" Said Jesse sarcastically,"I'm not going to go live back in the jungle."

"Don't worry I know the perfect place to go. It is a place where outlaws gather and live. We will be safe there." replied Mark.

"Couldn't get any safer without outlaws" scoffed Liz.

"Dont worry, you'll be safe Liz" Matt said, while looking to see her reaction. Girls were so dam n cryptic. He believed he saw a warm sparkle in her eye when he said it. Perhaps she was into him.

"He is right. These outlaws are friends, companions,from my travels escaping from the Merkon's men. I will seek out Sarbo and see if he can aid us in our travels." said Mark." Sarbo is my old traveling friend. He would help us."

"Sounds good. I hope." said Jesse skeptically.