Since his childhood, this day haunted his dreams and lifted his hopes and efforts to its maximum, making his heart beat with joy and determination. Every training he took, every single drip of sweat and blood, it had all been for this day, his day of triumph, the so waited occasion, the biggest dream of his life which was now found staring at him, just a few feet away. He, the God of Thunder, son of Odin All Father, was going to be crowned king, King of Asgard, king of the mighty Realm known for its deeds and for its glory achieved through time. Since his childhood, this day had haunted his dreams and lifted his hopes... He should be feeling happy.

So why was him, the Thunderer, feeling so empty and upset on this one day?

He walked around the long corridor he was in, just waiting for the right time to enter the large and golden arena where Odin would give him the right to rule over the Realm. Even though he feared his son's pride would not allow him to rule with the will the Asgardians needed, he truly believed he was changing and was now ready for what he was intended to. What Odin did not know was that Thor was no longer a little boy and things he had not understood in the past were now clear to him; things that made him burn with rage and sadness. No matter how much the God of Thunder tried, he would never forget. He simply could not forget...

"No! No, they cannot do that, I will not let them!" Thor yelled to his father who was now standing next to the creature that had scared him for so long. The king of the Frost Giants, King of Jotunheim, Laufey stood still, simply watching as his rightful son buried his face into Thor's arm, the future King of Asgard holding him as strong as he managed to.

"Thor-" Odin barely started speaking when Thor stepped back, Loki still wrapped into his arms, protected by the only one that had always been there for him, loved by the one that had always sworn to protect him from all harm.

"B-Brother, please, do not let me g-go!" Loki cried, his whole body trembling as he hugged his big brother, seeking for safety. Thor cuddled him and stared back at both Kings who were still simply staring at them, watching. He could not believe in what was happening, he could not believe their own father would let someone take a member of the family away so easily!

"Why, father? Why are you doing this? He is my brother, father, please, I want him to stay!" Thor said holding his tears as much as he could. He did not want Loki to feel scared! Everything would be alright, he knew that, and he wanted his little bro to feel the same way. But the look that fell over him drove away all of his hopes and he instantly let the tears flow, bringing Loki closer and closer as if he could avoid this miserable fate with his bare hands. Odin sighed, destroyed in the inside, but Thor just would not listen to his words and it was with a terrible pain that he took the smaller boy into his arms by force, hugging him one last time before letting the Jotun carry him back to the freezing lands of Jotunheim.

"Father?!Father, please, do not let him-" A twelve years old Thor begged as tears streamed down his cheeks, screaming with hate as his atempts to reach his brother became futile. Loki started screaming with pure horror as the monster he grew to hate held his hand with violence and walked away without looking back. He cried and begged and the whole time stretched his arms in order to hold his big brother's hands that tried to bring him back. Before he even had time to call him one last time, however, he felt his body fly through thousands and thousands of years light away and as he landed on the cold land, he knew it was all over for him.

Thor punched Odin's arms that tried to contain him, freeing himself and running after the Jotun on his own. But they had disappeared faster than he had realized and he fell on his knees, sobbing endlessly, an unknown pain hitting his heart as if a sword had teared his whole world apart and he called his little one's name for hours and hours, just hoping, begging he would come back...

Even though he knew that was impossible.

Thor sighed, holding these memories back in an attempt to stop the tears from flowing. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to ease the pain while he still had time. The so waited day of triumph would not have too much of an effect over him and he realized he did not feel happy at all.

For how could he feel happy without the one he loved the most?