(Previously on Kyle XY)

Kyle held Cassidy up by the throat, looking murderously into his eyes.

"You won't do it." Cassidy said.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because Grace Kingsley, my mother …" Cassidy continued.

"What about her?

"She's your mother too. I'm your brother"

I had never felt such anger in my life. At that moment, I wanted to crush the life out of Cassidy. How had Jessie been able to keep control knowing that he had killed Sarah? Foss had killed to protect me, could I do so to protect Amanda and the Tragers? What would Nicole think of me if I did? Jessie hadn't known what she was doing in the woods, but I had no similar excuse.

Kyle released his grip and Cassidy slid to the deck gasping for breath. Kyle looked at him lying there and saw Cassidy's electronic device lying amidst the broken glass. He picked it up, turned it over examining it, and then put it in his pocket. Cassidy's eyes followed him the whole time.

"You're not my brother. Josh is my brother." Kyle said, "We may be biologically related – if what you are saying is true, but that doesn't make us family. This," he waved at the house behind him, "is my home. This is where my family lives."

"It's what it is, Mate." Cassidy responded.

"I don't care," Kyle insisted, "You keep trying to make me do what you want by threatening the people I love. You have to stop. All you are doing is making me more determined to fight you and the rest of Latnok. I don't want to spend my life worrying about my family. We need to put an end to this."

Cassidy said, "Mate, it isn't that simple, the senior members of Latnok have almost twenty years tied up in you. They aren't going to simply let you go off and be a teenager – especially after today. Our mum certainly isn't and she's pretty determined to get what she wants."

"I'm pretty determined to get what I want too," Kyle responded.

I had told Jessi that I didn't think my life would ever go back to being normal, and now I faced the fact that we could never be really free from Latnok. I had always thought of Latnok as having a single goal, but my time with Mark and Jackie and the other young members had shown me that some of them had the ideals that Adam had dreamt of when he founded Latnok, others had the flaws that sent Sarah into hiding. I needed to know more about the senior members. Were they all like Cassidy? What was Grace Kingsley's goal? What was she like?

"I want you to arrange a meeting with the senior members," Kyle demanded. "I think it's time that Jessi and I met them."

"Kyle, you're the guy they want," Cassidy objected, "They think Jessi's too erratic – and after last night, I certainly agree. I don't think it's such a good idea to bring them together. I think we better leave her out." Imminent death apparently averted he started to relax and regain his ability to be glib, "I'm sure they'd be glad to meet with you, though."

"I'm tired of you trying to drive a wedge between us," Kyle insisted, "Jessi and I are a team, they have to deal with both of us together, or neither of us. Tell them that. If they want me so badly, they can do it my way."

Cassidy looked down for a moment, "I'll try, but they're not going to like it."

Kyle reached down and grabbed his shirt lapels, pulling him to his feet then releasing him with a slight backward push so that Cassidy staggered back a couple of steps. Cassidy turned to walk away when Kyle said firmly, "And Cassidy …" Cassidy stopped and looked back into his eyes. "I can do pretty much everything that Jessie showed you last night. If you ever hurt Amanda, Jessi or any members of my family – Iwill kill you."

Cassidy, grim faced, gave a small nod started to say something, thought better of it, and walked away into the night.

Kyle picked up one of the chairs and set it upright; sitting down with the shards of glass and his life scattered around him, and gazed into the night.