"Looking back on it now, it seemed so silly to think that, just because I was severely emotionally damaged, that it meant someone couldn't come into my life and pick up the pieces."

Amy's p.o.v****

I brushed off my wrist, a dirt clod sticking to it from the dry ground, blowing sand around me as I searched for the needle I dropped in the midst of battle.

"Damn, where is that thing?"I whispered to myself, looking around and taking in all the people laying around me, some moaning, all hurting like a root canal. Strewn around me were the bodies of what I was calling Neo-Hair Hunters, the brutes responsible for the bodies laying farther away from me, the innocents.

I hadn't gotten here in time to save them all, and that irked me, putting me in a mood worse than the one I seemed to have adopted over the past month. Being on your own can do that to a person. I finally submitted and fell on my knees, brushing up sand all around me and looking for the needle that had to reflect eventually in the harsh sun. That thing was one of the only ones I had left, the nearest 7-Eleven being two days away by foot!

I seemed to be running out of them faster these days, going up against these new soldiers, so different from the old Chrome Dome Empire. The old ones would have pretty much seen me and immediatly wet themselves, tried to fight, and end up getting defeated with little or no needle-usage. But these guys were different, dangerously so. They fought with the strength of lions and the quickness of a fat kid at a donut shop, and that was only the low-ranked soldiers.

I counted myself as lucky that I hadn't run into any Block leaders yet. I couldn't even begin to imagine how strong they were, if the soldiers were giving me a run for my money. Making me feel weak, was what they were doing! No matter how hard I was training, they were still winding me with every soldier I was up against. Irritation boiled up inside me as I sat back, looking at the ground with a hard glare, frustrated and tired.

"Looking for this?" I snapped my head up, eyes going wide with the sight in front of me. This was the last person I was expecting to see today, or ever really! I could only stare for a moment, mouth open and eyes wide, wondering if I was suffering from some form of massive heat stroke or if this person was really standing here before me. Finally I shook myself, managing out an astonished,


There stood the sticky-sweet-cute, Blonde singer that helped me defeat J all those months ago, still giving me that sweet-as-pie smile. Though, that smile changed as I exclaimed what I thought was her name, turning into a soft expression of confusion.

"Denbo? That some sort of slang you kiddos use these days? I mean I didn't think I was THAT out of the loop! 30 isn't old, I don't care WHAT Oprah says! I'm just a ripe 25 is all!"She went off on a tangent, and I paused, sighing and raising a shaky hand.

She paused her raging and looked down, eyes wide and eyebrows up, as if just realizing I was there,

"Oh! Yes, student?"

"...Can I have my needle please?"I asked, seeing the shiny silver instrument in her fingers. She gave me anouther sweet smile and handed it to me, me pocketing it and sighing,

"You act just like a friend of mine."

"Bobobo."She said, and I looked up, slightly surprised. I mean, I'd only defeated the Chrome Dome Empire last month, had word spread that fast about us? This not-Denbo gave me a smile and winked, holding up a finger as she explained, "Yeah, I know him. Matter of fact, I happen to be his older sister. Bububu-Bu-Bu-Bubu at your service! But you can call me Bububu." My jaw dropped, starring at this exact copy of Denbo, and trying to connect the dots of her being somehow related to Bobobo.

Needless to say, it did not work, and I settled on silence and stunned.

"Amy, I've heard a lot about you. You helped my baby brother a whole lot and, by the looks of it, you live up to the stories I've been told."She went on, and then, with the gusto of a champion, shot her hand down towards me and said confidently, "I think you and I could make a great team!"

-1 year and 11 months later-

The sun was treating the land like a school crush: barely peeking its head over the horizon, casting just a bit of light on the farthest corners, as if spying on us. It didn't do anything for the cold, either, that brushed past my bare skin, having ditched the mesh shirt awhile ago, leaving me in my bra-like top and some seriously re-vamped jeans. They had more pockets where I stored a massive amount of needles, not that I would ever really need them. They were also loose, but hugged my curves that I'd recently acquired, allowing me to move with the speed I was capable of.

I leaned forward, balanced on the railing of the balcony outside my room, looking down at the massive building I'd called Base for what felt like forever, the large black-and-turqouis building streaching up about five stories, my room at the top of them. As I looked down, I frowned, eyes emotionless as they had been for as long as I'd been on this solo-journey, face concrete and serious, betraying none of the emotions I had.

Today, though, was not like the others. Today was worse than the others. Aside from the usual longing I felt when memories of my comrads floated into my mind, today I felt a slight bit of betrayal with some anger seasoning. I watched as the sun came up, signaling today, the anniversary. The 2 year anniversary. He was late.

At least , I hope that was what it was. That he was just running late, even if it was REALLY late, that maybe he got turned around somewhere. The alternatives were too... I just didn't want to think of them. Didn't want to think that maybe he'd gotten hurt... That maybe he changed his mind, and didn't want to come looking for me... I shook the thoughts from my head, glaring at the sun that cast it's light halfway, leaving me and my Rebel Base in darkness.

It had been two years since I'd joined Bububu in the fight against the rapidly-growing Neo Chrome Dome Empire, which, might I say, was a hell of a lot more advanced and brutal than the last one, actually posing a threat this time instead of being a mild-humored joke. Our rebellion, growing not nearly as fast as theirs, was barely able to keep up with the army, trying our best to protect towns and strike down intruders.

But we wouldn't be able to take down the empire. Not without the help of the only person who could help us, who we all had faith in. The man who was late. The man towards whom I'd struggled with my emotions towards since I'd met him, over two and a half years ago. That was the only source of amusement I got, thinking about how I'd freak out at the slightest hint of emotions towards the Bo-tector.

I seemed so young then, compared to now. Granted, back then I'd had maybe a second's rest before I had to jump right back up either into battle or to take care of whatever mess the guys had gotten us into. Now, though, I'd have two years of almost complete solitude, amoungst the intense training Bububu put me through in the beginning and random missions/intrustions. I'd remained in slight isolation, the only company being that of Rem and Suzu, but other than that, I was alone. Bububu allowed it, knowing I was by far the strongest person in this whole building, and that I was struggling with some serious depression and angst. Oh, the angst.

All that time I had by myself let me finally think, mull things over. I spent my days thinking a rather unhealthy amount about Bobobo, about everything that involved him and him and me and me and him. How he made me feel. The things he did for me, and vise versa. That connection we seemed to have from the very beginning, the connection I'd tried my best to avoid. Looking back on it now, it seemed so silly to think that, just because I was severely emotionally damaged, that it meant someone couldn't come into my life and pick up the pieces.

I was twenty years old today. Twenty years wiser. I'd learned so much in the span that our team had seperated, and I wished that, if I could go back and change things, that I would have done something...different. I daydreamed again, humming a song to myself. I did that a lot now, singing quietly, either by myself or in the quiet moments between Suzu, Rem and me. It was something to calm me down, something I remembered that Beauty liked. Damn, how I missed Beauty.

I hummed again, thinking of Bobobo, how he was possibly two years late... Wanting to tell him everything I'd learned, how I'd grown to know things...

"I remember years ago, someone told me I should take, caution when it comes to love, I did..."I sang softly, looking down as I swung my feet. "You were strong and I was not, my illusion my mistake...I was careless I forgot I did..."

Anouther chilly breeze as a longing inside me twisted up again,

"And now, when all is done, there is nothing to say...you have gone so effortlessly, you have won..." I looked out, tilting my head up a bit as I whispered, "Tell him all I know now, shout it from the rooftops, write it on the skyline, all we had is gone now...

"Tell him I was happy, and my heart is broken, all my scars are open.." I looked at the sky, eyes narrowing as I muttered, "Tell him what I hoped would be impossible." Because hadn't I thought it was impossible? If only I could tell myself that now. It astonished me that it had taken two whole years away from him to realize just how I felt towards that big, goofy, crazy, bipolar idiot.


"Amy."A soft voice came. I turned my head, seeing Suzu and Rem standing there. While we are on the subject of how people used to be, Suzu and Rem's looks had changed drastically. Suzu's hair was now much longer, going to her shoulders. She'd ditched the jacket and settled on a black tank top with a red X on it, still dressed in the same baggy jeans as before. Rem was a bit taller, now around 5,5 or 5,6, hair cropped short and spikey in a slightly punk look, wearing tight white-wash pants and a jacket that Suzu also wore.

It was black with two pockets on the breasts, a zipper along the sleeve cuffs, buckles on the shoulders, and the rebellion symbol on the back. Our symbol was in the shape of what Bobobo's father had looked like in his flash back, a tadpole-like shape that was apparently what everyone's 'Hair Ball' looked like, a hair ball being what basically embodied Fist Master's souls, in a bright turquois like part of the building. Everyone had to wear them...well, except me.

I'd adimantly fought Bububu against wearing my own, and threw it every time she insisted. Yet, everytime I did that, it just ended right back on my couch in the bare, dark room I occupied, Bububu being adimant about everyone wearing them, saying that if we were a rebellion we had to keep up a 'cool chic look'. I still wouldn't wear it. It was heavy and scratchy. And hard to move in.

"What's up?"I asked them, leaning back and feeling my ponytail graze my mid-back, having grown it out considerably. Suzu smiled softly, as did Rem, both always aware of the struggle I was going through no matter how I tired to hide it from them.

"Bububu says there's an intruder she wants you to 'consult' with."Rem said, and I sighed. By 'consult', Bububu meant beat the living hell out of and make an example of towards the Neo Chrome Dome.

I spun around and landed my feet on the balcony, walking towards the girls and saying lightly,

"Well, let's meet him. No need to be rude." They walked beside me as we entered my room: Black-walled and bare, spare a black couch against the far wall with a door between the couch and the balcony that led to my bedroom. The lights were off, me not needing them to see the Hair Hunter that dared invade our headquarters.

I sat down on the couch, leaning back with my arms around the back, Suzu and Rem each sitting on either side of me, moving in close as Suzu wrapped her arms around my neck, resting her head on my shoulder, Rem wrapping her arms around my waist and resting the side of her head on my stomach. I felt, and this is off the record, mildly like a pimp.

"Get him, Aims."Rem encouraged, as I lay in wait for the poor soul...

Bobobo's p.o.v****

I was now under the religious practice of 'Google Maps is The Cornicopia Of All That Is Evil', also known as GMITCOATIE. They were more confusing than Don's diary written in Pig Latin! Those Piggies and their Latin, so cute yet so cunfuddling...

"Bobobo! Pay attention!"Beauty snapped. She got a lot snappier now that she was a teenager! Such a mean 15-year-old, yet still with the same innocent charm! Softon was clearly not teaching her proper ediquette!

"Hush woman! Let me drive!"I shushed her, thinking of how hard it had been to locate her and Softon at the ice-cream shop conveniantly placed in the middle of a DESERT! These guys didn't want to make it easy one me, did they! Think GPS goes to the middle of a desert? No! No it does not! Luckily Jiggler knew where they were, and I lifted him from his cooking class on making PBJ sandwiches with Dengakuman.

"We're not even in a car!"Beauty pointed out. Well, it was sort of a car. I count mobile armadillos as cars, especially when we can all fit on it!

"How's my makeup?"Don Patch inquired from the back, turning into more of a Pasta-Premadonna than I was.

"It's fine you creepy little thing."Softon mused, Don Patch having been in a woman's water aerobics class when we picked him up, Softon having to fight through the masses of cellulite and old-lady jiggle in order to reach Don, who was being used as a paddleboard.

I had noted a slight downturn in Softon's attitude towards me, acting like a sour banana ever since Amy defeated the Chrome Dome empire two years ago, giving me more of an angsty, scorned-lover's glare than he usually did. Maybe he's past experation date, like Jelly Jiggler. Though Jiggler is quite chipper these days, even though he's melting in this heat. Why is he melting in heat? Cuz guess where Google Maps led me when I googled 'Where's Amy?'? After an assortment of children's stories(We had become quite famous since our defeating of the Chrome Dome), we arrived at...wait for it...

A DESERT. At least I had some idea of where I was going now! It had been a year since I picked up the others, having planned on picking Amy up first but noooo her location was unknown! Which made me question...was she using a good moving company? Cuz the wrong ones could damage her valubles!

Just as this concerning thought popped into my afro, I felt the armadillo give a quick buck, sending us all flying. Luckily, I was part flying squirrel and, no matter what Amy said, they could so fly! I grazed through the air before landing gracefully on my face, getting in my morning helping of sand before turning and sitting up, seeing the armadillo standing up and brushing itself off.

"Hey, what's the dealio Armando?!"Don Patch demanded.

The armadillo huffed at us and mused,

"Your pre-payment has run out. I'm gone." With that, he oh-so-rudely turned away, sprouted wings, and flew off into the sunset like some big-shot. I stood up quickly, brushing myself off. That wasn't that bad, I could walk! In fact, I could run. If Jiggler hadn't gotten slightly out-of-jiggle while away, I would run! I was a year late, if my Kitty-Calendar was correct, exactly a year late.

I wrote myself a strongly worded letter when I'd missed my deadline the first time, not only failing to find Amy and pick her up, but also missing her 19th birthday! That was a big milestone! Or a big stone! Or a kilometer stone! Certainly not a yardstone! And now today was her 20th, and I would not miss this! No sir! Because that's what friends do and friendly friends are friendly and and and...

Aw, I'm not even kidding myself, and I'm easy to kid! I miss Amy. Miss her like I've never missed anyone or thing before. She'd taken up permanent residency in my mind, and I didn't even care if she didn't pay for rent! I wanted her there, but I also wanted her here, with me! Because damnit I cared about that girl! Maybe even to the point of saying that four-letter word that was, as I had found out, not foot nor was it word or pasta. Because pasta has five letters.

"Bobobo."Beauty mused, breaking my train of thought. Aww, I liked that train...

"Hm?"I asked, looking over at her.

"We're sinking."

"I'm aware."

She hung her head. She wasn't nearly as good at dealing with me as Amy was... Oh, wait, we're sinking. Into sand. Hmm. Odd. Let me take an unecissairy amount of time to think about this...






"...I think we're sinking."I pointed out, nodding, everyone for some reason groaning.

"It would appear so!" My eyes grew wide. Of course, they didn't see that, my super-cool shades hid them. So, to show my shock, I quickly looked up, seeing a girl that looked like Denbo, but I knew wasn't Denbo, because I was part of Denbo, and I was neither nonexistant nor having an out-of-body experiance, which meant that this Denbo was actually...

"Bububu!"I cheered, torpedoing out of the sand and hugging my big sister! Aww, I just loved family reunions!

"Bobobo, mind getting us out of here and then explaining how you know this girl?"Softon asked, and I spun around, looking at them a bit surprised. When had they gotten there?... Oh my, they were sinking! When did that happen?! I must save my friends-

"Fist of the Armpit Hair: Extract With Care!"Bububu exclaimed, hair shooting from her well-groomed underarms and wrapping around my friends, plucking them from the ground and setting them safely in front of us.

"That's...gross...but thank you?"Beauty said, smiling up at Bububu, who gave a kind smile back.

"Who's this, Bobobo?"Jiggler asked, and I did a very cool dramatic arm wave at Bububu, exclaiming,

"This is... My Big Sister!"

"Really?!"Don Patch and Jiggler exclaimed.

"How many sudden sibling-relationships are we gonna have in this series?"Beauty asked, Softon messing up her hair.

Bububu smiled and chuckled, waving a hand and saying sweetly,

"I'm glad I ran into you bunch! There's someone I have that I think you definitly want to meet, someone you've been a bit late in catching up with."She winked and I did my manliest gasp I could muster, jumping up and down. She meant...she meant...

"Alma?!"I exclaimed, holding up my picture of her I got signed awhile ago.

Bububu's facial reaction changed faster than Don in a coffee shop, her head whipping around and face suddenly and sharply glaring darkly at me, though not as scary as Amy, still scarily.

"No. A certain girl you were supposed to meet a year ago and now she's all sad and depressed because her friends didn't meet her when they said they would!"She exclaimed through gritted teeth.

I shrunk, pouting. Then I realized what she was saying. I took a small pause, thinking about chipmunks and how cute they were, before I quickly threw Jiggler down on the ground and pulled everyone forcefully onto him. We took off faster than Softon ran from Frozen Yogurt, hurtling in the direction that Google Maps told me to go.

"Bobobo, it's the other way."Bububu mused.