Amy's p.o.v****


"Okay, I'm good."I decided after half an hour, the boys playing poker with chicken eggs, Kid Din-o-mite still giving us a tired, amused look. Everyone immediatly got into a cool action pose, starring at Kid, as I frowned. "Hey...Don't I know you?"I asked, the guy looking awfully familiar, I just couldn't place his face. He bit down, the match breaking in half and falling to the floor as I got an 'o' look.

"...I'm guessing I pissed you off somehow..."I mused, "In which case, can I offer you him in repentance?"I held up Don Patch, who had on way-too-much makeup and a blonde, curley wig.

"Oh my, I do like the hot and firey type!"He said in a feminine voice, as Kid held a hand forward quickly and exclaimed,

"Fist of the Flame: Barbeque!" A massive flame shot forward from his palm, slamming into Don and enveloping him as I panicked, throwing him into the ground and stomping on him to put out the fire.

"Here, use this!"Bobobo exclaimed, pouring a substance that smelled an awful lot like...

"LIGHTER FLUID?!"I exclaimed, taking the can away and setting it carefully aside, spinning to Don and shouting,

"Fist of the Scorpion: Emergency!" I threw four needles, all of them turnig into water in mid-air and dropping down on Don, putting out the flame and leaving him moaning and burnt to a well-done.

I spun to Bobobo and wrapped my hands around his shirt collar, screaming,

"We are in a room FULL of TNT and YOU think it's a good idea to pour LIGHTER FLUID on Don Patch?!"

"Whaaaa! Mommy's yelling at Daddy!"Battleship exclaimed, crying buckets as he sat and whined, Bububu and Beauty running over to him and patting him on the back, Gasser trying to calm him down.

I, with my feet on Bobobo's chest and my hands wrapped around his shirt collar, looked over at the same time as Bobobo, both our faces surprised and embarrased.

"What?! Mommy and Daddy!?"I exclaimed, Bobobo and I both freaking out.

"You guys are fighting!"Battleship whined.

"No no, they're just talking loudly! Isn't that right?"Beauty mused, prodding Bobobo and I.

"Uh, Uh, Uh,..."I muttered, eyes wide, before I remembered that there was a rather tough-looking warrior behind us that we had to get to figthing, and jumped from Bobobo's chest, patting it with a hand and saying happily, "Yes! We're just fine sweetie!"

Battleship sniffled and smiled, me sighing with relief.

"Now, back to what I was doing,"I muttered, pulling out a needle and whipping around, everyone gasping as it passed by the irate-looking Kid's face. He paused, then winced a bit as a cut opened in his face. I stood there, hand in a pocket as I played with the needles within it, the others behind me as Kid looked down at the trickle of blood rolling down his cheek.

"That's a warning."I said, suddenly serious. "You hurt my friends, you touch Bobobo, and I swear, the next time a needle strikes you it's gonna feel a hell of a lot worse." Kid smirked, pulling a match out of his pocket and striking it on his jeans, holding it up as the flame wavered.

"I've been waiting for the Master of the Fist of the Scorpion to arrive. I must say, it's gonna be a guilty pleasure seeing you burn."He mused confidently, and I got a smirk on my own face.

"Just try it."

"Fist of the Flame: Light it up!"Kid shouted, and blew on the flame, the small spark igniting into unrealisting proportions and shooting right at me.

"Fist of the Scorpion: Incinerate!"I shouted, pulling out five needles and throwing them right into the flame. The second they plunged into it, it exploded, the flames going out like a pissed-on campfire.

Except for one stray ember, that turned and shot towards one of the sticks of dynamite that Don Patch was leaning on.

"Don!"I shouted, and he looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

"What is it, screen-hogger?"


"What-" BOOOM.

Worth it. The stick of dynamite exploded, sending Don flying into Bobobo. He caught him and immediatly spun around, glaring at Kid, as he shouted,

"How dare you hurt my friend like that?! Look at poor Donnie, burnt to a crisp! Now all he's good for is.." Bobobo turned and threw him on a barbeque, pulling on an apron and flipping Don with a spatula. "My world-famouse barbeque!"

"Ha, fools. You think this is a joke, like your other battles?"Kid asked, running a hand through his short spikey orange hair, eyes narrowed evilly at us. I faced him, fists clenched.

"No, we know how serious it is."I mused, winking, the distraction created by Don Patch enough to give Halekulani and Giga time to sneak behind Kid.

"Fist of the Cyber Money: Online Bank Deposit!"They shouted, raising their hands up as a massive computer screen floated above Kid. On the screen was a bank deposit for...

"Nine Million Dollars?!"I exclaimed, "I never got paid that much in the Chrome Dome!"

"Inflation."Halekulani said simply, as they both brought their hands down, crushing Kid under the computer as they jumped back beside me.

"Okay guys, now that he's-"

"Watch out!"Giga shouted, turning and tackling me, covering me as the computer exploded into little bits and pieces, most of which hitting Jiggler and Don as Bobobo held them out in front of us and shouted,

"Fist of the Nosehair: Audit!"

I looked over, wincing, hearing Kid's voice as calm as ever,

"Haha, that was a good one. Didn't see it coming, really. I guess you guys really are all you're cracked up to be."

"How were you not defeated?!"Halekulani thundered, as Kid laughed.

"A computer? Defeating me? Please, I helped destroy the Hair Kingdom, it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that."He mused.

I looked up as Bububu did a spit-take with Dos Equis, and then my mind clicked.

"I remember you!"I exclaimed, sitting up and throwing Giga awkwardly into my lap, everyone looking over at me as I pointed to Kid. "You were that guy that one time when I did a spit-take and I stole your drink in order to do it cuz I was too cheap to buy my own Pepsi!"I remembered.

His demeanor changed, face growing dark as he grit his teeth. A flame around him grew, me assuming it was his aura, eyeing as it got too-close to a wall of dynamite for me.

"Eh! Make him less angry, or we'll all go down in flames!"Gasser exclaimed, as Kid took in a deep breath.

"That's right. Ever since that day I've plotted my revenge on you, Scorpion Child!"He shouted, and Giga turned his head, still sitting in my lap.

"Man, it's just a drink, chill your heels-"

"IT WAS NOT JUST A DRINK!"Kid screamed, the fire getting literally a centimeter away from the wall. Rice and Gasser freaked out, shouting,

"Okay okay! It wasn't just a drink!"

"It was the Coke Mystery Flavor!"Kid shouted, fist clenched as he looked down at it, an angsty look in his eyes.

"I sense a flashback..."I muttered, as one hit right on cue. Kid walked, sipping on the drink as he read a flyer.

"First person to guess the mystery flavor gets a free half-eaten packet of Hot Tamales."He read aloud, as he continued to sip in the flashback, real-Kid narrarating.

"I almost had it down, thinking and planning until it was on the tip of my tongue, the flavor, I almost had it! It would only take one last sip and that half-eaten packet of Hot Tamales would be mine!"

It showed Kid looking down and going in for that one last sip, eyes wide and determined as he got closer and closer... And then me. My face was bright red as I reached over and snatched the drink away from him, downing the rest of it and taking my famous spit-take, then shoving it back into Kid's chest as I turned back to Beauty.

"W-why do you ask?"I asked her nervoisly in the flashback, grateful that the flashback narrowed in on Kid as he looked down, eyes wide in shock, shaking as he looked down at the compleatly-empty cup.

The flashback ended as I hung my head, everyone glarring daggers at me.

"I wonder what Beauty asked to make Amy blush like that?"Bububu asked, as I quickly straightened up and shouted,

"Nothing!" They gave me confused looks as I faced Kid, who was on his knees, shaking with anger.

"One more sip...just one...more...sip! Do you understand?! I never found anouther can of Mystery Coke! Someone else discovered it! SOmeone stole what should have been all mine!"He shouted, the fire closer to the dynamite now than ever.

"What was the guys name?"Over asked.

"Does that matter?!"Beauty exclaimed, as Kid stood, thinking, and then mused,

"Jelly Jiggler." We all paused, Jelly Jiggler just tuning in on what was happening, walking up to us and asking,

"Hey, what's up?"

He was eating Hot Tamales.

"Oh, Jiggler..."I muttered, shaking my head, then pausing and looking up at Giga.

"Um...You can get up if you want..." He paused, then his face shot red as he immediatly sprung to his feet, twitching in nervoisness as Softon, Bobobo, and Over all glared daggers at him. I stood up just as a massive flame shot inches away from me, the heat singing my arm.

"Ouch!"I exclaimed, grabbing my arm and jumping to the side, pulling Beauty with me.

"Jelly Jiggler!"I exclaimed, seeing the flame envelope him, burning hotly, almost certainly roasting the poor, love-struck jelly man...

"Yeah, what's up?"He asked calmly, as the fire went out, him still standing there looking compleatly fine. My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out, exclaiming,


"Normally I'd say that my love for you burns hotter than any flame,"He said suavely, then immediatly got a calm, innocent look on his face and explained, "But in reality I'm flame resistant."

"Seriously?"Softon asked, and we heard Kid shout,

"What? Th-that's impossible! How past your expiration date are you?!"

Jiggler started crying as he shouted,

"Never ask a lady her age!"

"Wait, if Jiggler's flame resistant, then we might have a chance of winning!"Gasser exclaimed, him and Rice high-fiving. I walked over next to Jiggler, pulling out a needle, and said,

"Okay Jiggler, we'll fight him together."


I looked over at Jiggler, compleatly shocked, as he looked seriously at Kid, who still glared at us.

"I'm the one that Kid has a grudge against, I couldn't bare if you got hurt because of me. I'll fight him myself, you guys continue on, you have to reach Bibibi before you get too tired to fight."He said, and I looked at Jiggler a moment. Was this really the Jelly Jiggler I knew? The one that jiggled at even the slightest hint of a challenge?

Hm. Well would you look at that. Jiggler actually got...tougher. And not just because he's multiple years past his expiration date. A new feeling of respect made way for Jiggler, as I starred at him.

"I'll join you!"Don shouted, stepping forward with a leek, Dengakuman on his head.

"Guys?"Jiggler asked, unsure. Don winked and said,

"Hey, I can't let you have all the spotlight."

Was everyone going under a serious character change?!

"Alright, you guys go ahead as we fight!"Jiggler said, throwing the Tamales behind him. The others nodded, Kid shouting,

"Fine! I get you, one-on-one!"

"C'mon, let's ditch this dynamite stand!"Bobobo shouted, running with the others around me.

I took a step forward, then paused, looking back at Jiggler.

"Go on, be careful."Jiggler instructed, with genuine care in his voice. Aw damn...he was just too damn nice. The guy deserved something. I leaned forward and placed a hand on the side of his head.

"Thanks, Jiggler."I said, and gave him an insy-beensy teensy-weensy mini little peck on the lips. Small! Like you would give your grandmother!

I stepped back and smiled at him, as his eyes went wide, face blank.

Bobobo's p.o.v****


Amy's p.o.v****

"Let's go!"I exclaimed, turning as we got to the stairwell behind Kid, running up it. About halfway up we heard a massive shout of power from below, the entire area shaking.

"Hm. One hell of a kiss."Bububu mused, as I went red.

"NO! It was small! Almost not there!"I insisted, as she laughed, nudging me as I took a breath, looking up as a door stood in our way of our next opponent.

"C'mon, let's milk this cow!"Battleship exclaimed, him and Bobobo high-fiveing.

"...I don't even wanna know..."I mused, shaking my head, as we climbed the steps. I stopped at the door, behind Bobobo and Battleship. Over stood next to me, resting his scissors on his shoulder. I gave him a quick look, him looking down, and us nodding. This one was gonna take both of us, I could feel it...

"Yeah! Come out whoever you are!"Bobobo exclaimed, jumping head-first into the room as I followed, the others behind me, as we entered the room. I looked around, then my eyes fell upon our opponent, standing there in the middle of the room. My stomach fell and I said tiredly,

"...You've got to be kidding me..."