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It was late at night- the day had been- in a way full. I was studying for my Adam and Eve report, and I had decided to skip dinner. My stomach wasn't too happy with me for it, I decided to head down to the dinning hall for a small snack. I Abcde McHale go to an all angels school, it was kind of like a mortals boarding school. Well that's the way I can explain it at best. My roommate and best friend Laura was past out asleep at the moment.

I headed out of the girls dorm building, the trees rustled in the light breeze. I have been here since I was maybe twelve, my parents sent me here to protect me. I was never allowed outside of my house when I was a child; my parents thought something bad would happen to me. That the outside world would corrupt me and I would no longer be called an Angel. I had no other choice but to obey my parents. My parents aren't angels which is odd because I am, Angles can only come from two Angles or sometimes half angels. Half-angels are from obviously angels and a mortal. A relationship between a mortal and Angel was forbidden in the old days, but now the Board, a very important council in the angel and demon world, slowly let it slip.

However it is strictly forbidden for a member of the council to fall for a demon or an angel, that and for an angel and demon to get together. If that were to happen both the demon and angel would get a mild shock, if the Board were to find out then both would be forbidden to return to the angel and demon society. Other then that, if you behaved or didn't get caught doing something the Board would call intolerable you were golden.

The dinning hall was always open for the late night studiers like me, so I walked in and grabbed myself an apple. On the way out I tried to avoid crunching leave on the sidewalk, it didn't help that the wind blew them into my pathway. I heard a twig snap, that wasn't me, I thought to myself. I must be hearing things; I was in fact superstitious yes- only because I'm an angel. If I was an angel, anything could be real right? I went to open the dorm building door when a hand kept it shut. I took a step back and observed the person blocking my path.

He was tall, really tall; he had dark brown hair that fell over his eyes. He was dressed in a black leather jacket with a black ripped shirt underneath. He had ripped jeans and black combat boots, to be honest he was attractive. I looked like a polar opposite standing next to him in my pastel blue tank top and jean shorts. Here we didn't have a dress code- we just couldn't wear black. It separated us from the demons, for the most part. The moment I saw his hand I knew he wasn't an angel.

"Hey Crown, whatcha up too?" Crown was what demons called us- because of the stereotyped halos and all.

"I don't think it is any of your business."

"Aw, common babe, don't be like that." I blinked in shock, what had he called me?

"You're not supposed to be here."

"I know," he smiled at me; I felt a funny feeling in my chest. He took a step closer to me, and my breath caught in my throat.

"So get out of here demon, don't get yourself into anymore trouble. Like you need it." I bit into my apple, his hand was still blocking the door; blocking my escape. I had to admit, he was extremely handsome. It had to be the fact that he was a demon; they are suppose to be completely irresistible so they can lure mortals to doing unmoral things. I shook the thought from my head, he's a demon I cant find him attractive.

"Now can you please move? I would like to get back to my room."

"See I can't do that."

"Why not!?"

"Cuz I don't want to."

"That's a want not a cant. Move Demon."

"It's Dominic, what's yours crown?"


"Abcde?" When he said my name it sounded like Ab-seedy. Even if he pronounced it wrong I still liked the way he said my name, I pinched my arm to stop those thoughts from continuing.

"Ab-si-d. Now please move."

"Like I said. I don't wanna." I rolled my eyes at him and pushed his hand off the door. I gasped as his hand gave me a painful shock. I quickly retreated inside the dorm before he could stop me. I took another bite of my apple and waved to him through the glass. He smiled, and I felt that funny feeling again; he disappeared.

I walked down the hallway and into my room, Laura was still asleep. I finished my apple and turned the lamp off and headed to sleep. In the morning I jumped into the shower, and all I could do was think of the demon. I let Laura sleep in and headed to the dinning hall.

Since semester exams were coming up, I decided o study. I loved Laura, I really did but she was driving me crazy trying to talk to me while I studied. So one night I decided to try studying in the library. I was walking past the giant fountain at the center of the school when I hard him. I spun on my heels and headed back to the dorms.

"Hey, Crown." I didn't turn, and I didn't appreciate the demeaning nickname.

"Abcde, wait." I didn't, he caught up to me and walked beside me.

"What do you want Demon?"

"I thought I had a name."

"Not to me."

"Aww, common sweetheart what did I do?" I stopped walking and snapped.

"How about the degrading nickname of crown, or not leaving me alone."

"Common babe, it's just a nickname. Let's talk."

"I don't want to talk to you Dominic."

"Why are you so mad, relax Abcde."

"Just please go, just leave." I stared at his chest so I wouldn't have to look at his eyes.

"Common, you don't want me to leave. You like having me here."

"You are sadly mistaken. I ont want you here, I want you gone. Now disvaperate Dominic." I gglared at him, that was a mistak. As soon as I looked at his eyes I got lost in thought until he spoke again.

"Disvaperate? What are you five?" There was humor in his voice, but I didn't find it funny.

"You know at least I'm not a juvenile Delinquent!"

"Juvenile? You think I'm juvenile? That's men!"

"Very. Now leave." I kept talking to his chest, afraid to look back in his eyes.

"Wait, I'm still hung up on you calling me Juvenile."


I started to walk away again, at the moment I could care less about him. He stood still for a moment. The wind blew violently, blowing my hair into my face. Ashe caught up to me his jacket whipped around his torso violently.

"Hey, Abcde wait up."

"So now you're calling me by my name?"

"For the record I'm not juvenile. Yes I'm calling you by your name."

"Dominic, leave me alone." I snapped, he took a step back and watched me.

"Fine your wish is my command." And he disappeared. I watched the spot he stood only seconds ago. I didn't really want him to go, I was just mad.

I didn't know what this demon was doing to me, every night I wished he'd show up outside my window. Only for a second later I'd feel like slapping myself, I didn't ant him here. I'd chant this in my head over and over. It never really worked. The next few days I skipped studying and hung out with Laura and our friends to distract myself from Dominic. We were at the dinning hall after classes and dinner and just talked, I sat between Laura and Michael. On the other side sat Logan, Tara and Andrew, we were talking about plans for the weekend.

"We should head over to town, its winter break next week. Let's have some fun!" Logan smiled at his 'brilliant idea'.

"That would be so much fun!" Tara was leaning on Andrew's shoulder and drawing something on the table.

"I don't know." I told them, I wasn't allowed outside or away from the school unless my parents had taken me. They knew what situation I was in, and they did care for me.

"We can just stay here then." Laura offered.

"Ya, town is so overrated! What was I thinking?" Logan added, I smiled at my friends

"It's fine, you guys go ahead I'll stay here."

"No that's not right to you." Tara said smiling at me. I smiled at them and shook my head.

"No really, go. I'll be fine here, I'll relax." we all laughed and they made plans for town, promising to video tape everything they did for me.

Winter break came and I went wit the gate with my friends to tell them bye for the week. I took the long way back to the dorms and walked past the lake. It was beautiful during the summer, now it looked like a skating rink. I wanted to skate on it but the ice was too thin at this point in the season. When I got back to my room I collapsed on my bed, I heard a crinkling and reached for the object underneath my head. It was a price of paper

Meet me at the fountain


I barley knew this demon and he had left a note in my room like we've been friends forever. I did want to see what he wanted, but I also didn't want to care. Have you ever heard- Curiosity killed the cat. I am the damn cat in most situations. I slowly made my way out of the dorms and towards the fountain, sure enough he was sitting on the fountain ledge.

"What are you doing here?" I called to him, he looked up at me and smiled.

"I felt like coming to say hi." my mouth got the better of me.


"I felt like it."

"Well you said hi. You should go."

"You came for a reason didn't you? Why else would you had come here?"

"You irritate me." it was more of a thought, I hadn't meant to say it out loud.

"I irritate you? How about you annoy me tiny redhead." he shot back.

"Then why did you tell me to come if I annoy you? If I annoy you why do you keep coming back?"

"Cuz you're fun to talk to." he walked over to me, he was really close.

"How, how so?" my voice was shaky, and he was so close. Our chests almost touching, my breathing became shallow.

"I don't know, you make up words. You always try to sound, what's the word I'm looking for? Sophisticated."

"I don't try to sound sophisticated, it's a fact I am sophisticated." I made a face at him, I was intelligent, wasn't I?

"See you're doing it now."

"Doing what?"

"Acting cu-" he stopped mid sentence and I grew frustrated, what was he going to say?

"Acting what?" he leaned towards me more, I could feel his breathe on my head. He leaned down so that his forehead was close to touching mine.

"Acting wh- what?" I stammered, I didn't know what he was doing, he kept leaning towards me.

"Wha-" his lips pressed to mine, I didn't mind actually. Except the shock he gave me hurt, and I jumped back away from him.

"What in the heavens! Ow!"

"Are you ok?" there was no cockiness in his voice, he sounded like he genuinely cared.

"No, you burned me! Go away Dominic, you cause nothing but trouble!"

"Abcde, wait. I'm sorry. Let me see." he went to reach for my face but I took a step back out of his reach.

"Don't. Touch me."

"What's wrong? I just kissed you."

"It's not the kiss I'm talking about! You burned me!"

"I'm sorry, let me see."

"Please don't.