I didn't want to go back to the dorms after that, I was sorta in a relationship with a demon. That wouldn't go over well with them, especially Logan. I eventually made my way back to my room and Laura was laying on her bed. I looked at her and sat on mine.

"Where've you been?"

"Just walking around."

"What shirt are you wearing?"

"Just an extra one I found."

"Who's? We never wear black Abby. Who were you with?"

"No one." she stared at me in a mid glare.

"I got my wings ok? I needed to find a new shirt."

"What happened?"

"I was on the cliff and I stepped wrong so when I went falling down my wings burst open."

"You got the shirt from the demon." I glared at her and she grew quiet.

"I have no problem with you dating him, I just don't want you to get hurt or in trouble." she gave me a sad smile and I sighed.

"I won't."

"So what's he like?"


"What is he like?"

"Who?" she frowned at me tugging on my hand to sit next to her on her bed.

"The demon."

"His name is Dominic. He's nice, not what you'd expect a demon to be." she smiled at me and all night urged me to talk about him.

I found a letter from my parents on my desk.

"Did you put this here?" I asked her.

"Ya, I got it from Logan who got it from the mail room earlier." I nodded and thanked her. I opened it to find a small card, my parents are very classy and straight to business. It read about meeting with them for a day or two to catch up. The truth is I'm still not happy about them abandoning me here. Don't get me wrong I love it here, it's just this is the first letter/ card I've gotten from them in years.

The next night I sat drawing at the fountain when the sun was setting, the sky was full of orange purple and pink. I heard someone come up and I looked up, he was standing in front of me just observing me.



"Whatcha doing?"

"Just talking to you." I smiled t his comment and then gestured with my head for him to sit next to me.

"Why don't you sit?" and he did, he leaned over my shoulder.

"What are you drawing?"

"The buildings."

"It's amazing." he whispered, I never thought much of my artwork it was just there.

"So you going anywhere over the break?"

"No, not really. Every summer I've been here I've stayed here. So there's a pretty good possibility ima be here."

"Maybe I'll get to see you more?" he nudged me with his shoulder. It's gotten easier to ignore the burn, but it still takes me by surprise.

"Maybe." I looked at him "The moon is really bright tonight." I whispered.

"I know. You can see a lot, it's beautiful." I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. Was he implying something?

"Are you trying to say something Dominic?"

"Yes I am."

"Can you clue me in so I have the right idea?"

"Ok, I was implying that you're beautiful. Especially in the moonlight." I blushed profusely.

"You're blushing. Why are you blushing?" I shook my head and laid on the fountains edge, throwing my sketchbook to the ground.

"I don't get compliments like that. That's why." he laughed

"I don't believe that."

"How can you not? I was locked in my own house most of my life." he shrugged and leaned over me, one hand by my head the other tracing my arm. He leaned down and kissed me, I put one hand behind his neck to pull him closer. My arm started to burn where he traced patterns on my skin.

"Dude, you got a crown!" Dominic pulled away and I propped myself up on my elbows. There were two guys standing not far from us. They were demons, one was blonde he wore a black T-shirt and baggy jeans. The other was a brunette and wore and almost identical outfit.

"Dominic who are they?" yes I figured he knew them, they were talking to him like they were his friends.

"Dude! It knows your name, damn I forgot how tiny this one was." they grabbed me by my arms and held on to me. When they touched me I got a mild shock, like when someone drags their feet on carpet and touches someone.

"Let her go."

"Why? Dude it's a crown. She can't feel anything."

"Let go!" I yelled. I struggled but it was no use, I almost had an arm free but the brunette readjusted his hold on me. I heard one of them yell.

"Damn it she burned me." they pushed me away and Dominic caught me. I straightened and looked at him, his hand still on my waist from when he caught me.

"What are they talking about? Get a crown." I asked, I received my answer from the blonde guy.

"We dared him to get in your pants crown." I stepped away from Dominic, there was a pain in my chest right were my heart should be. My automatic reaction was to grab at my heart, the demons words had hurt me somehow.

"Abcde let me explain." he took a step towards me and I took one away from him.

"I think it's been explained enough Dominic."

"Abcde? What is she the alphabet?"

"Shut up Alex." Right now I could care less about what they were saying. I just knew I was hurting, it was all a dare, everything he said was a lie. The kisses we shared were a lie I guess I should have known better he was a demon after all. A tear slid down my cheek and i quickly wiped it away, I headed back towards the dorm rooms quickly with Dominic calling my name as I took off.

I got into my room and locked the window and door, I slid to the floor by my bed and cried. It hurt so bad, the feeling of everything he told me everything we talked about was a lie. I had trusted him with my secrets, with my life and he had lied to me. Laura came in the room and saw me crying in the corner. She dropped her bag and came to sit next to me, she pulled me into her lap and I cried.

"It was Dominic wasn't it." I nodded to her question, and I told her everything. I heard tapping on the window, all the sadness I had vanished and I grew mad. Laura could sense my change in attitude and shut the blinds, I laid in bed and fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning their was a note on Laura's bed. I picked it up to read it.

I'll be at my parents today and tomorrow. I'll be back soon Abby.


I was alone for the day, I had nothing to do but lay in bed all day. Later the next day I was laying on my bed listening to my iPod. I was almost asleep when I heard the knocking. I rolled my eyes and slowly rolled off the bed, I was still in my clothes from yesterday. The gray jeans and light blue shirt I had also slept in. I opened the bedroom window and Dominic stood below.

"Please Abcde just let me explain."

"You don't have to, I understand you had a dare and you almost did it. It doesn't matter because I'm just a stupid crown who doesn't have any feelings so you know the jokes on me. We had our laughs so forget it." my tone showed no emotion, I walked away from the window. I sat on the armchair in the room and turned the volume in my earphones up loud. I hadn't notice he was in the room until he burned my cheek pulling out my left headphone. I jumped at the pain and yelled at him.

"God Dominic don't touch me! It hurts!" he looked shocked and sad, but he tried to hide it and failed.

"Please just listen to me. Let me explain." he looked like he was begging, I put my face in my hands and spoke.

"Fine, explain." I went and laid on my bed, he was smiling his cocky grin so I added "It doesn't mean I'll necessarily listen." that wiped the grin off his face.

"Look Abcde the night we met, we saw you walking across the way to the dorms. My friends had dared me to get with an angel, and you were the first one they saw. I saw you and the first thing that came to my mind was she's adorable, she's so tiny. When I went to talk to you I could see the terror on your face, I felt bad for scaring you like that. When we talked I thought you were entertaining." I saw him smile through the corner of my eye but continued to stare at the ceiling.

"Look Abcde I do like you a lot, that isn't a lie. It's not part of the dare."

"How am I suppose to know if you're lying or telling the truth?" I looked at him, his smile was gone and all I saw in his dark brown eyes was sadness.

"You'd have to trust me." he whispered. "You have to trust me, it's fun to talk to you. To be around you, even through our fights it's fun to be with you to talk to you."

"Dominic I told you, you didn't have to explain."

"Abcde you do have feelings you're just hiding from me now. I didn't mean, I didn't want to make you cry."

"I never cried." I shot back stubbornly, I didn't want him to know.

"Yes you did, I saw you wipe away a tear before you left." he whispered, he moved a strand of my hair away from my face and I brushed his hand off.

"Please Abcde you can trust me."

"If you try to kiss me Dominic I swear you will not be happy." I warned. He chuckled and started to pull something out of his jacket. He held out my sketchbook to me, I took it from him and placed it in the area between the wall and my bed.

"Thanks." I whispered, "I had forgotten it."