Chapter 1

I see you walk by extra fly, baby where you going can I roll? "Woooahoah" I sang along with the album. 'Come on Alexiz, tim eto get up.' I told myself. Stretching my arms above my head and extending my legs to the bottom of the mattress I rolled over onto my side. The room was dark so I picked up my phone off the nightstand next to my head and unlocked it. It read December 15, 2012, 5:00am. I sat up in bed and rubbed my hands over my face to wake me up then turned on the light. Looking around the room I noticed that this wasn't my room. I was in a hotel room. Why was I in this hotel room? Then it hit me. December 15, the concert! Jingle Bash was tonight. Peyton Sanders, Austin Mahone, and Dylan Holland were all going to be there. I was going to see them live tonight and I had General Admission tickets. Katrina, Erica, and I were going to go up to the arena at 6:30am even though the concert didn't start until 7:00pm. We were going to get front row. We were determined.

I pulled the blanket off of me and started to walk across the room. Burr it was pretty cold in the room with just my tank top and spandex on. Before I went into the bathroom I turned to turn the heat up. After I turned it onto full blast I grabbed my Austin Mahone shirt, a bra, panties, and a pair of jeans and walked into the bathroom. I turned the water on in the shower and stood lookin at myself in the mirror. "Alexiz, you are going to see your idols live tonight. You might even touch their hands and meet them. Tonight will be the best night of your life." I said to myself in the mirror. I felt the water and it was perfect temperature. A little more on the cold side than the hote. I got undressed and stepped into the shower and just let the water run on me. It felt nice to wash off after the long train ride yesterday to get here in Chicago. I washed my hair then my body, and finally shaved my legs and armpits. I turned the water off and reached outside of the shoer to grab a towel. I wrapped the big white towel around me and got another for my hair. After I had climbed out of the shower and got dressed I had to decide what to do with my hair. Finally I decided I would just scrunch it a little bit and wear it down.

I heard a knock at the door and yelled out, "Who is it?".

"It's us! Let us in!" Katrina shouted from the hallway.

"Alright, alright I'm coming."

I let them in then waked over to my suitcase sitting on the swuare brown table nect to the TV. "So are you guys excited or waht?!" I asked them while unzipping th case.

"I am! This is going to be great!" Erica told us.

"I know right?! I can't wait until tonight!" Katrina said while turning the weather on the TV. I threw my dirty clothes into my bag and pulled out my '21' sweatshirt and a pair sweatpants I got off of Austin's website.

"So how cold is it going to be?" I asked Kattrina.

"Looked like it'll be below 40 until noon then heat up to 53 but after 5 it will start going back sown to about 45 degrees."

"We got a long cold day ahead of us. I'll go grab some blankets from my room." Erica said while walking out of the room to her room.

"Toss me the phonebook and I'll call a taxi to come get us." Katrina said while taking her phone out of her pocket.

"Here," and I tossed her the book. "I'm putting some sweatpants and a sweatshirt over the clothes I'm weaing at the concert so they don't get wet and I won't be as cold."

"That's why you're the brains here. I'm going to go grab some and I'll tell Erica too." Katrina said and walked out out the door. Alone in the room I double checked everything I needed to take. Phone charger, extra battery, tickets, money, blanker, snacks, phone, and a bear to give Austin. I had everything I needed. Now to get in the taxi and get to the arena.

"Police, open up!

"Oh Katrina shut up." I said while letting her and Erica back in.

"I got two blankets but I forgot to grab a pair of sweatpants when I packed. Do you have any extras?" Erica asked me.

"No I don't sorry. But we can stop somewhere and get some on the way."

"Sure. But we can't take too long."

"Eh, we'll be fine." I told her and grabbed my Hunger Games cinch bag. "Is the taxi coming Katrina?"

"Yep it'll be here in 5 minuted so we should head down there now."

"Let's do this thing." I said and opened the door and walked out while Erica and Katrina followed me out. We walked down the long elegant hallway to the elevator. We were on the top floor so we need to go all the way down to the Lobby from the 14th. "Remember Austin's covers in the elevator?" I asked the other two.

"How could I forget?!" Katrina exclaimed. We all laughed and started singing Say Somethin all the way down. The elevator stopped when it reached the 7th floor so we moved over for whoever was getting in. Our jaws dropped when we saw who it was.