"Now, where are those herbs?" grumbled Moonshine.

" Oh, this must be it."

The medicine cat felt around with her paws, touching something with small leaves and berries at the end.

The pungent smell that hit her nose reminded her of marigold.

Earlier that day, Moonshine felt like doing some hunting.

unfortunately for her, she did not know she would never be able to see anything through her blue eyes again after this hunt.

As she finally caught up to the rabbit she was chasing, the rabbit turned and scratched her eyes.

She had made it back to camp cursing at the rabbit.

By the time she was back, her eyes were swollen shut, and blood crusted the fur around her face.

her clanmates tried to help her, but she snapped at them, reminding them that she was an experienced medicine cat.

Moonshine dipped her head to pick up the herbs in her mouth. chewing quietly, she began to feel a horrible pain.

confused, she turned around and around, checking for any unnoticed wounds.

Then she began to feel weak. as if her energy had sapped away, she slumped painfully to the ground.


she heard a shreik behind her.

Lightfeather stood behind her at the entrance of the den.

"Stop eating DEATHBERRIES!" She screamed.

moonshine jumped to her feet and spun around.


suddenly, she fell again. but this time, she was not able to get up.

her breathing quickened with every breath she took.

"Take Forestpaw (My friend Bronybunch is now officially Forestpaw but will probably change her name) to silver pools... to get... to become... a medicine cat..."

And moonshine never spoke again...


Lightfeather struggled to breathe as she slowly walked through the forest to the river.

She stopped abruptly, coughing.

She had been sick for days.

the Mistclan medicine cat said that she would not get any better.

lightfeather was absolutely miserable.

She knew of the sickness she had. but she did not tell any one, because she would have to leave, far far away, so she couldn't effect anyone.

Lightfeather had a severe case of the Nerve Death Virus, also called the Black Blood.

It turns the victims blood thick and black, so it cant flow properly.

every time the victims heart beats, it gets slower.

and slower.

until finally, the heart stops pumping blood, and falls silent.

there is no cure for this horrible illness, and is dreaded by every living creature known.

It also stops other senses, like smell, sight, feeling, sometimes even movement.

Lightfeather's vision was starting to fail her as well.

she often shook her head, as if trying to rid the sickness that had taken control in her small body.

She was so focused on the sickness, that she slipped on the muddy bank and into the river.

Her gasp was heard, but only by her, as she desperately failed her paws, but to no avail.

Her muzzle dipped below the surface, making her cough more.

Lightfeather reached down with her paws to grab hold of the bottom, but when she thrust her legs down, she felt nothing.

Just more dark, murky depths of the river.

Lightfeather was finally to tired to fight the swollen river any longer.

She allowed the current to sweep her to deeper water.

This was what she wanted though wasn't it?

Too finally rise from this body and join her old friends in the stars?


She thought.

'Not like this.'

but not every one gets what they want.

Lightfeather's eyes began to close.

'Its all over. My time... is up.'

this thought coursed through her head repeatedly.

The agony, the pain, would soon be all over. she would be free.

Something warm seemed to float with her, as if holding her gently.

Lightfeather's eyes flew open.

rainfall's spirit smiled, holding out a paw.

Lightfeather smiled back.

she knew he had come for her. She reached out with out hesitation and took his paw.

she began to feel like the warmth in her body was being separated from her.

Lights rose from her body to form her, her exact double.

She closed her eyes and opened them to see that she was now the lights.

then it hit her.

the lights were her spirit.

her body was now as cold as the water, and it began to sink.

Lightfeather felt happy, but her happiness was also filled with anguish at having to watch her own death.

Rainfall floated behind her, and lightfeather turned her head to greet blue with amber.

rainfall could see how this hurt her, her once warm and playful eyes, were cold and empty.

The experience has shattered her heart.

She was so happy before, so full of life, yet now so lifeless.

it hurt rainfalls heart to see his mate, who he gave his heart to, look at him like her purpose, heart, soul had all shattered.

In her mind, she was now useless.

she had no concern for herself, but she was Mistclan's leader.

What will they do at the cost of her disappearance?

Lightfeather took one last look at her sinking body, and walked away with rainfall.

Oh my starclan, sad right? I was bored and did this. My friend who owns moonshine did come up with hers on her own.

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