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Chapter 7

-Future Kagome-

She panted as she tried to catch her breath while standing on the roof of her mother's house. 'Man, I need to start working out more.' When she heard the door to the bedroom get kicked in, she held her breath to keep from giving herself away.

'Whew, that was closer than it needed to be,' she thought. Once she heard talking underneath her, she began to quietly move to another part of the building. Hopefully her Inuyasha would come and get her down soon. She settled down and opened the yellow back pack that was her old friend. She started sorting through it just to see what she could find. There was the usual school books, which she would actually have to crack open tonight if she was going to replace herself at school the next day. Bleh, how many times had she went to school now? Too many to count. Beyond the school books, there was a change of clothes that hadn't been taken out of the bag yet. There was a set of crayons. She smiled 'Must be Shippo's.' She saw some loose paper at the bottom and picked it up, thinking it may be one of Shippo's old drawings. Instead, one of them was an ofuda. It looked like one that Miroku must have made. Young Kagome didn't hand out with many priests.

As she reverently held the ofuda, she couldn't help but begin to cry. Here was a small piece of one of her best friends she ever had. One who was currently alive on the other side of the well that she could not get to. Memories flooded her mind of their travels, of settling down after the jewel's destruction, of their families playing together, of the sound of Sango's slaps on his cheeks, of her friends growing old around her.

Her Inuyasha had picked up her distress through their mating bond and soon was sitting next to her with his arms around her as she cried for her friends that passed away over 450 years ago. He saw what she held in her hand and knew what was going through her mind.

"Inuyasha, they're right there. Alive, right on the other side of the well. They're alive. And we can't see them or hear them or anything!"

Inuyasha held her and rocked her some, "I know, koi, I know. I've got an idea though. It's not as great as seeing them in person, but it's the next best thing."

Kagome sniffled, "W..what?"

Inuyasha smirked and seemingly changed the subject, "Oi, that's the same bag you always took to the past, right? And it was always the same one?"


"Ok, so we bug it with mini cameras. Sessh said he'd help me out. We rig up a bunch of little cameras that are sound and motion activated. Set some up on staggering timers so when one's battery dies the next one is already up and running. We'll just have to get access to the bag occasionally to swap them out. That should get us video and audio of Miroku and Sango and maybe a few of our battles too. I would rather have them here too, but we can take this chance to capture them in action, so to speak."

Kagome just looked at him in shock, then laughed a bit, "Huh. And you always called me a 'sneaky wench."

"Keh, where do you think I learned it from?" which earned him a hit on the arm. "Come on, let's do something about the front door while the idiot is occupied." She nodded and he scooped her and the bag up to jump down to the ground. Inuyasha set her down and dug in his pocket for his wallet. He took out enough yen to cover the repairs to the house his past-self damaged and placed it where Mrs. Higarashi would find it. Then he picked up the door and had Kagome hold it in place. He picked up a board that he had brought with him and using his hand, he slowly pushed a nail through the wood and the door. He repeated the process to attach it to the doorframe. This way there was no hammering noise and the house was secured while the two rutted upstairs.

When he was done, they made their way to their car and drove off.

That night, he emptied Kagome's old back pack and took it to his brother's place. Kagome was staying behind to study for a test that she was going to take for her past-self while the past-couple sorted out their new relationship.

Inuyasha went up to his brother's door and rang the bell. The door opened after a moment, and a small man was standing there.

"Yeah, what do you want?" he asked rather rudely.

"Look you little toad," Inuyasha threatened, "Sesshomaru is expecting me, so you better let me in."

"I doubt my Lord would have anything to do with you, half-breed."

Before Inuyasha could growl anything out there was a voice behind the little man, "Jaken. That's enough."

Jaken jumped and turned around in one fluid move, "Yes, mi'Lord." Inuyasha just stepped past him and walked to the figure standing further back in the doorway.

"Oi, haven't you taught him better by now, Bastard?" Inuyasha asked his half-brother.

"You seem to bring out the worst in him, Hanyou," Sesshomaru replied in that monotone voice he enjoys using. "Come." And with that, the half-brothers proceeded down the hall-way to a small workshop.

The two had come to terms over the years, and even if they weren't the best of friends they did have a relationship now that Inuyasha could never dream of back when they were hunting Naraku. They still insulted each other, but the words lacked the bite that they used to have. It was more affectionate teasing, not that either of the brothers would admit that if you cornered them.

They got to the workshop and Inuyasha put the beat-up old back pack on the table. "Well, this is it."

Sesshomaru shook his head, "I still find it hard to believe that your miko is originally from this time period and you had a portal to travel back and forth."

"Yeah, tell that to the shares of Microsoft that you purchased back when it was a start-up. I believe my Kagome suggested that one to you."

"Hn." Sesshomaru turned and grabbed a box of small cameras. "This would of course be easier if the miko would be aware of the cameras."

"Absolutely out of the question. This has to be super-secret and very well hidden. And quiet. I can't have past me or past you for that matter hearing any gears turning."

"I assure you if 'past me' heard any gears turning I would have ignored it. I was not so interested in you or your pack at the time."

"Does that mean you did hear something?"

"Not that I recall. Hand me that thread ripper." The two worked for several hours through the night to get all the cameras installed and working properly. When they were satisfied, Sesshomaru went to get Rin who would be better at stitching up the bag where they had to tear it apart.

Rin entered the workshop followed by her mate. She smiled, "Inuyasha, how nice to see you again. You and Kagome should come by more often. We miss seeing you."

Inuyasha smiled back at the woman who had finally managed to melt his brother's heart. "Yeah, well. We've been busy you know?"

"Oh stop, you're never too busy for family. Right, Sessh?"


"Back to monosyllables again, I see. Well, what did you need me for, Sessh?" Rin continued. Inuyasha always thought it was funny to watch her be so talkative with his brother's markings on her face. It sometimes amused him to try to imagine her with white hair and pretend it was his brother doing all the talking.

Inuyasha pointed at the bag and asked her to fix what they had to tear up. She agreed and managed to get all the tears sewn up shortly before dawn. Inuyasha took the bag and rushed it back to his Kagome so she could use it to go to school.

Kagome for her part was nervous. She was about to see people she hadn't seen in over 500 years and she had to act like she just spoke with them yesterday. At least with her past-self getting sick and passing out in class yesterday ought to help with her spotty memory. She could always play the disorientation angle. Inuyasha arrived and handed her the old yellow back pack. She grinned and looked it over.

"It looks just the same!"

"Keh, well, it's not. It's all spy-camera'ed out."

"This is great, Inuyasha! Have I told you that you are the most wonderful, caring, loving person in the world?"

"Feh. Not recently."

She smirked at him and slowly raised herself up to give him a kiss. "Well you are. And I plan on thanking you properly tonight."


"I need to go to school. How do I look? Can you carry me?" Kagome ran off to stuff all the stuff back into the bag, along with several disposable cameras for past Kagome to use.

"Sure, Bitch. Need me to pick you up too?"

"Nah, just meet me near the shrine so we can put this bag back."


Not long afterwards, Kagome was standing in front of the school she was attending when her life was changed forever. She felt a full circle moment before deciding to enter. She would take notes, take the test and interact with her old friends as little as possible. Just be a warm body. Try to look a little out of it.

She didn't get very far with her mental coaching before she heard three voices yell out, "Kagome!" She sighed, put on a fake smile and turned around, "Hey guys," she replied.

"Kagome, are you ok?

"What happened yesterday?"

"Shouldn't you be at the doctor's?" The three girls bombarded her with questions.

Kagome raised her hands in a peaceful gesture, "Whoa, whoa. I'm fine. Really. I just pushed myself too hard yesterday." Her lips twitched as she mentally snickered at that.

"Ok, well don't wear yourself out today. And you still owe Ayumi lunch at WacDonald's today."

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot," she replied with a fake laugh. 'Great. So much for minimal interaction. Hopefully I can keep the conversation off of me.' "Well, let's get going," she continued as she headed into the school. At least she could follow the girls to the correct classroom…

Kagome breezed through the school day and the history test was super-easy. She had lived through that time period after all. She didn't even have many problems eating with her old friends at Wacdonald's after school. She managed to avoid all the awkward questions and deflect others. She even managed to get away from them so they didn't walk her 'home.'

Soon, she arrived at the gates of the shrine and saw her Inuyasha waiting on her. A smile lit her face and she ran up to greet him. "Hey handsome. How are the children?"

He smirked, "The idiot and his mate have been holed up in your room all day. Ready to drop off the bag?"

"Where should we put it? I don't think we can slip it into her room…"

"Keh. We'll put it downstairs somewhere. She was out of it when I took her home from school and as long as it's in the house, she'll be fine." Kagome nodded as they headed up the shrine stairs. When they reached the top, she handed the bag to Inuyasha and he went to sneak into the house to place it where it would be found.

A couple minutes later, he came back and wrapped his arms around his mate. "All done." She smiled up at him.

"Hmm… we should really thank that oni and his stupid club dust. It changed my cycle and got you all hot and bothered. Because of him, we got mated and had our first three children. And you stopped being scared of your youkai. All good things."

He laughed, "I seem to remember someone cursing at carrying then raising a set of hanyou triplets."

She smiled, "Well, good things after they turned 12 or so. You sure do know how to breed little hellions."

"Keh, well I had some help."

She smiled, "Let's go home. I believe I have a promise to keep."

He smiled back at her and took her hand as they left.