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After the dinner that Argent revealed her pregnancy during, the titans watched Argent open her presents.

Random things like brushes, makeup sets, necklaces, blouses, etc, were what she saw. They were in her colors.

Then they watched a movie.

Even though he wore a mask, you could tell that Robin was constantly looking over at Argent.

Which lead to Hot Spot glaring at him.

Which then lead to Robin retaliating.

Then Argent snapped at them, scaring everyone.

After two looong movies everyone finally retired.

Now Argent and Hot Spot were just entering her new room.

Argent locked the door discreetly.

"What you wanted to talk about?" Hot Spot asked, sitting on the bed.

Argent just stood at the door and stared at him.

"What? Are you gonna scold me about the Robin thing again? He was looking at you like it's so wrong that you're knocked up!"

Argent just folded her arms in response, still staring at him.

He looked her over. She had one foot against the door, her hand on the door knob and her bare face blank.

"What's up?" He asked, a little freaked out.

Argent ran her other hand through her matted hair.

No more gel left. There should be some here.

"Are you still angry about the whole 'making you stay here'? You know why... Stop staring at me!"

Argent left the door and walked over to her suitcase, eyes still glued on Hot Spot.

"Why the hell are you shunning me?! This is worse than you frequently telling me how much you hate me!"

Argent was trying not to smirk. Let him sweat.

She shifted through her clothes and took up her red sweats and black camisole.

"I'll show you something." She said.

He sighed, relieved that she wasn't ignoring him.

But then he raised an eyebrow. Every time she shows him something, terrible things always comes from it. That's exactly how she conceived.

"What are you doing?"

Argent kicked off her flats.

Then she began hurriedly removing her clothes until she was just in her red and black dotted underwear set.


Argent pointed to her feet first. "These will swell." Then her knees. "Swell." Then her underwear covered crouch. "It'll never be the same!" Then her stomach. "Will swell, then eventually become flabby skin." She cupped her breasts over her bra. "Will swell then sag." Then her face. "Will look exhausted from caring for a crying brat."

Hot Spot rolled his eyes before clapping. "That was awesome but you still won't get an abortion!"

She frowned. "Fuck you then." Then she put her hand on her hip. "My body will be so screwed up."

Hot Spot chuckled. "No, you'll have that pregnancy glow, your tummy will swell gracefully, and you'll have beautiful smile lines as you witness day after day of a child's life."

Argent threw on her sweats. "No point arguing with you." She sighed.

"Wait- maybe you can prove your point by removing all your clothes."

She shook her head. "No way. You get none."

He shrugged. "Whatever."

She left the camisole off. "You'll visit?"

"Every week."

'Yeah right. He finds some girl and forgets about the spawn.' Argent thought as she laid on the bed.

Hot Spot climbed up on the bed and tried to kiss her.

She shook her head, smiling. "Mm, no. You sleep on the floor."

Hot Spot's eye widened. "Why didn't you just let me go to the other room?"

"I want you here, but I don't want you nowhere near me."

He grabbed a pillow and the sheet that's underneath the comforter. "Love you, Antonia." He said bitterly.

She grinned. "Hate you, Isaiah."

2 Weeks Later

Argent has been with the Titans for two weeks. She's now 4 weeks along, but the baby's developed to about 6 weeks worth. Beast Boy can now hear the heartbeat clearer!

Hot Spot kept his word and visited on weekends for the last 2 weeks. He still sleeps on the floor and she ignores him at times, but at least she's stop mentioning her 'detest' for him. He doesn't blame her.

She's moody, fatigued, pissing often, and her breasts are swollen (She takes the time to mention that to him... even though everyone has noticed.).

She's pissed that they watch her like she'll start stabbing herself with a fork. Like they even leave forks around her...

And she can tell that vitamins are being put in her food.

Now she's poking at her breakfast of omelets.

"This sucks." She moaned, in her usual uniform. All that changed was that there was a small swell underneath the fabric.

"It won't be that bad." Cyborg tried to cheer her up.

Starfire looked up from eating her breakfast goop. "Are you not delighted to see how the embryo is doing?"

Argent raised an eyebrow. "I'm not too on board with the fact that I have a thing in my womb. Also, you won't be glad to get poked and prodded!" She stuffed and omelet in her mouth.

Robin looked at her. "We met the doctor last week. She's pretty nice."

Raven frowned at him. 'You better not be planning on harming her baby.'

Robin looked at her and scowled. 'It has a heartbeat. I could never.'

Raven nodded.

Argent folded her arms. "I don't wanna go."

"Hot Spot will force you to go anyway." Beast Boy said.

The pregnant punk teen sucked her teeth. "Why can't he just be of those guys who'll leave me alone until the baby comes? Or even after!"

Everyone stared at her in silence.

"What are you guys looking at?!" She snapped.

Raven raised a finger. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Argent frowned. "Hmph. He's smothering me."

"He only visits once a week." Starfire pointed out.

"Grr. Let's hurry up." Argent got up and walked to the couch.

"She's a little too moody." Cyborg remarked.

Beast Boy fixed his face. "Imagine what she'll do when we tell her Titans East invited us to the July 4th party..."

They all shivered.

"We better tell her soon because July 4th is on Friday, which is in two days." Raven whispered.

"Hot Spot will tell her 'cause we ain't doing it." Cy mumbled.

Argent ran to the bathroom followed by Star and Raven, who were going to help.

"I swear: I'm sending each of the titan boys a pack of Trojans." Robin sighed. (I don't own.)

Argent's first prenatal visit actually went well.

The titans dropped her and Hot Spot off to Dr. Susan's office, where they met the woman who takes care of most supernatural pregnancies. She was a sweet ginger haired woman with much experience.

She even calmed Argent down when she started shouting at Spotty for no particular reason.

Argent had the to give urine samples, where she had to piss in the cup; then she took the blood test, which she loved but Hot Spot fainted to; and worst of all the physical.

It was good when they weighed her, and took her blood pressure, but when the doctor asked her to untie the corset...

"Do I have too?" Argent asked.

Dr. Susan smiled. "Yes honey. I understand it's awkward, but it's required."

Argent pushed out her lower lip before glaring at Hot Spot. "Get out."

He smirked. "I've seen you naked twice."

Argent looked out the doctor and decided against cursing him out.

"Please. Get. Out." Ice was dripping from her voice.

Dr. Susan chuckled and patted Hot Spot on the shoulder as she walked him to the door.

"Might as well stay on her good side... she'll get very moody."

He chuckled. "That's not moody?"

"Honey," She shook her head. "Not even."

He blinked and hurried out.

The OB walked over to her desk and grabbed a pair of gloves.

"What are you doing?" Argent asked.

"Nothing much sweetie. After the breast check, I'll palpitate your abdomen to feel your uterus."

Argent nodded and untied her corset.

15 Minutes Later

Argent and the OB walked out of the examination room.

Hot Spot grinned at them.

Argent ran over and kicked Hot Spot in the groin.

"Argent, remember what I said..." Dr. Susan said as Hot Spot fell to the ground.

Argent took a few deep breaths before helping Hot Spot up.

"Sorry, but you deserved it. Your stupid grin pissed me off." She... apologized?

"Damn. Do I have to wear a cup around you?" Hot Spot groaned.

Dr. Susan chuckled. "Will you two follow me to my office?"

She walked through the hall to a door labeled office as they followed behind, bumping each other.

"Stop pushing me." He whispered, nudging her away.

"Kiss my arse." Argent mumbled, shoving him into the wall before walking into the office.

She sat down in the seat in front of the desk.

So did Hot Spot, frowning at her.

"Okay, I can see the the child is developing fast. You've developed to about 6 weeks. Next week you would be at 8 week development, so your first trimester will be over quickly. The miscarriage risk is still there! So be careful."

Hot Spot raised his hand. "She doesn't want a kid, so telling her this probably makes her want to do things."

Argent shook her head. "I've accepted my fate. I no longer blame you."

Dr. Susan smiled. "Dear, believe me: You'll love that child like nothing else. Come back in 3 weeks and try to tell me that you're upset."

Argent pouted and poked the bump raising from he abdomen. "I won't love what it'll do to my figure."

"They have those classes where mothers-to-be go and exercise." The older woman pointed out.

Argent frowned and shook her head. "I'll look ridiculous. Even if I do it from home."

Hot Spot laughed. "I can imagine!"

She thumped him. "Idiot."

Hot Spot looked at the OB. "Since you can calm her down I'll tell her something important." He turned to Argent. "Titans East is having a barbeque in two days... and I told them you're a little sick, but we'll be there."

Her crimson eyes bore into his dark brown ones.

"You did what?" Argent growled.

Hot Spot bit his lip and pushed his chair away.

"Breath Argent. When you're angered you release chemicals that may affect the fetus. Anger is normal, but to much of it can be a bad thing." The OB soothed.

Argent took several deep breaths.

"I'll go, but someone buys me a black flowing blouse that doesn't hug my stomach. Titans East does not need to know."

Hot Spot let out a breath of relief and nodded.

Dr. Susan held out her hand. "See you two in three weeks."

They both shook her hand.

She started writing down notes. "And remember to take it easy Argent. And the diet plans I gave you earlier."

Argent nodded. "See you doctor."

They walked out.

Argent looked at Hot Spot. "Call Beast Boy and tell him to take me somewhere with healthy cheese pizzas."

He shrugged and pulled out his communicator as they walked outside the clinic.

Argent smiled to herself. Maybe a pregnancy isn't so bad.

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