6 Months Later
Hot Spot sighed. What a interesting day this will be. The day Argent is released from the mental hospital. He hasn't seen her since the day he saved her ass and dumped her at a clinic, because she was losing it. She missed an award ceremony for her citizenship, despite the fact he nearly killed the leader of a huge human trafficking ring.
And the titans decided he go get her.
Life has been like always, except he watches his kids extra carefully and makes sure Blake doesn't 'try out' his powers. And he still works with Kelly and has his friendship with Alodie, they're new babysitter. Keisha, unfortunately, couldn't handle the fact that he wasn't normal and will never be normal. Steph went on to college and sometimes stops by when she doesn't have a lot of work.
Anyway, now he was in his car after dropping the 4 year olds off to daycare, driving to the Jump City mental clinic.
What was Argent in for? Cannibus dependency, depression, panic disorder, and insomnia...
Nightwing signed her out that morning, but she asked for Hot Spot to pick her up.
He frowned, staring at the road ahead of him. Only a few more blocks. And he thought he had issues, but she needed to take meds AND have therapy session. And he was going to take her straight to the towers so they can handle that.
After a few lights and a turn, he stopped the car in front of a large institute.
Hot Spot pulled the key out of the ignition after shifting the car to park. Then he took a breath and stepped out, rushing to the building. Walking in, it wasn't nothing like what he expected. He expected a cold place which held patients like prisoners, but it was nice.
Full of white walls and flooring, their were sprinkle of colors. Flowers, paintings, and a smiling elderly receptionist.
He walked over to the desk, passing by a couple.
"Hello, I'm Isaiah Crockett here for Antonia Monetti."
The woman dropped her smile and tossed him a key.
"She's upstairs, last door on the left."
Damn. Don't they usual have people escort visitors.
Isaiah raised an eyebrow.
"But I'm here to pick her up."
The woman rolled her green eyes.
"Go get her. She won't let us touch her. And we aren't allowed to sedate her anymore since she's signed out.
Isaiah scowled. "So I have to bring her down?"
"Yep!" She then smirked. "That girl is your problem now."
Isaiah cussed his way down the hall in Classic Arabic.
He looked through the windows, still mumbling.
There were group discussions, a lounge full of mentally unstable people and many guards, an art class with the patients (a mess it was) and he saw the kitchen. There were also more halls but he saw the staircase.
Isaiah walked up the steps, looking at the key. Rm 235.
He pushed through the door, walking down the hall and trying not to look into rooms or at the guards. Finally he approached the end of this hall, not turning.
Her peaked through the window and saw her in what looking like a padded, windowless, white room. She wasn't in a straight jacket, so that was a good sign. She was sitting on a bed, staring at him.
Hot Spot quickly opened the door.
"Let's go."
She shook her head, crimson eyes dull.
He sighed. "Why not?"
"We. Need. To. Talk. First."
Every word sounded as if she ended it with a period and it shocked him at first.
Isaiah closed the door as she stood.
"How's. The. Kids? The Titans tell... Me. Oh. So much... About. Them... But. I. Want. To. Hear. Some. From. You." She said with a hint of enthusiasm in her very slow dragging voice.
He put his hands in his pockets.
"They're doing great. Ask about you a couple times. I hear they came to visit you with Raven without my permission." He raised and eyebrow.
She smiled. "A. Day after... Their. Birthday... They. Got. A. Great. Big. Hug. From. Me."
Hot Spot nodded. "I couldn't hear the end of it."
Argent sat back down on her bed and sighed.
"I. Love. Them so much... I. Can't. Wait. To. Get. Out. Of. This. Hell."
His eyebrow was still raised. "But it looks so-"
"That's. How they... Draw. You in."
He nodded and they were in silence for a while.
"You know? Stuff didn't have to happen like this starting the day you left."
She sighed again. "I. Know... But. They. Did... Sometimes. We. Have. To. Fuck. Up. Before. We. Learn. What's. Right... I. Wasn't. Satisfied. With the... Wonderful. Life. I. Could. Have. Had... But I am... Ready. T-T.." She began to tear up. "Grow... Up."
Hot Spot felt sorry for her now.
"Well... I guess maybe you can... Later." He rubbed his neck. "Don't feel offended but you talk pretty slow.. Why?"
She wiped her eyes. "The medicine... Impacts. My. Speech... I'm. Off. It... I. Should. Sound normal... In. A. Few. Months."
He joined her on the bed. "Which one?"
"The. Cannibus. Dependency. One."
She gritted her teeth. "They. Didn't. Want. To. Tell. Me. Anything... I. Had. To. Break out... My. First. Room. And. Go. Into. The. Office. And. Go. Through files... Before. I. Knew. What. Was wrong...With me."
He nodded. "You're a silly one. You are."
She frowned. "And. You're. An. Asshole."
"You're a nutcase!"
"No you're. The bloody.. Nutcase!"
Hot Spot shook his head. "Mad woman!"
"Inconsi–derate fool!"
He scowled. "You should just stay here!"
"I should!" She turned away.
He softened his expression. "I missed you."
Argent smiled and looked back at him. "I. Missed you. Too!" She leaned on his arm. "And I.. Swear. This. Time. I'll be a. Good woman. After 6 more months. Of intensive ... Therapy."
"Let's take you to the tower." He mumbled. "You aren't forgiven by the way."
She stood and grinned. "I know! I. Will. Earn your. Forgiveness. The right way..."
He backed away. "You are to refrain from 'it' for at least a year..."
She nodded. "I know. But I can. Go two years. I feel like. A. New person!"
He walked out. "Well come on, New Attitude."
Argent walked close to him.
"We can. Never. Be normal. Even as young. Adults... But. I am. Learning to. Adapt to. Change."
Isaiah gave her a side glance. "Well adapt to this: Jinx and Kid Flash are getting married."
She gasped and stopped. "Oh my god! At.. 22?"
Hot Spot nodded. "And Kol-"
"No more change!" She yelled in a complete sentence. "Totally.. Unwanted."
He shrugged. "Let's just go. I gotta get you to the tower so I can visit my friend."
She held her head. "Can. Not. Adapt. You. Have friends."
He shook his head. Even though there was so much drama between them, she could make any time they spend together feel natural.
He was pretty sure there will be more drama but she seems more relaxed.
So he'll just enjoy the ride because it'll be a long one full if ups and downs.

There will probably be a third story but, not in the near future!

Now to finish Let's Not Die!